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5 reasons you are not reaching your full potential

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I was thinking of 5 reasons you are not reaching your full potential. Because I am not. Are you? I know I could be doing stuff 10x better. I just know it! I could maintain this blog far better. My English is terrible after the years spent in non – English speaking country. I am still working for someone else, which obviously takes some effort and potential from us. My income could be 2x, 3x 10x higher…Why is that? These are the 5 reasons you are not reaching your full potential.

You are too comfortable

Maybe we are doing too well. We have a shelter, warm meal everyday, clean clothes every day  and we kinda like our stereotype. Human beings are extremely adaptable beings and it is especially easy to adapt to pleasant and not hard environment. That is why it is easy and comfortable to get a job and to be working for someone else. You are safe that you will get a steady paycheck in the end of a month.

I think we have two decision systems. One is our reptile brain and another one is rational. There might be something in between, but my point is this. Our brain is happier when the reptile brain is pleased. I sometimes think of it as of a lizard living in my head that is making decisions for me. He is pleased when there are feelings of safety and when things are comfy. He does not think of that I could be 2x or 3x better on it had I worked for myself , not on a job, because other people parasite on the value created by me – like the business owner, shareholder, departments, state and etc.

Are we here to please a lizard? Or are we here to execute the Plan? Our Plan! We all have to find answer to this question.

You are comparing yourself to others too much

Second of my list of 5 reasons you are not reaching your full potential is that we spent a lot of time comparing ourselves to the others. Yes, we are social animals and without other people our lives would be miserable. But many people spend too much time looking at the others to find their internal value. They lack self – esteem and confidence that their are worth something just what they are. As a human being,  as a consciousness walking on this planet. Comparing yourself to others is OK, but only when it serves as a source of motivation for your growth and well – being. You can be motivated by what people have achieved and they can inspire you. This life would be worthless without idols and leaders.

Comparing yourself to others can be negative two folds. You can get jealous of success, which other people are nowadays, so willingly sharing or you can get too comfortable with living mediocre life that average people lead (they are pleasing the lizard).

Neither I do recommend, stay out of them! Learn the way to stop comparing yourself to others too much and find your own path of growth.

You put labels & limits on yourself

Nobody can do this better than you. To put the limits and labels on yourself. Labels like I am not good enough. I will never know math! I can never learn to dance, because I am a wood. Of course we have different gifts from God, we possess different capabilities and talents. It is quoted to Einstein, who presumably said that:

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

So the question we should be asking ourselves is: “What is my Genius?”

Sometimes our parents and loved ones are doing that too. But in the end you are responsible for who you become. Not your parents. They did the best they could. It is not easy raising a child, so mistakes are made on regular basis. If only they could have taught us more that in the end we are responsible for our lives. This and love.

Remember. There is no I am not good enough, there is just I do not understand it yet. If you want to learn a skill, there’s an internet era. You can find almost everything online. There is resource, you just need to grab it.

You are procrastinating and not living in NOW

Lizard is happy when we can say to ourselves, that there is always tomorrow we can do it. Brain is self – sustaining system that needs lot of energy to function and therefore it is vital for it to stay safe and to conserve energy. If it does not have to make an effort it just won’t. Procrastination is pleasing the lizard. It is easy to have a mental picture of what we should achieve for our lives. The goal to get there is however something else. It’s easy to have an idea, but the road to get there is usually thorny and bumpy. The change from where  we currently are to desired destination may seem distant. But the change needs to start now.

Little by little waters are shaping Rocks, moving in micrometers each day, so one day they become Grand Canyon. The same goes for our destinies. It is about doing something for your purpose each day. If you can’t do something for your main goal every day, stay at least mentally focused on it. Even 20 minutes each day can make a difference in long term. But you have to start now.

You are not focusing enough

All right, this might be similar to the previous subheading, however I cannot stress the importance of focus. It is so easy nowadays to get distracted. Social media, colleagues, events, there is so much to do. The best advice one can give to start focusing on delivering task or learning new skill,  is to start to meditate and practice 20 minutes focusing. Try to download a pomodoro app or just set 20 minutes alarm on your cell phone. In these 20 minutes you must concentrate on delivering your task and do nothing else – no facebook, no instagram, just your task. That’s it!

You can experiment with nootropics to help you with focus. Noopept is by far the best nootropic for focusing and learning.

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So that’s it. These were 5 reasons you are not reaching your full potential. I contemplated it, you might have different reasons on your list.  I think that everybody should look deep down and be brutally honest about it to really find out what’s important for him or herself. If you want to please the lizard brain, and you won’t have regrets in the end, then good for you. This is certainly not my path, but I am not judging the lizard worshipers. Our goal here on this planet is to find harmony. The game changes will always be here. So will the lizard worshipers. And it is good that way.

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