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CBD daily intensive cream – chills you out

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CBD daily intensive cream is one the hottest product in ever – growing CBD portfolio.

In this article we give you a good reason why you should add to your daily kit.

We will talk about benefits and potential use of CBD daily intensive cream as well as introduce you to some of our hottest picks.

CBD foundations

Writing this article I am under impression that everybody has heard of CBD these days.

But, I might be wrong.

There are still people who did not hear about CBD or just don’t care.

There are still some people who believe that it’s illegal marijuana or that they could not even imagine that CBD can have benefits.

Some our top picks for you

CBD is not Intoxicating marijuana (that contains THC)

Better than to talk about “psycho – activity” is to talk about intoxication.

Intoxication is a good pointer where everybody knows that it is bringing us to states where we are no longer in total control

THC is intoxicating. 

It is the strong agonist of CB1 receptors.

If you put the person under MRI to scan his brain, you would see that THC is influencing the blood flow to the prefrontal cortex.

These areas of brain control attention, executive function, different motor skills

It is also certain that THC is influencing a reward system of the brain. People who smoke THC or “pot” experience food cravings for instance.

It’s because their sensory and reward circuitry is influenced by THC.

CBD does not do that.

It influences many endocannabinoid receptors we have all over our bodies. But, it is not activating CB1 receptor

In fact, there is a study that concludes that CBD is actively inhibiting the metabolism of THC – Pubmed

What is interesting enough is that the same study concludes that when inducing CBD, it had minimal impact on THC-induced behavior.

Once you get smoke THC you just got to wait till it goes away.

CBD is not going to help that nausea too much. 

CBD is not intoxicating though. 

If this topic interests you – read on here.

cbd is for cream too

CBD daily intensive cream for pain and well – being

And CBD topical creams might be your very best bet.  Why? Because they allow bioactive CBD to go directly into your bloodstream. Let’s take a look at four ways CBD cream could help free you from pain and bring out your best. 

  1. With CBD cream you may help yourself to manage difficult pain
  2. CBD creams may reduce inflammation
  3. Body lotions and CBD daily intensive cream may reduce muscle soreness
  4. They might as well alleviate painful skin conditions

People when they but some medical supplement or cosmetics they’re not aware of one crucial thing.

This thing happens over and over.

Is this substance that is reported to have some medical uses really reaching the intended tissues and areas of a body?

People are buying tranquilizers based on GABA – the natural inhibitor neurotransmitter.

Ok, but do you know that you need to cross blood – brain barrier, so it has an effect?

Do they even know that there’s blood – brain barrier.

There’s one term that needs to be stressed a lot – bioavailability.

Bioavailability is the proportion of a drug or other substance which enters the circulation when introduced into the body and so is able to have an active effect – Bioavailability.

It’s nice to have a certain potency in a bottle – but can you really put it all in your body?

Most probably not.

Some bioavailability’s of CBD products:

CBD ProductsBioavailability
Vaping / Smoking CBD31%
CBD Oil 6-21%
Edibles 15%
Topicals (CBD Creams)60%

There is some research with promising results that some pharma – level CBD might bring even 90% bioavailability when ingesting orally. (Pubmed)

This would be high – class bioengineered pharma grade CBD.

But, from this table we can see that Topicals, so CBD creams are winning the game of bioavailibity.

So, in order words with CBD creams you are getting the most music for your money.

Because after all you are buying CBD aren’t you?

Do you want to see CBD daily intensive cream right there? Check this out!

CBD daily intensive cream may reduce muscle soreness

Bad -ass athletes use it

Topical CBD may also be a boon for hard-training athletes.


Because its potential anti-inflammatory properties make it great for those who want to train/recover/repeat.

Ever heard the phrase, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?” It might be kind of cliche…but when it comes to athletics, it’s true. 

Working out is actually a type of stress — the science world calls it eustress — that has all sorts of health benefits at the right dose. Keywords being ‘right dose.’ Working out more than your body can handle isn’t healthy at all! 

