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How to get the most of your concept map of knowledge

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Everybody’s got some sort of concept map of knowledge. Knowledge is something that is acquired through the years and it is something that forms a whole propositional system.

Joseph D. Novak understands knowledge as something that is made of

  • concepts  – symbol, whether graphical or vocational, wordy.
  • Propositions – in another word set of relationships between concepts.

A concept by itself does not necessarily communicate a clear, unambiguous, meaning. If somebody states “chair”, what is the person communicating?

Propositions are statements about some object or event in the universe (a concept), either naturally occurring or constructed. Propositions contain two or more concepts connected using linking words or phrases to form a meaningful statement.

For instance “Life is about learning.”

This comes from a deep experience that is made of different concepts. Life is a broad concept in itself, but it goes wonderfully together with the concept of learning or human learning as it is an entity that is dynamic.

This is a fantastic resource to understand Joseph Novak’s concept mapping theory


Concept map of knowledge


You can see this nice academician explain knowledge in this video



Even if you are a ghetto-raised homie, who has seemingly no chance to fit into the fast – pacing world, you do have a knowledge that is be usable in relationship to other knowledge that you can acquire in the future, so you can cash it in to lead an abundant life.

After all, you would have something that is tremendously valuable – street smarts, social skills, adaptivity.


Concept map of knowledge


We have heard about mind maps, knowledge maps and now comes concept map of knowledge. To be honest, there’s not much of a difference between a mind map and a concept map of knowledge.

Probably the biggest difference is that when you write a mind map you tend to go from center to periphery whereas when you draw a concept map of knowledge you do that in a hierarchical fashion.

I am going to paste a video how one girl draws a concept map of knowledge, so don’t worry.

Our understanding system might be constructed in patterns that resemble a hierarchy or a hierarchical system. If you think of it, no memories are born equal. Some are stored much easier than others because they are affiliated with the existing inherited or learned memory patterns.

This for longer, but…

The true value in perceiving the knowledge hierarchically is that one can focus on the big goal of learning.

What am I trying to learn? What am I trying to understand here?

See, the focus is the key!



Why Bother?

The master of your education

To get it short right away concept map of knowledge brings you visually closer to what knowledge you possess and what you need to acquire. The goal is to link it to the big desires you have in life.

You have the visuals always in front you to see for yourself where you are and where are you heading.

But, let me a bit broader…

You first decide who you are, then you learn accordingly.

Education is the key to your success & happiness.

I often imagine what would it be like if the education system was taken out the control of formal institutions. I guess it’d be necessary to have no political system at all – an anarchy. Yet, there’s also a slim chance that such system or no – system actually would prosper on an individual level.

What if the people were more conscious about their life and education?

Andy Warhol said that People need to be made more aware of the need to work at learning how to live because life is so quick and sometimes it goes away too quickly. (Brainyquote)

Living under the terms of someone else is just nonsense. And one of the greatest expressions of this culture of autopilot – when someone tells you how to live and think is enrooted in the education system.

Yet, I am not an anarchist and I am not saying to burn the schools. I see the help in adult – education.

Some, when they finally get out of the system of schooling feel like – ” I am not doing this ever again!”

And the truth is that you don’t have to!

But, that’s not the same as learning. Learning is different than going to school!

Learning is about acquiring the knowledge and experiences, using them to make money and to enhance your characteristics for an abundant life.

That’s the main point.

Learning can be innovative, fun,  searching for different ways and hacks.


concept map of knowledge

Information is not a knowledge


Clearly, the information is just pieces of bits that you can download from vast sources. The information itself is not of big value. What gives value to information is organizing it into an existing concept map of knowledge.

Knowledge consists of information, but it’s lived information.

Information is like recipe how to cook a dinner.

Knowledge is the action itself. It’s getting your kitchen messy, cutting the meat and etc. It’s an applied information that has shown some patterns or regularities that come from that action. In time there’s more information coming to a place that influences the structure of your knowledge – you read better recipe books.


concept map of knowledge


The concept map of knowledge should be integrated into your education

Your CV redesigned

Most employers are going to hire you because you have the knowledge that could help them succeed to fulfill their deliverables.

They can’t hire all the knowledge, the action that does the job, on DVDs or robots. A lot of things are changing with automation and AI, but yet, not all the knowledge is able to be replaced yet.

Instead of plain all good Curriculum vitae papers you could deliver your potential employer a concept map of knowledge.

On the top, you could place the main focus of the job and the deliverables it has to fulfill.

And then you list the concepts of acquired skills linked with short propositional statements. You must link them with concrete experiences you have acquired in previous jobs or routines you had and think of why this acquired pattern could be of significance to the job you are interviewing for.

I think this could be something that your potential new employer might take as interesting.

But, in the end, more important than to stand out above other candidates for a job is to really see for yourself what kind of knowledge you have, what is the link in between them and what would be sound to acquire.

This is how the concept map of knowledge is structured

concept map of knowledge

Benefits of such an approach

Making your concept maps of knowledge bring you closer to what is really important – that is learning about your life because that is short, right?

Concept mapping forces you to identify connections, and get serious with them, then traditional approaches such as reading or writing about a concept. After all human retention and comprehension are really about building up connections.

You see that through masterpiece memorization techniques. What memory palace masters do, is that they actually build more associations, more connections, more links to the, well concepts.

No, wonder that you remember where you put your keys better when you link them to an exact place that resembles already existing memories.  For instance, you remember from a memory palace technique that your black fuzzy cat has always crawled on the couch – that’s a strong memory.  When you then decide to put your keys on that coach and link it to an old memory of cat crawling on the dusty, green – leathered couch, there’s immediately the connections of the couch – cat – keys. That’s how memorization is done.

The concept mapping is not that far away from it since it’s linking propositions with different concepts and vice versa. It’s the network. but in the end, you should have your fundamentals right to proceed to smaller branches.

With concept mapping, you focus visually on finding relationships between different concepts and their propositional statements. Doing that can tell you more about yourself, what you already know.


Getting started with concept mapping

We highly recommend using official cmap software for building a concept map of knowledge. That program is FREE, intuitive and not complex too much to get you started right away.

Anyway, that is my concept map of knowledge for becoming a great CEO of IT company. It’s not all complete, but that’s the point. It’s a living document, makes you think about you and your future.  Gives you the visuals to stick in front of your eyes and makes you think about it.


concept map of knowledge


Get the education into your hands! Become an architect of it! Learn or die!

Access the course!

binaural waves for studying



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