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10 Signs You Should Invest In Nootropic

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10 Signs You Should Invest in Nootropic. These were the ideas we researched. Nootropics are big hype. However do we really need them? Why do we need them?  If you have never heard of Nootropics. They are substances that enhance cognitive function, particularly executive functions, memory, creativity, or motivation, in healthy individuals. Healthy individuals OK? Not a cure for disease – not researched well enough, not tested empirically. Healthy individuals can benefit greatly from Nootropics. And these are the 10 Signs you should invest in Nootropic that we researched.

10 Signs You Should Invest In Nootropic —  #1 – You are very competitive and you need that competitive edge

We live in a competitive World, which is sick a little bit, isn’t it? But we are competitive animals. I wished we cooperated more than competed. But without a hard work nothing truly astounding can be accomplished. Everything is a hard work.

You might be an entrepreneur or a very hard – working person. You need to deliver. You need to create a momentum, boost your neurons, deliver better quality than your competition.

The way you control your agenda – speaking the processes, organization level of the deliverables is the key. You need to be sharp as a tack. If you want that entrepreneurial or high – performer edge, you need to manage several processes of working life. Planning, Organizing, Selling, Delivering, Managing, and most of all working hard physically and mentally around it.

Nootropics can give you an edge and boost you. You will focus better with Noopept. You can interact with it better socially. It’s great for analyzing and focusing on the subject when you need to. Sulbutiamine is great for learning and interacting socially. Creatine can give you energy and 5 – HTP elevate your mood, which you might need when stuff gets hard.

10 Signs You Should Invest In Nootropic –#2 Sky is falling on you

Everybody is going through a tough period once. It might be a work, family or relations issues. Problems with the authorities or sum of the several problems. Especially when it’s too much,  we may get overwhelmed and just fall for it. Sky is falling and you are feeling tired. It is hard to find a rationale in these situations and come back to reason. Somewhere behind you know you should be calm and thinking rationally. Until you’re not dying it’s fine. Facing the death you’re truly naked – said once Steve Jobs, what he meant to encourage people rather than to intimidate them. Smartly applied nootropic can put you back on the path of wisdom.

My biggest “normalizer” is Phenibut. It is kind of nootropic that is not to be used daily. For smart as well practical reasons. Using Phenibut daily builds tolerance and soon you might find that the substance is not working at all. Used occasionally when you need to turn off the waves of chaos into the calmness, from which the word of wisdom summons – for that Phenibut is an awesome nootropic.

10 Signs you Should invest in Nootropic

10 Signs You Should Invest In Nootropic –#3 You need to study hard

Most of us here have been students. Minority of people chooses to study systematically. That is to create a study plan that you follow restrainedly. Instead, most people wait until it is absolutely necessary to dig your eyes into the books. Most of the exams are done in the period not extending one week. For this occasion you need to pump your brain activity and suck as much knowledge as possible.

Noopept is in my opinion the best nootropic for studying. It enhances focus, memory and ceases some bad stress. It does not make you lethargic, but ceases the stress. Just like it kills mild social anxiety, it ceases the anxiety from the studying and the feeling that “omg, I am going to fail, since I don’t know anything.”

Another thing I wanted to point was studying for adults – life – long learning. It is not enough to get out with a college degree nowadays and be just done. We have to learn over and over since industries are changing. Who knows what automation and digitization are going to make out of this world. Hence we have to be prepared and open to learn all over.

Other great nootropic is Alpha GPC .

It is a best choline that when stacked with noopept can do miracles in my experiences. Of course I used to drink a lot of caffeine, which is a nootropic also. I like to put L-Theanine into my caffeine since it helps to cease the jittery effect that caffeine can bring.

Some people love modafinil and its derivatives. Modafinil was created as a drug for alertness. So for  students out there who lack motivation and energy, modafinil might be a good choice. I don’t like it however. It’s stuff that it’s good to have sometimes, but definitely not to be marked for our nootropics inventory here. I usually found it hard to function normally after a week of taking modafinil. Two nights without proper sleep and your whole world is upside – down. And the pill is suddenly not that effective as you thought it is.

10 Signs You Should Invest In Nootropic –#4 You need to relax

This could be connected to #1 sign when you basically want to disconnect or rather pull off from the chaotic, stress waves. Fasoracetam is great substance. It is like mixing phenibut with racetams. It is GABA just like phenibut. It does that same stuff. It makes you enjoy the music more, it makes you more social-able and easy going. Focus is enhanced and also you may become more talkative. It’s good party nootropic indeeed. I enjoyed fasoracetam when I was going to a party where I knew I was not going to drink alcohol. It creates the same wave- length as when drinking. Well, at least in the beginning. Alcohol is GABA too. When you have a beer or two it gets you to relaxing wave mode similar to nootropics. Nootropics however make you smarter and usually I do not have an urge to take more  fasoracetam like I do by drinking alcohol. Having six, seven, eight beers makes you enter the world of primitives. Nootropics will keep you on the smarter side.

10 Signs You Should Invest In Nootropic –#5 Memory loss

Happy birthday ! You are, AGAIN, a year older. Sweet lord, it could have been stopped somehow for the love of God! We are getting older and we are aging. You are using some of your cognitive abilities and skills. Especially those, which you are not using in your daily life are slowly vanishing from your memory. And the memory itself is becoming weaker. However, nowadays we know that the brain is a muscle – neuroplasticity is the term. Can you maintain and improve your memory with nootropics? Yes! Noopept and Alpha GPC will do. I would never suggest taking nootropics just as a sole remedy. But rather an ignition to higher your productivity. Engage in memory enhancing activities. Play games like lumosity. Or consider techniques to help you remembering easier.

