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Adult Education – What are the 10 Life Skills

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In this article we will talk about adult education – what are the 10 life skills.

But, in reality it’s also going to be really about the essence of

What is Inex.Life all about?

Who cares right?

The thing is that we believe these patterns come very close to each and everyone’s life there.

And especially they come to one’s essential learning.

Life is really about getting better. What else is the essence of life?

Life is learning.

And learning is not learning at school – oh please, let’s just forget about that.

You do not learn at school. Elon Musk could tell ya.

School is not for Life’s learning.

We sometimes call Life – time learners superlearners.

Mostly because these people care about their learning after school and they keep on searching for different hacks and mindsets of superlearning.

In this article we will give you:

This article gives you

  • Inspiration how to structure your life’s learning
  • 3+3+3+1 Skills to learn and get better in within this structure.
  • You have to learn and deliver in 3 main areas of what build up a quality life: health, wealth, universe – connection

Adult Education – What are the 10 Life Skills you should work on

We all want to be successful in life.

Or let’s put it via negativa – we do not want our lives to get wasted.

Waste of potential – regrets on a dying bed, that kind of thing…

We believe you can avoid those things.

We will all die right? The point of life is to give that life BACK better, enhanced.

You might ask – what’s the point of it all, when you won’t be able to witness it all.

It’s just we all are an information.

Information is the only thing that’s going to be left there once you and I will die.

But, we believe that it matters what kind of information it will be.

What kind of a person you are may influence your kids, people around you, or whole communities that will memorize that thing.

I am not just talking about the likes of Steve Jobs – tech superstars or celebrities that seemingly changed the world.

If everyone started from herself and became a conscious person – an ever learning being aware of the endless laws of universe – we would have a heaven on Earth.

Where to start when you are intrigued and dedicated to work on yourself?

What are the 10 Life Skills - health

Work on your health

It’s bit of a cliche, but health is the most important thing.

In this universe and it’s spheres you need a healthy brain – a transistor and a healthy body to care it.

These two entities are interconnected.

Thoughts of Plato – you can have a healthy brain and corrupted body – mind over body, is false.

Mind might be over matter, but think about it this way, if you had a healthy mind, you’d have a healthy body, if mind is over matter.

If you do not have a healthy body, then obviously something must be wrong with your mind.

It’s mind – body connection that determines your overall health.

We are talking about connection, because this word – a pointer in it’s essence is indispensable in finding a true balance in your personal health.

But, at the same time this connection deserves to be a pier of itself – of leading a prosperous life.

We will talk about that later.

Let’s plot the 3 must have skills of adult education

Quality eating

Let food by thy medicine, and let medicine by thy food


Information is not knowledge, said presumably Einstein, but it could have been someone else.

The great truth of this statement is that it’s not inevitable to just know about a subject, but to truly live it.

You do not have to perfect in your adult education – what are the 10 life skills we believe are truly indispensable.

But, hey look that’s life.

Life is not perfect, let’s grow up.

But, to truly live it means to do shit! You know it’s not just talking about it – it’s doing it.

Even though it might not be perfect.

This concept is the same with eating. You can build up great eating habits even though you’ll have pizza or McDonald time to time.

The core of your diet has to follow certain principles.

The fundamental idea of diet can be dissected into knowing that food is not just a matter of energy, but also it produces toxins – it creates obstruction as well.

And many do not realize this would within the level of knowledge, not the level of information. Yes, they know…

But, they don’t live it.

We have summarized everything in this book. If you want go and download it, it’s free, but it could just as easily cost money.

It’s valuable information that again you should implement to get a knowledge.

You can download our body book where we wrote the great body principles. great body book

Practice physique – gym & doing sports

Move man.

Every adult person should take care of his or her body physically.

That does not mean to be involved in drastic athletic performances, but it’s crucial for your body and health to maintain a good physique.

There are different studies and scientists can’t really concluded and reach a compromise how many hours a week we should practice.

Generally we can find some common ground on the fact that you should move at least 40 minutes a day.

That might include steady walks, biking, jogging, running.

Of course, if you want to get with your body into aesthetics league, that won’t be enough.

I can’t stress enough how a fitness coach helped my gym.

Not for the reason that you can’t practice alone, but for the reason, well it does make a difference when someone is overseeing the whole process and looks out after you.

And the same time he or she is more experienced and has been there and done – and eventually gathered some knowledge.

In the past I was a big fun of high intensity training – HIIT.

I am still fan of it, but know I realize that working out some many years alone have built up bad habits in my.

I was putting in front muscles I shouldn’t have when doing my reps.