But topical CBD, by reducing muscle soreness and improving recovery times, could help you find your athletic sweet spot that little bit easier.

CBD is now being used for pro athletes from virtually every sport, from MMA to golfing to endurance sports like running and cycling. Strongman Eddie Hall has called CBD a “secret weapon” when it comes to athletic recovery. 

Not just sports make you sore though

The topic is not just about athletes of course.

We were made for living in savannas – running and walking around long – distances.

Our 21st century days are spent most of behind blue – light producing screens, sitting and soaring our muscles.

It’s absolutely mandatory for us all to be stretching at least these days. Otherwise, our backbones are going to perish.

Use a premium CBD topical for yourself, and you’ll probably see why!

CBD cream can be a great complementary product to daily stretching.

Place CBD directly onto sore muscles and feel the difference as it begins to soak into those muscles’ endocannabinoid receptors. Many people experience  It’s easy, in fact, to dose CBD creams entirely by feel.

If you’re not experiencing enough pain relief after an hour or two, just apply more CBD!

Don’t expect miracles though, but pain alleviation?

Oh, yeah!

It’s at least 10% better baby, no doubt about it!

CBD Cream massage

We wrote about how we think CBD daily intensive cream is a new hit in massage industry.

This potential has not been tapped fully yet, but the potential is vast.

Massage is to a large part about setup to release tension and blocked energy.

CBD cream has a great potential for that in conjunction with the art of massage therapy.

There’s a huge potential of CBD cream in erotic industry. Not so much in sex industry, but in erotic industry.

We wrote about it in this CBD tantra article.

CBD Massage – a perfect way to stop a little

If you are living on your top, you need to find ways to relax and slow down a bit.

 Otherwise your body will lock and you become stiff.

It’s a lifestyle phenomena. Our health is most of all information. 

When you hassle that’s fine, but if you stop listening to your body, it will lock down and will cause problems. 

I know what I am talking about. Working endless hours in front of a computer or working out in a gym. Not listening to my body to slow down a bit. 

And there you have it – muscle spasms. 

 Maybe, the best answer to this is to slow down a little. 

Adjust your lifestyle. 

Fix it. 

To fix it you can use this thing immediately. 

CBD muscle rub. 

Use it for your loved ones or let them give it to yourself (within more intimate interconnections). 

Or give it to your masseur to try this out. 

We believe you won’t be disappointed. 

This can only help your well -being

Conclusion – Not only CBD cream benefits 

The benefits might be a little bit different for everybody, because it depends on context.

And people should not overestimate CBD as well.

CBD is not a viagra.

A drug synthesized for immediate applicability.

It’s gift of a nature, that works, but it’s more of a lifestyle thing.

Many times it shows up after a longer time – maybe in reduced inflammation or loose muscles.

From my journal the CBD benefits (subjective):

  • CBD helps not be so reactive in discussions. This can be tremendously helpful when you need to talk about important things with your spouse.
  • My mind is not racing that much. 
  • It helps me to work. It does not kill my productivity. I smoke it just to keep me entertained and it kills a little bit of anxiety. I believe a person does not identify that much with things when taking CBD
  • It helps me focus better. It’s a minor distraction. If you are smoking CBD, you can smoke it inside, just in front of your laptop. It’s not taking you away from your work. And every hit just gets you back to your work  – be it writing or coding in my case.
  • Oil, smoke, whatever. Usually, the products are packed with good smelling additives or terpenes – they complement your productivity environment.
  • I noticed that my sleep is deeper and I feel more refreshed. 
  • I think it influences sex. Sex on the pot may be great. With CBD there’s no intoxicating during the sex, but the good focus prevails. Hard to explain, try it yourself 🙂 

CBD creams might be one of the top application out there until bioavailability won’t increase in orally administered products.

But, even then – topical CBD cream administration directly on sored muscles for the purpose of relaxation will have its place.

It’s time that we take care not only of our productivity, but also the well – being.

Check out CBD shop for top CBD products – Creams and no – creams

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