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conscious entrepreneur

Conscious entrepreneur

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If you ever thought of becoming an entrepreneur, become a conscious entrepreneur. We will look at both of these terms – conscious entrepreneur.

But, if you ever thought of becoming one, do it! The world needs you. Get into the deeper level of consciousness by meditating yourself into the alpha level and listen to this.

I have always known that there is some entrepreneurship involved in me. As a kid, I did not know what that word meant, but instinctively I knew that I do not want to do the whole thing by myself, but to leverage capacities in order to accomplish goals.

My dad once told me, that his long-lasting dream job was to become a truck driver. I thought that it was cool, but the thought of owning multiple “dads in the truck” intrigued me. I wanted to have the business, not just a job.

An entrepreneur is someone different than the businessman. In the contemporary world, these terms are used as synonyms, but they are not.

Entrepreneur vs businessman

Both of them have something in common. They build a system around the job. It’s not doing the job itself only.

So, if you are a successful entrepreneur or a businessman, you are building a legacy. One day you decide to leave your business to retire and you still get dividends, shares, easier, money from your business.  It’s harder than getting and working in a job, but this is that a job can’t provide. Once you lose your job, you will lose your income.

However, the word entrepreneur means something different. It means the creation of something new based on a problem solved. Entrepreneurs are problem solvers, who bring a different angle on how we look on things.  The term entrepreneurship is a term of creativity. Creativity is connecting of many things to bifurcate the new ones.

Entrepreneurship is powered by first principle learning that undermines the analogy and status quo.

It is bound to learning that is necessarily goal oriented.

Start goal-oriented learning with us, by clicking on this course. Resizeimage 2 272x300, Inex Life


The term entrepreneur is not necessarily bound to mean a person who starts a business and is willing to risk loss in order to make money. Instead, it is someone who starts an endeavor or a person who undertakes any kind of activity.

To make money is not the primary motivation, although money is the energy and it is of course of great importance.

More and more people are becoming entrepreneurs with a primary motivation to change things that are clearly messed up. That’s their motivation.

And the world will need entrepreneurs. Even communist China says she will need entrepreneurs.

The world will de – globalize to a certain level. It won’t de – globalize completely, there will be two directions, not just globalization direction.

Deglobalization vs globalization and why entrepreneurship there plays a crucial part you can read here:

Why is entrepreneur the job of the future and what this means to education

Being Conscious


Being conscious means that you are not a slave to your thoughts or emotions. In time you can build a space between you – the consciousness and your thoughts. So, this is basically you:

Consciousness(that everything you consider as a reality is a possibility) – the space (time) – endless streams of thoughts.

So, you step up. You are able to watch yourself and watch others without getting disoriented. And after some time you understand that you are a master of your thoughts and therefore a master of your destiny.

Your thoughts are the ancient river. It’s never-ending stream, a very powerful one that can and will materialize. It just needs a lot of transfer energy to materialize. But, it is a building block of this universe – material or conceptual, all is one.

It’s a heck of a responsibility to maintain this knowledge. It’s a hard work. Even masters can sink into the veil of ignorance and misunderstanding pretty quickly.

I believe this is the core responsibility of – to remind you this responsibility.

conscious entrepreneur

Conscious Entrepreneur

Become a conscious entrepreneur. Now, that we know what do both words mean, we can picture who the conscious entrepreneur is. Of course, you might have heard that 1 + 1 is not equal 2, but 3, because of the holistic approach – Holism is the idea that systems and their properties should be viewed as wholes, not just as a collection of parts.

A conscious entrepreneur is an entrepreneur who does not create businesses just for selfish purposes, but she or he wants to honestly fix things. It’s not a cliche that this world does not have to be just egocentric and selfish. A human being has this irresistible longing of belonging to higher collective meaning – we all, as individuals, should enrich our communities and societies. We will all do it differently, in our own way. If you just find your own way to tranquility, that’s just enough, because you can spread the consciousness of tranquility to your loved ones and people around. That’s noble.

But, in every society, there are problems, whether this society is rich or poor.

If you feel like you need to come up with a solution, then do it!

Your motivation should be of a higher purpose than to enrich yourself – simply how to get rich scheme.

It may be hard, but it’s for your own good. You will grow this way!

Nobody feels sorry to act for his own good. It is, however, necessary to act in accordance with the higher purpose, nature, the God (call it whatever you want). Have no pity to put an effort to act in your favor by helping others.

Conscious entrepreneur – examples

The conscious entrepreneur was  Lee Byung-chul

It is this guy, the founder of Samsung

conscious entrepreneur

He built one of the most amazing companies in the World – three starts – Samsung. Did you know that Samsung started as an import-export company and was once an even a candy company? These high – tech electronic devices were once something like sci-fi for this company. But, Lee Byung-chul vision was to be constantly transforming the company to suit the needs of its nation.

His philosophy was a contribution to the nation.

Economical Contribution to the Nation

Ho-Am’s philosophy in management is “Economical contribution to the nation.” This means it’s a duty of a business to provide a service for the nation, people, and mankind. Byung-Chul Lee firmly believed that a corporation must have root at the nation, and thus, must do what it can in contributing to the nation. Therefore, Samsung co. has always put the priority in national interests and peoples’ welfare. More here

More about this great man you can see in this presentation

Another one, who is almost forgotten now is Tomas Bata

Why is entrepreneur the job of the future and what this means to education

Tomas Bata was the greatest shoemaker who ever lived. He took some Taylorism and Fordism in his own eclectic manner and built an awesome company holding his name.

Bata created an entrepreneurial culture in his company. His employees were raised to behave like entrepreneurs, not like regular employees. They were made accountable for the financial stance of their department. His employees were taking ownership. In good times they were rewarded much better than competitive companies – and they were urged to create financial reserves. In bad times, they were also accountable for losses, but that’s why they had financial reserves, right? That’s life!

I could write a whole article about Tomas Bata. But, here I want to tell this, that he was not just moneymaker, but he built towns and new communities. He cared for people, maybe sometimes even too much, for standards of 21st century anyway.

Who, of contemporary entrepreneurs, has built a new town?

I think this speaks for everything

conscious entrepreneur




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