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carefree path of dreams

Carefree path of dreams – how not to get mad on your way up

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Carefree path of dreams is one of the most important things on our road to fulfillment.

Especially for one big reason.

We have dreams, hopes or goals with deadlines. Let’s say you have a goal to become a millionaire and you want to have $3 million in your bank account.

You have studied all theory there is – Rich dad, poor dad, Science of getting rich, Think and grow rich and etc.

You are subscribed to every dude’s youtube channel that seems to be legit. The guy seems to get his things right and he seems like he’s not talking sh*t.

In the real world, you’re doing your homework and you’re doing more than your friends.  You won’t make yourself available for a beer just because you have some work you want to finish in the evening.

But, in the meantime, your life does not seem to differ from theirs. Actually, your friend’s got promoted last week,  and his payroll looks much better now than yours.


carefree path of dreams

Carefree path of dreams – comparison to others

How many are better off than you are, but consider how many are worse…

A little bit I wrote about this topic here – How to stop comparing yourself to others.

Our time here is limited. Although we are awesome at denying it in our lives, we tacitly integrate it into our life’s planning.

Jay Shetty made a wonderful video about this recently and it says a lot about this. The point is everybody’s got a different time. But, watch it first…

To understand that one’s time is different.

This is very tough since everybody, your family, friends, and society got some expectations and their own presumptions on you. But, that’s the part of the carefree path of dreams. You can’t be on your carefree path of dreams when you won’t start living your own life. That is the life according to your values. Don’t worry that’s what this blog is all about.

The pressure is hard though. If you’re just a little bit ambitious you have to filter the news of new “magic inventions” coming from Elon Musk(s) and the likes. This kind of makes you wonder – what am I doing wrong? Why am I not there yet?

The only recipe for that is to love your life as it is and focus on your day to make the most of it.

When I was in Amazon business I created this video. I still think its legacy is actual and I believe it will still be. Check it out if you want.

Information is not Knowledge

Everybody’s got access to useful information, largely thanks to the internet.

Information is a recipe, how to cook a gulyas.

There is more valuable information than the other, but it’s becoming more of a commodity, right?

What is of real value is knowledge. And knowledge is action itself. It’s to know how to cook this gulyas. This means you actually peeled the potatoes, found a specific type of paprika, prepared the two types of meat, and you cooked it along with the vegetables in the right order. In other words, you’ve been there and you’ve done it. The quality is another question, but the knowledge is there.

And our knowledge based on experience differs. It’s all different for everybody. Just remember the first time you made love…

The future of global economy according to Professor Zeleny will be that, where we share the global information, almost instantly reachable, downloadable, yet this information has to be applied into the local circumstances and condition.

So, the global information is changed into local action.

We have to start learning to apply the infomation that is easily accessible into our own circumstances and life’s conditions.

Different pace…

This, almost inadvertently, will bring multiple paced attitudes and implications for one’s life. Someone will get some knowledge sooner, some will get it later. This goes for individuals, but also for the whole nations.

It’s a good reason to have a carefree path of dreams. If there are patterns we can see on the global scale that is happening in the World, then why we, as individuals should be different?

It’s very important that we learn all our lives. And we become the architects of our education. It’s good to get a proper formal education, and I am not that against college per se.

Just this world changes so radically that some static information taught at school is not going to prepare us for it.

And I am a big proponent of education that brings results. Learning should be mainly about this – to enhance one’s perspectives, to enhance one’s life. Learning is really about results, to make a life better.

Maybe you’ve never had an urge to become the good video editor, just now when your daughter was born and you need to compile tons of footage material.

You have an idea to make a good motion picture out of that and place it on youtube, so it gets some views, you’ll create some income from the ads and your daughter can afford a great university one day.

So, what you do is you decompose all the skills there are in order to succeed and you make your study project. And you learn based on that.

It’s the education where you first decide who you are or what you want to accomplish, and then learn based upon that. That’s the privilege we adult learners have and it’s so much better than school. Because it’s our education.

More on this you can check in this free course I prepared for you. Go ahead and download it if you are interested in results-oriented learning.

binaural waves for studying

Carefree path of dreams – believe in your destiny

One beautiful thing about religion is its determinism as a concept. The religion takes the persona simply out of the equation and moves the responsibility to God. Of course, you as a person, the servant shall please your God and act in his or her approval.

You have certain wishes and pray for specific outcomes. Yet, if you are truly religious, you have to receive wholeheartedly the outcomes that are perceived as the will of God.