Gathered postures that were not okay. Because once I got older from my twenties, boy, I understood what is the back pain.

So, get a coach or just follow someone who thinks about these things.

Not just someone who is putting all the energy into workout, but also proper workout – the ones where you won’t get hurt.

This guy’s channel has never let me down – Athlean X

Love yourself

Probably the most important health skill is to love yourself.

It is!

Loving yourself takes a lot of portion of your adult education.

And for good reason.

Even though you are here to interact deeply with other human beings, these relationships have to stem fro ma profound relationship you have to yourself.

If you hate yourself, how can other people like you?

The question is not whether other people like you, f*ck them for now.

But, the important thing is you is the only person who is going to be there with you from the very beginning to a very end.

To love oneself is the beginning of love romance.

Oscar Wilde

How to do it?

Well, what about not taking your mistakes personal?

What if you could plot a dividing line between you and your mistakes.

Mistakes happened, but they happened so you could learn ,even the hard way.

Another great skills how to love yourself are coming next so keep reading…

You are a product and a you make money

Big part of adult education learning is about how to serve the others.

People are here for the people – they serve each other.

They created a currency, so it’s easier to exchange their needs and desires.

I dream of creating a forest colony that would be an independent and self – sustaining colony.

But, as long we live in political organization units called states, we have to learn how to prosper in those conditions.

That involves some money education.

Your education should make you richer or with better personal characteristics.

Those personal characteristics should help you to get along better with yourself and with other people.

Let’s list 3 crucial lists in prospering financially.

Adult Education, Inex Life

Adult Education – is a life – long learning

At we portrayed our own concept of superlearning.

Under the term superlearning we really understand not the concept of learning fast and improving memory.

But, it’s really about how to pick and nurture your adult studies.

One is certain.

We have to learn all our lives if we want to live a good one.

It is so much freaking different when you are in your early 50s then it is when you are in your early 30s.

It’s the same person, but life somehow feels different.

Your personal values and characteristics have changed.

They change based on your experiences and environments you have lived in.

Nevertheless, they changed under the different contexts you wanted or had to live in.

No matter your circumstances, it is necessary to be open minded and be willing to learn all your life.

One big argument supporting is job market.

The current job positions that we are encountering will vanish – most of them will.

Those who will be willing to adapt and to re-qualify will thrive on the job market.

Of course, that’s easier said than done.

Most people entering their senior years are not willing to take the brain – pain to do so.

That is why psychologists create up theories about how humans are not able to learn as good as when they were younger.

It’s a total rubbish.

I believe it’s a matter of decision. But, I understand it’s a question of energy.

When you are in your 50s and you’ve gotten so long with a career path or some trajectory, to a point when there’s a whole history behind you, it’s hard to start over.

Yet, what options you got?

Create your own economy, your own living.

Today, it’s possible to create a living from breathing and cold water – am I right Wim Hof?

Anyway, you will have to learn and experiment all your life, it does not end up with school.

Bank Notes 941246 640, Inex Life

Adult Education – Money Game

Money is really taking more focus than it deserves.

It’s a really simple game to plot a manual to.

But, it’s harder to do.

If you are an adult education A student, you will have enough money to fulfill your needs and the needs of your loved ones.

The principles of this game are rather simple.

Money is mana.

It’s a digital database that gives an information about the price of a good and service.

It does not have to be an actual value of that good or service, because that changes in time and space.

Some people understand money as something given to them.

Our parents simply explained money to us as something that is here and we’re going to live in it.

But, money is man made concept – an artificial, somewhat fake we could say.

You have to use it to your advantage.

In order to have them you have to first earn them.

First attract them!

Find ways how to sell value to other people, at least time to time better than your competitors.

If other people find value in what you are doing on the market you have won.

Another thing is – be good with money. Be a good manager of your money.

Without it you can never win a money game.

Some patterns of well – played money game

  1. Go where the money is – it’s tons of places
  2. Assess your characteristics, how can you contribute to value created in that niche
  3. Learn, Learn, learn all the time build a student attitude
  4. If you are an employee negotiate your salary regularly if an entrepreneur, find new markets.
  5. Build a strong habit of keeping 20 – 40% of your income just for future assets.
  6. Learn to become a good money manager.

Ask and you will be given

The most profound difference between successful people and not so successful people is that successful people asked for it.

Asked for it with their actions.

Nobody got rich because he did not do anything, except when he inherited it.

Before you do anything that gets you closer to your dreams, you have to tune your self – worth towards it.

And ask for it out loud

Salesmen do most of their sales because they close the deal.

They said, sign the damn paper, take out that credit card, make a purchase.

