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Building habits through starting a business

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A lot of people want to start a business. But, it’s one of the hardest things to do. Especially, when in older age, when you have responsibilities and a family to feed. 

Always, get your stuff done properly, especially legally  – hand over to professionals like Zen Business guys to protect yourself. 

You know, I had a couple of “here and now” moments when I truly asked myself – why is that when it’s 10 30pm – my wife and kid are finally sleeping after a long day…

And I should too because it’s been a long day – but, I still have this urge that drives me out of bed behind a computer to accomplish at least something, to extinguish this business thirst. 

I believe that starting a business builds a habit like almost no other human activity.

James Clear in his book Atomic habits states that… The key to building lasting habits is focusing on creating a new identity first. Your current behaviors are simply a reflection of your current identity. To change your behavior for good, you need to start believing new things about yourself. You need to build identity-based habits

Starting a business means building identity – based habits.

We are working most of our lives. And we have a quadrant to choose from. 

Kiyosaki quadrant. In Capitalism… 

We are employees, self – employed (freelancers), businessmen or investors. 

Businesses are somehow romanticized.  

But, really rationally.

Why are we starting businesses anyway? These are some reasons I could come up with 

  • Escaping rat race 9 to 5 
  • The vision to live a better life 
  • Culture & media info politics
  • Legacy and building something bigger than yourself
  • Adventure

Building a business is a hustle. It’s deploying resources for a certain task with unforeseen outcomes. Business means to keep one busy – an activity that has a necessary outcome of some kind of commercial activity. 

In business, you have to make some money because without money you won’t be able to keep this business going. 

Starting a business to build habits

Starting a business and growing it is one of the most thriving of all human development activities. 

It’s on a human development level because once an individual really succeeds to establish a successful business, he or she not only helps herself but can also enhance a whole community. 

Business is one of the best when it comes to personal – development. 

It has all kinds of skills and sights it can improve. The skillset is vast. In employment, we usually specialize and learn a very specific task at the job market. That’s not the case in business.

If you start a business you will get a lot of good level skills in many areas – you name it from branding, founding, legal to selling and service areas. You won’t become an expert in everything and good businessmen outsource most of the things, but you will get a good grasp of many. 

starting a business

Business is the best habit builder

1.Because you’re fooled. Fooled by your idea that you fooled yourself to believe in. This builds an identity. Statistically, most of the business ideas are wrong, but you will succeed for sure you are saying to yourself, right? 

2. It requires an incomparable amount of time and effort – a true sacrifice which once you pass in, it’s very hard to give up. Just read at some startup communities – how much time, money and effort these startup guys put into their endeavors. It’s crazy! 

3. It’s a system that can provide you with a quick feedback loop. You need that in order to build a habit. Try to come up with an idea at a job. First, it has to go through your co-workers, then your boss, your boss’s bosses, security departments, financial departments, and all kinds of decision chains – if you happen to work for a multinational corporation. 

If you are a business owner, once you have an idea – it’s just upon you to implement it. Most ideas will turn on crap and they won’t be successful. But, at least you have power in your hands. You feel empowered and privileged to bring an idea to life. That’s the freedom – there’s no boss…

4. It gives you status right away. Create a business card, make a nice logo, put your name on it, write down “CEO” and you just jumped ahead years of butt – licking and corporate ladder climbing. You are CEO right away. CEO of crap maybe, but you don’t care. The important thing about statuses is what comes from the inside. And you know that your company stands for something. It’s about you, isn’t it? So, you don’t mind telling others that you’re a CEO. 

5.. It can be tremendously rewarding. There’s always this hope – what if I crack the market code and deliver something better than the competition? What if it happens to me and I become super-rich? 

To most of us business – owners that won’t happen. A lot of people can achieve good standards of living, but only a minority become truly wealthy running their own businesses. But, there’s even something more that propels a habit. 

It’s the awareness that you do stuff. You take an action, you create, and you learn something new. It builds a self – discipline and a sense of organization in you. Building a business is to sacrifice time and your own money in order to pursue a certain cause. It means to dream and to express yourself. Yeah, it’s building an identity, that goes to practice each day. 


If you want to build a habit, then to mimic certain patterns of a business is probably the best way to go. 

We encourage everyone to start a business. Let’s forget about becoming Elon Musk, Bill Gates or whoever. 

We believe that starting a business is one of the greatest paths to build a well – organized and expressed identity for habit building. 

These habits that are built along starting a business can be awesome in your personal development. 

The best way to start a business for your own development in mind is to start something where you can fail many times and not get wasted by it. Let’s say your first business is an online business, where you can fail many times setting an unsuccessful AdWords campaign.

But, it’s not like starting a restaurant with $200 000 in a loan on your account. That would suck had you failed. 

Download our app and set habits that enhance your business and yourself personally! 

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