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CBD Massage is definitely something you should try

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CBD Massage – what the hell?

Lately, I’ve been intrigued by CBD Massage. Because CBD makes you feel alright.

It won’t get you high, because it is tackling different endocannabinoid receptors than more famous sibling THC – the dope.

 CBD does not affect CB1 endocannabinoid receptors. 

That’s the receptor that is connected to the brain’s reward system and it is proven that it is affecting pre – frontal cortex. 

THC does this, but CBD does not.   

CBD does affect other endocannabinoid receptors we have all over the body. 

CBD has a great potential to provide instant relief for muscle spasms. And in that case CBD massage can be a new hit. 

Cbd Massage 1024x681, Inex Life

CBD massage is a new buzz 

We know all kinds of massages, because creating marketing driven derivatives is endless

Massage by definition is the rubbing and kneading of muscles and joints of the body with the hands, especially to relieve tension or pain.

All kinds of great concepts are involved around it – muscle relief, stress relief, releasing of energy, sexuality, present in the moment, bonding, rehabilitation. 

There’s absolutely no reason why we should not believe that we are made of energy. If we take Einstein’s paradigm for our world, Einstein teaches us that E = mc2. 

In another word matter is a form of energy. 

Giving or taking massage can teach a lot – check this dummies guide.

But, what about CBD? 

Cbd relaxes muscles that is why connection CBD massage is real  

CBD is different from THC

It does not influence the prefrontal cortex. 

If you want to know how does it feel like check this video

CBD does however influence many endocannabinoids in our bodies and the big potential is in muscle tension relief. 

When your muscles are relaxed you become relaxed. Or at least it will be a little bit better. 

This is understood by companies out there. And it’s becoming more visible.

Quantacbd has created a great muscle relief product.

It’s not just CBD, but it is CBD as well. 

It smells great. 

And it gets you some of that CBD into your system. 

It soothes your muscles after a workout or long days in front of the computer. 

CBD benefits

The benefits might be a little bit different for everybody, because it depends on context. 

Environment is the key, but I can see these benefits of CBD: 

  • CBD helps not be so reactive in discussions. This can be tremendously helpful when you need to talk over important things with your spouse.
  • My mind is not racing that much. 
  • It helps me to work. It does not kill my productivity. I smoke it just to keep me entertained and it kills a little bit of anxiety. I believe a person does not identify that much with things when taking CBD
  • It helps me focus better. It’s a minor distraction. If you are smoking CBD, you can smoke it inside, just in front of your laptop. It’s not taking you away from your work. And every hit just gets you back to your work  – be it writing or coding in my case.
  • Oil, smoke, whatever. Usually the products are packed with good smelling additives or terpenes – they complement your productive environment.
  • I noticed that my sleep is deeper and I feel more refreshed. 
  • I think it influences sex. Sex on the pot may be great. With CBD there’s no intoxicating during the sex, but the good focus prevails. Hard to explain, try it yourself 🙂 

If you look at this list you see – tranquility, soothing, reduction of inflammation, enhanced consciousness, and CBD is definitely sexy. And this leads me…

Tantra CBD massage

Tantra massage and CBD seems like a perfect connection. This kind of CBD massage intrigues me. I believe this could be a lot of service to people.

Sexual energy released during this massage amplified by benefits from CBD could help tremendously. 

Just imagine how much stress could be wiped out, if this was happening in your life regularly? 

Check this video out 

Released endorphins combined with stimulus of endocannabinoid receptors coming from CBD could enhance your life. 

The time stops when you are getting this tantra massage properly.

The tension from your muscles disappear.  

Your cardiovascular system is improved. Reduced stress. 

Sex drive and libido enhanced. 

Your might sleep better because of CBD and lower stress. 

And one of the greatest things – bonding. 

CBD Massage and particularly interesting tantra CBD massage looks like a perfect way how to keep your relationships on fire

Give it a shot!

Try this wonderful CBD muscle relief rub and google some tantra techniques 🙂  

Looks like a great combination to surprise your lover. 

cbd massage feels great

CBD Massage – a perfect way to stop a little

If you are living on your top, you need to find ways to relax and slow down a bit.

 Otherwise your body will lock and you become stiff.

It’s a lifestyle phenomena. Our health is most of all information. 

When you hassle that’s fine, but if you stop listening to your body, it will lock down and will cause problems. 

I know what I am talking about. Working endless hours in front of a computer or working out in a gym. Not listening to my body to slow down a bit. 

And there you have it – muscle spasms. 

 Maybe, the best answer to this is to slow down a little. 

Adjust your lifestyle. 

Fix it. 

To fix it you can use this thing immediately. 

CBD muscle rub. 

Use it for your loved ones or let them give it to yourself (within more intimate interconnections). 

Or give it to your masseur to try this out. 

We believe you won’t be disappointed. 

This can only help your cause. 

Go on and try CBD muscle rubs for some relief now!

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