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Best Nootropics for Anxiety – they help to stop your racing mind

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Let us introduce you to some of the best nootropics for anxiety.

We believe that severe anxiety comes from losing your own inner self.

What do we mean by that?

Well, if you complete adhere to your inner essence, and you love it – there’s not chance you would be all the time anxious.

And thus hurting yourself.

Gabor Mate said it much better than we ever could.

He contemplates that the root of all healing comes to finding the context where you find your inner peace.

So, if this remarked caught your intention, check this video out!

Psychological vs physiological anxiety

My favorite book that brought clarity to the topic anxiety and stress is Sapolsky’s Why Zebras don’t get ulcers.

It’s such indispensable book regarding this topic in general.

Had you read it you’d have known that there are two types of stresses or anxieties.

Physiological stress is your friend, providing energy when it comes to action.

This is when a zebra is being chased by a lion.

She needs to accumulate an energy for running away.

Our bodies need a system that will tell most of our cells to stop doing non important things.

You’re not going to need to trigger cells for reproduction when clearly, you are in life danger.

This is physiological stress.

And as a matter of brief generalization we can say it’s a good stress.

The other one, psychological stress is also necessary, but in the contemporary world there’s too much of it.

We, humans are not living mostly in the savannas, yet we use the same system all the time.

But, it’s not lions that give us anxiety but work, public speech, financial problems, relationships problems and etc.

One of the best strategies to avoid anxiety and stress is to be fully aware.

Eckhart Tolle calls it to be conscious.

This is simply when you follow your thoughts from the position of an unjudging observer.

It’s like you’re not your thoughts, you are just observing – simple step away from that.

That’s a goal in meditation, Buddhism practices, breathing practices and etc.

However, this is not done easily for most people.

Most people do not have their meditation muscle well rehearsed.

For this reason we can write about best nootropics for anxiety.

Best Nootropics for anxiety – good helpers for a calmer life

The mind is not easy to stop.

It might take years of practice to learn how to meditate properly.

It’s like going into the gym.

Literally, it can take years till your muscles are big enough – it’s the same with meditation muscle.

But, that does it mean you should give up

The simple dichotomy you can plot is that they are people who tend to be more spiritual or more rational.

best nootropics for anxiety

More rational or more spiritual person – the same applies

It does not really matter whether you are more of a spiritual person or rational.

Whether you listen to the words of Jesus or Buddha or your clinical psychologist.

Chances are that by means they meet up.

Rational context evenly helps, because it takes you from no action taking zone – your emotions.

The golden rule of anxiety is to be aware of your feelings, acknowledge them, not be judging them, accept them.

And breathe that always helps.

The best nootropics for anxiety are here to help to tame that very rudimentary and animal emotion that craves your full mental presence.

Some golden rules of self – awareness

Let us give you some golden rules of self – awareness in next few paragraphs.

Your emotions are neither good nor bad. They are all there for a purpose.

See yourself as you really are. Do not be disappointed because you’re not who your parents wanted you to be. You are just as you are. Make peace with it.

Feel your emotions physically. Do you feel your heart rate going up? Acknowledge every physical change that is induced by your emotions. It’s 50% better just by acknowledging it.

Understand your hot buttons, the situations that give you more of a trigger than others.

Take a third-person view (watch from above). Try to get a more an objective view of your actions. That’s what Eckhart Tolle calls consciousness.

A bad mood is just a bad mood. It doesn’t mean that all is
bad in your life. It is just a bad mood, the current condition of your neurochemistry, and the electric potential of your brain. The same thing goes for a good mood, also. Don’t get too overwhelmed by it. This is actually where the best nootropics for anxiety may help.

Ask yourself: Why you do this thing?

Establish your values constitution. Write your core values on a piece of paper and establish your own definition of your values. If it’s really not that important, you can let it go, right?

Seek constructive feedbacks from people you really do care of.

Best nootropics for anxiety for taming your anxiety while working on your development

There are some internersting nootropics that can mitigate your general anxiety.

However, Holistic – wholeness mindset is the key.

There are some interesting anxiety killers like Phenibut or Picamilon.

However, they were cursed by FDA few years ago.

And that by itself would not be a big problem, because FDA knows shit.

The thing is that these substances could not provide you a sustainable regime of intake.

Simpler, tolerance on these substances are building up very quickly.

We wrote about noopept and its effects on social anxiety.

It’s funny, because noopept is not the per se the nootropic you would take to mitigate anxiety.

Yet, it still does work in becoming more aware, more rational thinking human being.

It’s a supplement where you tend to think more not feel that much.

That can lead to less anxiety.

These are the most powerful nootropics containing noopept

If the best nootropics for anxiety feel too chemical then there’s always natural CBD

CBD is a big issue nowadays.

We wrote about it here.

And yes it does reduce anxiety.

We would not expect miracles, but there are more and more studies that show up physiological effects cannabinoids.

CBD is mitigating anxiety. It’s making you less reactive, mostly I think, because it relaxes muscles. 

It’s a good distraction since induction is quick and easy. You do not have to go on the balcony to smoke to get a break. Break comes instantly – smoking or taking oil in front of your computer’s screen for instance. 

CBD helps you sleep, and sex feels great on it. 

I hope this helps to plot a clearer picture to how does CBD make you feel.

But, the best thing would be if you tried it yourself.

Really, it’s harmless!

I love every way how to take CBD – eating – smoking, taking oil orally, or putting a cream on you when you have muscle spasms.

Check out some of the best CBDs we got here!

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