You can’t objectively know why God decided for a certain outcome, you can just accept it and again adjust your morale, to what you believe is the best to please him.

One advantage of such thinking pattern is that you are still an active actor, a detergent that keeps immaculate actions, yet all the unknown and uncertain, that could potentially give you an anxiety, is the will of God and thus none of your business.

If it’s God’s business, then why should you care, right?

In my perspective, this is to say, do all your best you can in the present moment, and don’t worry about the future.

Well, this is to be found in a new testament in many parts of the scripture.

The only thing you can do to achieve a carefree path of dreams is to do all the best you can — NOW!

Philosophy of life

If the concept of God does not tell you much, or it feels deprecated for your life and values a philosophy of life can be a great substitute.

I’ve written a lot about stoicism before. Stoicism has a deity origin. But, the focus is not on worshiping Zeus or other Greek Gods. The pivotal interest of this philosophy is in preserving one’s tranquility and accountability in the decision process.

The one who adopts the philosophy of life should always decide based upon that.

There are some differences between the Greek and Roman Stoicism. I am personally a fan of Roman stoicism that is 100% focused on the philosophy of life – that is the philosophy in terms of Socrates, it should directly impact your life, it’s not a cosmos study (today we know this science as physics).

Roman stoics have developed practical ways how to implement and preserve one’s stoic philosophy of life.

There are 5 very practical stoic rules that I believe can bring a lot of good into your life.

carefree path of dreams

The time we live in

Time is relative. We can only conceive it relatively to time – being.

One hour spent playing the guitar may seem like nothing, where one hour spent at the dentist might seem like an eternity.

Most of the time we live in our present moment. Our time is the sum of our present moments. But the past events do not simply disappear from our present moments, even if we can eradicate them from our thinking.

The problem with time and dreams is rather this.

Your dreams are plans for the future. All you got is living in your NOW.

So, how can you be happy, if your dreams lie in the future? And will they ever come to reality as you intended?

The only solution you can implement with this problem is to live your dreams now, some might say.  Some people have postulated a theory that most of us know as: “Fake it, till you make it” theory.

Although, it might work for some people,  and it’s not a carefree path of dreams for everybody.

People are creatures of weariness. We want things next week, next day, we want immediately! If the results are not coming for a long time, we tend to doubt our religion.

A lot of people have a plan to get rich. They follow the patterns of rich people like investing a large part of their income into low-cost mutual funds.

Not a lot people realize that this is a life-long strategy that happens along your path to become rich, it’s not the only tool to actually become it.

You simply have to love the process and not look forward to the result that much.

Mark 516277 1920 1024x723, Inex Life

Screw the result, love the process

If you want to achieve your dream you need to set a goal for yourself.

And get some good time management skills. And at the same time, I have to warn you that time management in its contemporary theory is going to make your life miserable.

I know what I am talking about, I am a project manager. And I know that every goal somehow gets adjusted or somehow influenced by the curve of time.

Tomas Vanek in his book Zeitleben divided time into your own time and the foreign time. Your time is the time of your present moment, but there is also your past and future plans.

We feel happy when our time is spent according to our desires, values, and expectations.

But, it’s almost always intervened by the foreign time, the time of other people or different occurrences.

This creates an anxiety as well, since we’re not on the schedule, according to our time management. And it kills us internally.

Vasek though argues that the control of our time is not absolute. And the only thing we can do about it when our time schedule is being intruded is to get accustomed to it and navigate it to our liking.

For instance, there’s an accident on the railroad and thus your train has been delayed for 2 hours. You can spend your 2 hours raging and stressed or you can buy a new interesting book at the local bookstore and spend 2 hours reading something that makes you more prosperous.

Not only to mention that we’re approaching anything, anywhere working model, so, the time of waiting for something becomes a crucial time to work.

In another word, the line between our work and personal life becomes thinner and thinner. Logically to sustain oneself being happy, we need to find a profession that we like doing.


Your carefree path of dreams should be about approaching your dreams, but careful, not to get your dream over your head. Little anxiety of not delivering a plan is good since it gives you the energy to do some work about it.

You have to understand that it’s about time, dude. It takes time and for everybody the time is different. There’s always a chance that you won’t fulfill your dream, but at least, at the dying bed, you can tell yourself that you made all possible to accomplish it, hence there are no regrets.

Your carefree path of dreams in patterns:

  • Set a goal for yourself, but don’t obsess about it
  • Do not wait for the implementation in the future. Be flexible with your options. Your capacities will change in time.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others, never!
  • Learn, always
  • In the hard times – religion or strong philosophy of life may help


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