10 Signs You Should Invest In Nootropic –#6 You are not leading conversations easy

For whatever reasons you are not socializing easy with other people, you probably should give nootropics a green light. For this purpose I find Sulbutiamine to be the  leader of the “socializing” nootropics. When you hit the sweet spot it can literally feel like “limitless guy”. More eloquent, more present in the conversations, words are going through your mouth that are going from the deep, passive vocabulary.

I find Noopept amazing for socializing as well. As it kills mild social anxiety and it makes you definitely indulging the social interactions better. Phenibut is also good, but there were times when I had phenibut and I was more in my nicely relaxed world than in lapsing conversations. Fasoracetam does the trick little bit better I think.

10 Signs You Should Invest In Nootropic –#7 You are doing something out of your comfort zone

Karl Wallenda the famous german tightrope walker said something like: “Living is on the rope, all the rest is waiting.” To get out of your comfort zone usually means to grow and truly “live”. It is the time when you start experimenting and trying to find a new ways for your self – realization. Going out of comfort zone, taking analysed risk is good for us. Our brains are hard – programmed to sustain ourselves as the first prerogative. Therefore anything unknown might be evaluated as not wanted. It feels funny when you get out of your comfort zone. Some people get hyped about this and think that the only way to grow is to approach your challenges straight ahead. This might be true, but I’d rather stay cautious and don’t fall for big hypes. Anyway that is my personality. However, I agree with the level that small risks are necessary for successful life. Your anxiety from stepping out of comfort zone should not be hindering your from making progress. Especially if is stuff like going on a job interview, public speech, asking someone to go out with you. That kind of out of comfort challenges that are here, but the world won’t fall apart if you fail to succeed in them. You just gotta take the chance.

Noopept, Sulbutiamine, Phenibut, Fasoracetam, Caffeine + L-Theanine, 5 – HTP – they all can help you to lean your odds into your favor. Well, at least tune your mental capacity towards succeeding in your challenges.

10 Signs You Should Invest In Nootropic –#8 You are a health freak

You love yourself, you love life and you want to live till 120 years. Awesome, we love you! You need to eat well, practice hard and breathe deep. 

Nootropics can be healthy. Keeping your brain in a good shape, being mentally sharp, balanced and out of stress is the best answer to the health traps of contemporary world.

L – theanine is from green tea. Green tea is good for your health in general, everybody knows that. Supplementing Choline is also beneficial. Other synthetic made compounds are not to be taken as vitamins, they are though without side effects if taken smart – not overdosing and using them when you need them, not on everyday basis. There are studies that noopept acts as anti – oxidant for brain tissues. However long-term usage by noopept is not well – studied, nor the pathways of functioning are described properly scientifically. Therefore saying that take Noopept – it is good for you – it’s just not our style here! Instead we suggest that you understand nootropics and use them for your advantage.

There are some herbal nootropics.

You can consider this stuff healthy. However the efficiency of these “nootropics” are not comparable to synthetic, discussed on this blog.

  • Vіtаmіn C, tаkеn іn аddіtіоn tо Vitamin E
  • Cоеnzуmе Q10
  • Ginkgo bіlоbа
  • Phоѕрhаtіdуlѕеrіnе
  • Omеgа-3’ѕ
  • Aсеtуl-L-саrnіtіne

10 Signs You Should Invest In Nootropic —  #9 You want to experiment with your life

Experimenting with your life means growth. Those who experiment grow. Steve Jobs once said that:

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”

And if your dots are not connected yet, you have to keep searching. There is a lot of talk, motivational speeches and etc. about passion and doing what do you truly love. By the way the word passion is by definition  from latin origin is to endure or to last during difficult times. It is nothing connected with love for the matter of a subject. It is understood in English that way, but the passion of Christ – you would rather translated as suffering and lasting, overcoming than pure love and affection.

We need to make a lab out of our lives. Because only by experimenting we can find out what works and not for us. Do we fear of doing mistakes? Well, if mistakes are not detrimental and disastrous – they are here for our growth. Mistakes we make are actually good for us. Our synapses and neurons like when we make mistakes, because that way we stay challenged and electricity in the brain is created. It means we are power charged. Light is the life. Darkness is absence of light.

Taking Nootropics can be a new experiment for you. Start your diary where you would reflect these extraordinary feelings.  Reflect upon them and try to learn from them. Use them for your own advantage. Experiment and evaluate yourself what good this test with nootropics might bring into your life.

10 Signs You Should Invest In Nootropic –#10 – Foggy mood

You know these foggy autumn days. No sunlight, feeling depressed? And sometimes you just got no energy. Most of the time good nutrition and exercise is enough to propel yourself back to energy sufficient state. This is what we would recommend. Still if you think your state is not turning back to good – you can have 50mg of 5 HTP and your mood should gather positive vibes again. Creatine is one of the best nootropic for energy, largely used by bodybuilders before their gym workouts.

So we happen to have some nootropics over here. Click the image to enter the shop.

Drugs to improve brain performance.

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