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Drugs to improve brain performance.

5 Common Misconceptions About Nootropics

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Now, we are talking 5 Common Misconceptions about Nootropics. Nootropics can significantly enhance your game. I believe they should be used by healthy people. We are not discussing any nootropics for providing a cure or in helping by different diagnosis. On this blog we want everybody to thrive to find a true meaning for life. We live just once. And we believe that one’s life is ought to be inspired, growing, challenged, flamboyant sort of.

You have to become self- oriented. Maybe even a little bit selfish. Not rude to people, but every day you have to be thinking of building yourself up. Experimenting and enjoying life. Make a lab out of your life! Of course with your own beliefs and values, which you would not betray. However you need to figure yourself out.

Nootropics can significantly help you in this. However you have to be smart about taking them. These are 5 common misconceptions people spread about Nootropics.

5 Common Misconceptions About Nootropics

Misconception #1 – you will become limitless

Limitless is a great movie. We all wished something like that would have happened to us. A pill that would concentrate all the data in your passive memory and bring it to use. That’s an amazing imagination. Your brain is recording Terra-bytes of information every day. But you have only 15% or 20% of that capacity that is to your disposal. Maybe less I do not know. If you had all that brain muscle power that would change your game significantly.

But unfortunately (maybe) this is just a tale. This has nothing to do with reality. Nootropics can enhance your game for sure.

Eloquent? Yes, Sulbutiamine  does this. More energy and brain power. Stack Alpha GPC with Noopept.

Your day wouldn’t be the same for sure. Your fluid intelligence will go higher. Slightly. You will focus better, feel more energized, words coming better out of your mouth. You can have a wonderful day with correct dosing. However do not get too hyped. Most of the substances are just mild. That’s it.

Misconception #2 – No side effects whatsoever

We will never claim that nootropics are hyper – safe. They are simply not well – studied enough. It’s a shame we do not have it clear scientifically. But the effort of science is only there where the money is. Big Pharma companies are not pouring billions in nootropics and although this market is growing fast. it’s just not researched well enough. Thousands of people used them and nobody died from the nootropics presented here. However should you have everyday in your system? No. I use them when I need them.

Noopept is wonderful for instance. It makes you more social and learning on noopept is great. But using it straight for 4 days makes me slightly irritated and out of balance. I think you should have a balance of clear and stacking days – ideally 50 : 50.

Another topic is contraindications. Phenibut for instance is not recommended to be taken with MAO inhibitors and such. Therefore you should always consult your doctor in regards of taking nootropics.

Misconception #3 – Nootropics is all I need to change my game

Nootropics can be a fuel. You can start yourself to better tomorrows ordering nootropics. However you can’t skip the hard work. Hard working with to goal of becoming creative, healthy , skilled and balanced. The trick about nootropics is that they do work, and they are mild. As we spoke about this – it is no limitless game. It’s fuel in your game.

5 Common Misconceptions About Nootropics

Misconception #4 – Caps are better than powder

We decided to propagate just powder, because we believe caps are useless. Yes it is more convenient. There is no chance or very little of dumping out a capsule to powder. However encapsulated supplements are usually  overrated. They do usually contain other substances in them. Capsules have to made of something right. And this material is not acceptable for everybody. Most of the capsules are made from bovine gelatin. This stuff is not acceptable for vegetarians. Vegetarian capsules are available, however they are pretty expensive. Overall capsules are not as reliable (quality) and they cost more than powder supplies.

Misconception #5 – Made in China = poor quality

Majority of Nootropics are produced in China. Even if you see a branded nootropic sold in U.S. the chances are high that these guys ordered the raw substance from China. There is however nothing about that. China is producing world – known, top quality products these days. But also nootropics fall in this category. The production processes and quality standards they have over there standards eligible for anybody. We are using everything we spread on this blog, so if we were not convinced of the quality, we would not spread out the word further.

Drugs to improve brain performance.

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