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CBD Cream for Pain [4 Ways they Could Help You!]

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CBD Cream for pain is one of the top uses for CBD as such.

Have you ever stopped to think about what life would be like if your health was completely, totally optimal?

Just think: no aches or pains. No skin problems. No muscle soreness. You’d be…inexhaustible

Bridging the gap between ideal and reality isn’t always easy, of course — but CBD could help. 

And CBD topical creams might be your very best bet.  Why? Because they allow bioactive CBD to go directly into your bloodstream. Let’s take a look at four ways CBD cream could help free you from pain and bring out your best. 

  1. CBD creams may help manage difficult pain
  2. CBD creams may reduce inflammation
  3. CBD creams may reduce muscle soreness
  4. CBD creams may alleviate painful skin conditions

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CBD Cream for Pain – alleviates difficult pain

We’ll be the first to admit that CBD topical research is still in its initial phases. The research we do have, however, is extremely promising. 

One 2016 study found that topical CBD may help manage pain caused by arthritis. And a newer study noted that “formulations containing CBD have been used in the clinic to study its efficacy in reducing pain when traditional treatment options have failed” for nearly 20 years — before explaining some of the highlights:

  • “CBD was also seemingly effective in treatment of chronic pain…”
  • “…in patients with fibromyalgia, CBD treatment decreased pain by more than 30% in significantly more patients than placebo…”
  • “…chronic pain patients indicated [CBD’s] safety for prolonged use, which was accompanied by self-reported improvements in pain and quality of life…”

And while this research is great and all, it’s really just the start. Why? Because real-life CBD users are experiencing even better results! 

According to a 2020 survey by SingleCare, a whopping 33% of Americans have used CBD, and 64% of current CBD users say they use it for pain relief/inflammation. CBD is used specifically to reduce pain more than it’s used for anything else — by far. 

Considering that CBD’s popularity has spread mostly by word-of-mouth, it’s pretty unlikely that topical CBD’s not working for all of these people. We think the average consumer who uses CBD to relieve pain is onto something. 

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CBD creams may reduce inflammation

How does CBD reduce pain? There are several ways, but the most basic method it takes is reducing inflammation. 

Working with your body’s built-in endocannabinoid system, CBD may keep inflammation under control and help your immune system monitor itself. Studies have shown that CBD also reduces your body’s levels of inflammatory hormones like cortisol, a stress hormone that’s known to have pro-aging effects.

In other good news, CBD is both an inflammation-fighter and an antioxidant! All in all it’s one of nature’s best substances for combating inflammation…and, in the long run, preventing inflammation-related pain.  

cbd cream

CBD creams may reduce muscle soreness

Topical CBD may also be a boon for hard-training athletes. Why? Because its potential anti-inflammatory properties make it great for those who want to train/recover/repeat.

Ever heard the phrase, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?” It might be kind of cliche…but when it comes to athletics, it’s true. 

Working out is actually a type of stress — the science world calls it eustress — that has all sorts of health benefits at the right dose. Keywords being ‘right dose.’ Working out more than your body can handle isn’t healthy at all! 

But topical CBD, by reducing muscle soreness and improving recovery times, could help you find your athletic sweet spot that little bit easier. CBD is now being used for pro athletes from virtually every sport, from MMA to golfing to endurance sports like running and cycling. Strongman Eddie Hall has called CBD a “secret weapon” when it comes to athletic recovery. 

Use a premium CBD topical for yourself, and you’ll probably see why! Place CBD directly onto sore muscles and feel the difference as it begins to soak into those muscles’ endocannabinoid receptors. Many people experience  It’s easy, in fact, to dose CBD creams entirely by feel. If you’re not experiencing enough pain relief after an hour or two, just apply more CBD!

CBD creams may alleviate painful skin conditions

une skin conditions to begin correcting themselves. Need more proof? Just take a look at the incredible findings from this 2020 study.  

Oh, and the American Academy of Dermatology’s perspective. In 2018 they went so far as to suggest that topical CBD products might be effective for acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Check out their comments for yourself here. Cannabis experts like Dr. Ethan Russo agree that cannabinoids may help balance sebum oil production, resulting in healthier, clearer, less painful skin. 

One thing to keep in mind: if you’re going to apply CBD creams to your face, make sure that their ingredients are on point first! Products that contain harsh alcohols, solvents, essential oils, or low-quality carrier oils should never be put on sensitive skin. 

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