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CBD Pre-Rolls — Everything You Need to Know

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We’re talking about CBD pre-rolls.

Move over, CBD oil: there’s a powerful new way to take CBD in town.

Just one experience with a pre-roll would probably be enough to convince you of their superiority to ‘regular’ CBD. Until that happens, though, this article is your next best bet. 

In it we’ll be looking at what CBD pre-rolls are, what they do, and how you might be able to use them in your own life. Enjoy!

You will learn:

  • What is CBD Hemp Flower?
    • CBD Flower 101
    • How CBD Flower Is Used
  • CBD Pre-Rolls and Joints
    • CBD Pre-Rolls vs Joints
  • How to Find the Best CBD Pre-Rolls
    • Quality over Quantity

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What is CBD Hemp Flower?

CBD hemp flower, or CBD-rich hemp flower, forms the foundation of any premium CBD pre-roll. 

CBD hemp flower is the raw cannabis buds from any cannabis plant containing less than 0.3% THC. Cannabis plants that match this qualification are legally classified as “industrial hemp” — thus the whole ‘hemp flower’ name.  And industrial hemp can be enjoyed by almost anyone

Simple enough, right? Sort of. Before you start thinking that this is the same CBD hemp flower that goes into making CBD oil, let us explain…

CBD Flower 101

The hemp plant provides several different industries with different products. Hemp-derived fiber can be used to make clothing, rope, and even batteries. Hemp seeds can be used to make protein-packed food products or nutritious oils. And hemp’s flowering tops can be enjoyed directly or used to make CBD oil. 

The hemp flower that makes it into CBD pre-rolls, though, is totally different than the stuff used to make CBD oil. Most CBD oil manufacturers actually use hemp’s biomass — stalks, stems, and other B-grade stuff — to make their products. 
In other words, the hemp you’ll find in a CBD pre-roll will almost always be of higher quality than the hemp you’ll find in other types of CBD products.

How CBD Hemp Flower Is Used

How Hemp Flower Is Used for CBD pre-rolls

CBD hemp flower can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. You can cook with it, vape with it, or even extract it (don’t try this unless you know a little bit of chemistry). 

But the very most popular way to use CBD hemp flower is also the simplest one: smoking

If you think about it, CBD hemp flower offers both cannabis and ‘conventional’ CBD users the best of both worlds. It provides the therapeutic qualities of cannabis…without all the psychoactive side effects. Many users say that CBD pre-rolls have benefitted their sleep, mood, and energy levels. Some people go so far as to view CBD pre-rolls as an underrated nootropic

CBD Pre-Rolls and Joints

A CBD pre-roll is exactly what you’d think it is: a pre-rolled joint made with CBD hemp flower, instead of cannabis. 

Smokable` CBD pre-rolls are becoming a very popular way to ingest CBD. Why? Because the CBD is quickly delivered into your bloodstream through the lungs, delivering beneficial effects faster than anything else.

These are probably the best pre – rolls on the market

Pre-rolls vs Joints

CBD pre-rolls and CBD joints have a lot in common. Both products, in fact, require just two ingredients: hemp flower and rolling paper. 

The only difference? Joints are homemade and handmade. You can put as much or as little hemp flower in a CBD joint as you want to, while most pre-rolls come standardized with about half a gram of hemp flower each.

How to Find the Best CBD Pre-Rolls

Like other CBD products, not all CBD pre-rolls are created equal. Stay away from pre-rolls made from the type of biomass we mentioned earlier! 

Quality over Quantity

It’s true — the quality of your CBD product is probably more important than how much of it you actually take. Microdosing with premium CBD, for example, is probably a better option than taking large amounts of something you found at the local gas station. 

How can you distinguish quality pre-rolls from not-so-quality ones? Here are some things to look for: 

  • Organic status
  • American-grown
  • Lab-tested 

Organic status

One of the most important things to look for in a CBD pre-roll? 

Certified organic status. Most hemp flower isn’t yet certified organic, which means that brands that do get certified are truly committed to going the extra mile. 


Opting for American-grown hemp is also important. 

Why? Because it means a brand has oversight — control over — their products. The closer a CBD pre-roll brand can get to vertical integration, the better   


When it comes to quality pre-rolls, the proof is in the pudding…which in this case is lab-testing. Avoid any CBD pre-rolls that don’t come with some type of lab testing! 

At the very minimum, brands should provide cannabinoid tests that prove their products are full spectrum and contain less than 0.3% THC. This ensures the products are actually legal…and incapable of getting you ‘high.’

Bonus points for CBD pre-rolls that test for mold, mycotoxins, trace cannabinoids (think CBG), or terpenes, too. 

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