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CBD Gummies for Sleep: 8 Things You Should Know

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CBD gummies for sleep, how convenient is that?

When it comes to feeling your best, there’s one thing that matters way more than your diet or workout schedule. 

(And no, it’s actually not CBD.)

What’s this one thing? Your sleep habits. Poor sleep can lead to weight gain, chronic inflammation, and premature aging. Not good! 

Here’s how CBD gummies could help. 

  • CBD Gummies are convenient.
  • They are easy to dose
  • CBD gummies may help you destress
  • It is probable they promote gut health
  • CBD gummies may help you fall asleep fast….
  • …and wake up feeling refreshed!
  • CBD gummies are affordable

cbd gummies for sleep

CBD gummies are convenient

One of the best things about using CBD gummies — whether for sleep, pain, or anything else — is their convenience. 

Just like those Flinstone gummies you used to love as a kid, CBD gummies can be taken while on the go. You can bring them to work with you, bring them on trips, or bring them to your in-laws in order to get through those awkward social situations. 

Unlike CBD oils, which can get a little messy and shouldn’t be exposed to much heat, CBD gummies can be taken anywhere.

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CBD gummies are easy to dose

CBD gummies are also easy to dose. Why? Because each gummy contains a standard amount of CBD. These Nighttime CBD Gummies, for example, contain exactly 30 milligrams of CBD each. 

Meeting your endocannabinoid system’s daily needs is as easy as taking a single gummy per day — you can set it and forget it. With CBD gummies there’s no need to do any measuring or calculating, unlike some other delivery methods.

CBD to destress

CBD gummies may help you destress

CBD gummies, like virtually every type of CBD, are simply great for reducing stress. 

Why? Because they promote more efficient energy production. CBD gummies may even help your body produce fewer stress hormones — stress hormones that would otherwise be detrimental to your sleep. 

The clinical research is just beginning to back this concept up. A 2019 study found that CBD helped patients sleep better primarily by reducing their anxiety. 

If you’ve relied on an evening beer or three to unwind in the past, CBD might be a better option. It may actually reduce stress, instead of just blunting it…and it’s hangover-free. 

CBD gummies may be good for gut health

Did you know that CBD is both an inflammation-fighter and an antioxidant?

This dual benefit seems to begin with gut health. CBD is one of nature’s best substances when it comes to optimizes gut health — and CBD gummies are one of the best types of CBD for addressing intestinal inflammation. 

What does this have to do with sleep? A lot, actually. Poor sleep can hurt your gut microbiome very quickly, in turn creating a vicious cycle of even poorer sleep and even poorer gut health. CBD could reverse this cycle by promoting a healthy microbiome and helping you fall asleep fast.

These are the best CBD gummies for sleep we could find

CBD gummies help you fall asleep fast…

Speaking of falling asleep fast, CBD gummies could help. 

How? It’s a little complex, but here goes: research has shown that the endocannabinoid system CBD activates is actually tied to sunlight patterns. A healthy ECS, in other words, can help you stay awake during the day and become pleasantly sleepy at night

If you’re experiencing anything other than this, it could be because your endocannabinoid system is out of whack.

And if it’s out of whack, taking CBD is one of the best things you can do to help. You might even try CBD gummies infused with melatonin for an extra sleep-promoting punch. 

…sleep deeply and soundly throughout the whole night…

Do you have trouble with staying asleep throughout the night? If so, you’re not alone. 

The good news is that this issue could be easily fixable. It’s usually caused by the same stress hormones we mentioned earlier. By taking CBD gummies you can stabilize your cortisol levels the natural way — and stay asleep longer.

…and wake up feeling refreshed!

Maybe the best thing about sleeping well is what it leads to: waking up feeling refreshed. 

Many people who take CBD gummies report sleeping better than they have in years, which in turn leads to all sorts of unexpected benefits! You might wake up earlier, require less coffee to get going, or have a more productive morning routine. 

Part of the circadian signaling process that CBD may help with involves being awake and alert in the morning. As you take CBD and your circadian rhythm becomes normalized, don’t be surprised if this happens to you! 

CBD gummies are affordable

Last, but definitely not least, is another practical benefit: CBD gummies are affordable. They place better sleep into almost anyone’s reach. 

Instead of buying a new mattress (pricey), seeing a sleep medicine specialist (pricey), or ordering a slew of blood tests (also pricey), just try CBD! 

We’re not saying to not go these other routes — it’s just that CBD gummies offer a truly holistic sleep solution at a truly unbeatable price. Buy in bulk via our Pure Relief Night Bundle to save even more.  

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