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Binaural waves for studying – superlearning

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Ok, Binaural waves for studying, what is that for?

A super-learner should be always experimenting with different techniques how to an edge in learning.

With that being said, you are pretty much ready to experiment with everything there is that can make your learning experience more efficient.

I always put the big picture in learning first.

First, learn for what makes your life better – more fulfilled, more plausible for your existence.

I think this course stressed that good enough.

Click it to get it!

binaural waves for studying


After that, it’s pretty much about finding meticulous and out of ordinary waves how to study in order to get proper skills that enhance our lives.

I wrote about some super learning techniques here.

Now, I want to write a little bit further about one, in particular, that is Binaural waves for studying.

Binaural waves for studying – Alpha waves

I don’t want to slip too much into the topic of frequencies and different level of consciousness.

We are all frequencies, right? Our brains function on the certain level of frequencies that determine how we feel and function.

binaural beat is an auditory illusion perceived when two different pure-tone sine waves, both with frequencies lower than 1500 Hz, with less than a 40 Hz difference between them, are presented to a listener dichotically (one through each ear).

Alpha waves or alpha state we have all experienced. Most often it happens early in the Morning when we wake up.

Alpha waves are commonly detected by electroencephalography (EEG) or magnetoencephalography (MEG) and predominantly found to originate from the occipital lobe during periods of relaxation, with eyes closed but still awake. Conversely, alpha waves are attenuated with open eyes as well as by drowsiness and sleep. They are thought to represent the activity of the visual cortex in an idle state. (From howtolearn)

It’s a state that feels like you’ve already woken up, but not really. Your level of consciousness is still somewhere in between being “daily routine” functioning and the stage when you’re ready to put yourself to sleep. Relaxed, but awake.

It seems that Alpha stage of consciousness is one of the most adequate for learning, especially if we need to retain information.



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Alpha state for learning

Getting into this relaxed yet conscious and vivid state of mind is not an easy task for a lot of people.

One must be perfectly relaxed and concentrated.

I find the best results early in the Morning when the Alpha state comes naturally for me. When I get up in the Morning to go on the toilet, I am still not awake, but perfectly capable of let’s say counting.

I count from 30 to 0. There was a time when it took me longer than that, I counted also from 100, but now from just 30 is enough.

You can use a music to help you get there when you are a music sensitive person – there’s a lot of binaural waves for studying music out there on youtube.

I am a bit old – school.

I like Jose Silva’s method best.

It’s maybe because with this guy’s method and the book I made a lot of progress in visualization. I am accustomed to his voice, his tonality, his pace. Give it a shot and you’ll see.



There are more videos out there when you put Jose Silva into youtube.

Music works sometimes on me and sometimes not. I usually listen to concentration music when I am actively doing something, like writing a blog.

This is one of my favorites, it’s also pretty packed with lots of views out there.



Binaural waves for studying – method

Now, that you know how to relax properly and get to an alpha state as much as possible, you can set up your learning environment. 

And I mean to create a tool for that, but it’s still there waiting in a stack after things with higher priority. But, it’s coming up. It won’t be too sophisticated of a tool and you can actually do pretty much without.

All you need is a recorder.

Okay, so the step one is to take your learning text, read it out loud and record yourself.

Your voice should be deeper than usual, read with a pace that is comfortable for you.

It’s no problem that you make mental markers during your reading. So, if there’s a colonel Picard in your text and you think of colonel from KFC logo for memorization purposes, that’s all fine and cool.

But, it should not deplete your recordings of course. It needs to be a good record that you can replay during your alpha state of mind.

So, the first time you push the record button,  read it out loud, make some mental markers and move on.

The next step is to get to alpha state. And for that, I am recommending one of Jose Silva’s works.

And the listen to your recording in alpha state.

You can do these steps consecutively or take some space in between these sessions.

When I wanted to retain a lot of information from the text I used the SQ3R method or read the text 2 times out loud making mental markers, of course, I recorded myself during that.

Since it is easiest for me to achieve an Alpha state in the Morning, so logically it makes the most sense to play the read – out then.

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This technique that I described above, not punctually and precisely a binaural waves for studying is not bulletproof.

I am not saying that this is the guarantee that you’ll retain all your text that you want to memorize.

For making your memorization smoother, you should definitely look at some techniques we gathered for you here – memorization techniques.

At the beginning of this article, we said that a super-learner should be prepared and thrilled to take every advantage of superlearning hacks there is. And this is one of them.

So, happy experimenting, happy learning!

I still owe a a recoding tool for this, so it’s coming…


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