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Benefits of Hyperventilation

Becoming the iceman

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– It’s sectarianism! My friend said. It is some kind of a religion. Becoming the iceman or whatever. On the podium you see this middle – aged man with long beard, sparkling eyes full firepower and with low voice coming out his mouth. He’s by no means fine and gentlemanly. He’s got this strong natural odor.  And his a tough guy  – maybe coarse, but he’s the righteous man, in his own way.

He stands there and he’s making a sign language. More that his words and his gestures his body speaks to me. He goes about biochemistry and science,  but it is obvious that this is no science guy. He’s a western born guy. Therefore it is courteous to talk in science terms, but it’s not his skin. He’s the kind of guy who says: “Hey, Listen to me Professor…!” He won’t give a damn about what the distinguished men of science say, if he doesn’t believe in it.

I met with Wim Hof. And if I shall summarize this party I went to with one word, it’d be the belief. There is more – naturalness, toughness, finesse, pain – resistance, but it all starts with the belief.

Life is so simple you know. Breathing techniques & cold therapy are your tools.

Becoming the iceman

To be honest, I think he has brought nothing new. He speaks of his breathing technique. But hyperventilation is pretty known thing medically to cause respiratory alkalosis. If you breathe heavily, your body gets rid of CO2 and in result your blood becomes more alkaline. Benefits of alkalized body are known. Though how it should help with going to very cold water is for me unknown. But I think it is only to distract you from the natural nerve reactions of the body when you enter the cold water. It says get out of there. It is too cold and I rather flee from this shit. But if you urge yourself to stay, then you will have to fight. Flee or fight. These are the two reactions. Two decisions we have to make when encountering challenging situations.

It’s not new, but he’s there and he’s special. He’s got charisma and he is just tougher than the others. He has broken 26 world records, including staying in ice bath-tub for almost two hours. He’s crazy motherf****. He’s shrewd too. Like I said he’s got charisma, he’s a preacher, he follows patterns of business, he’s an entrepreneur too. He’s crazy foremost. He’s a record-breaker – a really tough guy.

And it’s good for you. It is healthy. It is possible to never get sick again.

I decided to follow him without doubt. And although I hate cold water I like the feeling it brings. The cruelty, but purity. It’s the righteous feeling like mother nature is. I hope it brings me more health and happiness. It also suits my get in shape mode.

Becoming the iceman is a method of being able to receive what is. It is a method how to develop a warrior attitude. And as life goes, it does not have to be always pleasant. Sometimes it is cold and compels you to fight. That is why we need to take care of ourselves.  Take yourself first and never stop enhancing yourself. Believe in yourself. Just like Wim Hof.

Without doubt that you can achieve inexhaustible life.

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