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Can truck drivers use CBD oil – absolutely, but mind one thing

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can truck drivers use CBD oil?

Let us begin with a moral statement.

Marijuana, even THC is a nature’s creation.

Or religious people may say it’s creation of God.

Then why condemn it?

Hemp was once part of our communities.

And it was put aside because of strong Tobacco lobby.

It’s not divine purpose that hemp was put a side.

It’s coming back though.

But, let’s put it straight.

CBD and truck drivers

Are truck drivers morally obliged to smoke weed?

Would like a surgeon to give you a by-pass surgery when stoned?

Or would you like a lawyer to argument your case when he can barely handle himself?

Of course, you wouldn’t!

At we have nothing against even weed.

Yes, the weed that makes you high.

But, there is a moral obligation to society that one should act in a name of common good.

So, from this perspective smoking weed should not be allowed to truck drivers.

In their free time yeah.

But, not when driving.

There are relavant studies that show us that weed containing THC does negatively influence driving.

The good news is however that CBD is not weed that makes you stoned.

CBD is not THC

CBD is not THC and let’s mark this for once and for all.

On a chemistry level these cannabinoids CBD & THC are similar. 

But, they target different receptors. 

THC influences the prefrontal cortex. 

These areas of brain control attention, executive function, different motor skills

And the reward system as well – that’s why THC boost cravings for instance. 

CBD does not do that. 

It agonizes the endocannabinoid receptors in muscle tissues – that helps muscle spasms too.

The influence on motoric functions, attention, and execution is negligible by CBD. 

Can truck drivers use CBD oil from this perspective?

It gives a strong argument.

Watch it for one thing though, that is often being ignored.

Can truck drivers use CBD oil

Can Truck Drivers use CBD Oil – Yes, but

watch out for THC in CBD products though

Dear truck drivers – please use THC in your spare time and not when driving.

You are putting us all in danger there on the roads.

Because your motoric skills are influenced by THC consumption.

There is a myriad of reliable tests that can trigger THC in your system. 

And if a policeman wants he can also send you to blood and urine tests and from there THC is detectable very profoundly. 

Not everywhere CBD products come with 0% THC. 

In fact for manufacturers it’s not always an easy task to remove all THC from the final product. 

From a medicinal point of view it’s not always the best thing because CBD and THC come together. 

There are complex cannabinoids and there is something called entourage effect

Synergistic effects that enhance the healing effects of the plan. 

But, that’s another topic. 

Make sure you know the legislation of your country. 

What is the allowed amount of THC in a final product. 

Generally you should be pretty safe. 

In one study conducted in Switzerland a man was smoking a cigarette that contained 42mg of CBD and 2.2 mg THC. 

A day later his urine samples were collected and three immunochemical assays tests done for detection.

All tested negative. 

That same study however states that blood tests are much less benevolent in this matter and 

may produce THC blood levels above Swiss legal limit for driving. (study Pubmed)

Can Truck Drivers use CBD Oil 

Truck drivers have always been our heroes.

Driving big strong engines for hours to deliver us goods is no joke.

So, big respect. 

There is no evidence that CBD would impair driving capabilities. 

It’s no marijuana or THC that does impair attention and motoric skills. 

THC does that, it’s known and tested. 

I am guilty of driving a couple of times after smoking THC containing plants.

 And in fact I want to add here that my driving has always become more careful after that. 

But, was my attention somehow smaller? 

Yes, I think so. 

Especially, when your mind is racing somewhere…who knows where.

However, here’s one interesting catch from another study.

There’s a hypothesis that CBD actually helps metabolize THC. 

So, there are plenty of truck drivers that smoke dope, let’s not lie. 

And I heard the rumour that when you smoke CBD oil it actually drives out THC from your system

That’s like totally not true. 

Actually, according to this study CBD may even exacerbate THC – induced impairment. 

Can truck drivers use CBD oil? 


But, the rule here would be to watch for THC content of your product. 

THC even at low dosage is detectable from urine or more even from blood samples. 

And if you smoked a dope – well, do not drive!

The level of driving impairment is known. 

And it should be avoided for the sake of us all! 

CBD does not help this. 

In fact, smoking THC and then having CBD even may make driving even worse. 

Does CBD show up in a drug test

CBD is a wonderful substance that can bring many positives into your life. 

Namely, less stress, good leisure, health benefits. 

It also comes with no trade – off. 

You do not lose your productivity. 

It does not make you disconnected from your daily to do list. 

You can deliver and be a very productive person smoking CBD. 

When smoking THC – you cannot! 

CBD is becoming legal in more and more countries and for good reason. 

It may improve the general happiness among populations and it’s not cheap – it brings taxes in. 

You do not need to worry that CBD is going to impair your productive day. 

Driving, going on meetings, delivering upon your tasks, choirs – that universe is thinkable with CBD.

THC is another question.

And here you should be careful. 

THC is easily detectable even at very little amounts although manufacturers try their best to avoid it from the final product. 

So, if the police patrol stops you and sends you to a drug test – 99% you are ok, but still there’s 1% some mg of THC might appear in a drug test. 

Make sure you know the limit of THC for driving in your country. 

And can truck drivers use cbd oil? 

Yes, but once you smoked THC cigarette let’s say, it can impair your driving skills even more, so watch out! 

Nevertheless, God Bless this great substance! 

I would not call it miraculous, but it may make our lives a little bit enhanced. 

Check some of our great CBD products!

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