Directly asking for anything in life is first of all building up a clear mind set of a champion in you.

And second of all it’s a pure act. And action that is bringing you closer towards that goal.

Maybe, it’s not going to happen right away.

But, that’s not even the point.

Life deserves to be sweaty.

We are born in terrible stress and pain – both our mothers and we are in excruciating pain during the process of birth delivery.

Something people is made out of this pain – a true human life.

To have a beautiful life you have to work hard for it.

Adult Education

Adult Education – Learning to be more connected

We are a part of a greater whole.

There is a universal law that governs everything and everybody.

We humans have a tendency to forget and let go of our egos.

They encourage us to believe that we are something more and we can command the nature.

But, we can’t be more wrong.

We are part of it – vanish-able and perishable component of the natural order.

It’s everywhere man.

If you do not want to hear about spirituality and your life’s philosophy is rationalism, it’s fine.

But, even a rational scientific being finds his or her limits in knowing the structure of time and the order of Universe.

This order of universe can be only felt and experienced rather than extrapolated rationally.

That does not mean we should prevent wise brains – scientists and hinder them to do so.

It’s just with your senses you can come closer much sooner and deeper into knowledge than with your mind.

We can’t fully understand the universe, but we believe we can lead a prosperous life following the universal patterns


Taming your mind according to universal law principles

One of the biggest challenges of adult education is taming your mind – and especially its destructive powers.

Human mind is foremost a tool.

It’s a tool that can create a prosperous, harmonious state of a living and at the same time it’s a tool that can burn shit and starts the hell.

Therefore it is necessary to find a path of clearing this endless stream of self – iterating electromagnetic impulses called thoughts.

The huge skill of adult life is to realize that you are not your thoughts, but the processor that makes this transmission a reality.

There are tools for that.

You have to try something and figure out what works for your self, whether it is – meditation, visualization, holotropic breathing, stoicism and others.

Understand present moment

The most amazing adult education skills are for free.

Understanding that the true awakening of mind and body starts withing the acceptance of what currently is.

That’s the road to true healing and the road to prosperity.

Being present opens up the path to tranquility and creativity at the same time.

The two entities of prosperity.

Once you know it’s really a pathetic thing to come and see – how could not have not known?

How come that was missing out from your world, it’s so obvious.

Yet, most of the people go and live the story how it’s being rolled in their inner voice – the mind, iterating 65, 000 thoughts per day.

Usually, something really stupid, not saying that people are stupid, most of my thoughts are stupid.

Who could have said it better than ET 🙂

For me the controls started to light when I encountered Eckhart’s Tolle content.

That was said by an intelligent man.

His intellect imposed that’s why I started to listen.

But, it was not the intellect that taught be the valuable listen, but spirituality.

The same thing what Jesus or Buddha were teaching, but it only started to sink in withing me through Eckhart Tolle.

Nikola 3228001 640, Inex Life

Meditation / Visualization

These two techniques are strategic in being deeper connected with yourself and with the universal principle.

Nikola Tesla is well known for not drawing any sketches of his inventions on paper. In his memoirs, he recalls having extraordinary visualization capabilities from
an early age.

He was not sure of the source – why such ability has evolved in him, but the one thing for sure is that he has used this ability to his fullest potential.
The truth to be told here is that we all possess visualization capabilities that we can hone and nurture to our advantage. Very few people do though.

Most the people’s visualization usage ends at recalling the dream that they had the previous night. It’s not a bad thing to do right after you wake up. It builds presence and recalls

But, why end there, when you know that you can sketch your life based upon this visualizing power?

If you’re consistent and dedicated enough, you can build a visualization skill that is going to rewire your brain to transmit the thoughts of the future – the thoughts of
your visions.

Together with understanding the true value of being present – these are one of the most profound of skills in adult education.

Tranquilly seeing the pictures of desired states of your life – what you are becoming.

Breathing – Relaxing in the nature

City life is not good for us.

We temporarily can handle it, but after some time we get lost in it, because lose the connections to yourself.

If we got good people around us, they can burst the positive vibes within us by making us feel connected and that we belong to each other.

These feelings are rather not long – standing as people, even the closest friends tune in to different vibes and follow different sets of thoughts.

What I am trying to say is that social support and good relations are indispensable for a healthy individual life.

However, I do not believe that primary help is in those relationships when one is feeling disconnected and depressed.

The first ultimatum aid is breathing and going to nature.

We wrote about the ultimate healing power of forest – forest bathing.

It’s because the magic of terpenes is everywhere in this place – healing your body and taming your mind.

Read on the story of making a healthy, wealthy, and deeply connected life, download the book

EPM book
Download for free

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