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Coronavirus Isolation can help you build good habits

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We’re living interesting times when you have to go to a grocery store dressed up like that  – But you know with a Coronavirus pandemic, this is, these are our days. So, what can you do? 

Watch the youtube video instead…

I mean seriously, what the hell man. All right, let’s talk about something positive though. And, really, these times bring a lot of opportunities as well. Because what we get is a lot of self – isolation during the coronavirus pandemic. And that’s the time when we have an opportunity to reflect and maybe start great habits that can move you forward and make you even stronger when all this madness is gone. So, let’s check this video… 

So, the Coronavirus pandemic has changed our contemporary days significantly. We are supposed to self – isolate, if possible only to telework – we work from home; We should wear face masks, no public meetings are allowed, no sports events, no movie theaters and etc. Go outside only when you need to buy absolutely necessary stuff like groceries and medicine. 

I think we all hope so this all is gone soon. But, who knows how long this regime of being cautious might persist.

coronavirus isolation

But, let’s think positively… 

Coronavirus isolation – an opportunity

This coronavirus caused self – isolation  and that might be actually good for us.

I mean, when you have time to really stay at home within four walls and have time to think about yourself really? 

Most of the time you’re busy – travel to work, the terrible commute, picking up kids from schools or kindergarten, then there are hobbies, social media, gym and etc. 

Many things get temporarily closed from your life and you don’t really have to care much about social media, cuz it’s all about coronavirus pandemic news. 

We’re destined to 2 – 3 weeks of self – isolation or at least some limited regime. Obviously our lives are determined largely by our choices. Your home time you can subscribe to Netflix and pretty much use this “Corona vacation” for checking out their high rated series. Or you can focus on yourself and your development. You know what we vote for…

Let’s use it productively and maybe start to build good habits that could help to come out of this madness stronger than ever! 

We believe that staying at home might reveal these patterns that may be transferred to positive habits: 

Tips for coronavirus isolation

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Staying out of hoax, misleading information 

There’s a huge amount of hoax news and news that just wants to grab your attention no matter what – even if they are not presenting facts. We believe that’s the good habit always – to build a space between information and you and leave it some time to evaluate. Nowadays, everybody has tools to spread information – good or bad. 

And bad extravagant misleading and sometimes primitive information just spreads like germs.  Seek information from someone who has a reputable history behind him – it’s even better if he or she has skin in a game – you know it’s clearly known that if this expert misleads something his 20 years of reputation could fall like a domino. You can find reputable information in most medical journals, institutions like WHO, NHS and the likes 

Use this time for learning

The best way how you can use your time is through learning.  Learn something that can make you bring more value to your work or enhance you as a better person. 

There are literally tons of courses you can easily subscribe to and go through them each day. Set in our habit tracker app that you can download from the link in this video’s description.  

At IneX.Life we refer to courses we would take ourselves. In contemporary days it does not matter that much if you are attending a seminar or working through an online course. The important thing is that you are acquiring knowledge that can either build better personal characteristics or that can earn you more money. Inex.Life is the place where education to do stuff is most welcome. We have free courses and we have courses that our partners provide. Learning is a habit that you should track daily. Seriously, download the habit tracker app and learn at least an hour a day every day! 

Boost your Immunity

From what we know so far the most endangered group by coronavirus are people with immune deficiency – people with low immunity and overall health. Strong individuals with good immunity have a very good probability that they will recover from Coronavirus. Your best strategy is logically to take actions and habits that will strengthen your immune system

How to do so? 

  • Get a good night’s sleep. 
  • Stop or at least reduce smoking and drinking alcohol. 
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and 
  • Breath & meditate to become more conscious and avoid stress
  • Keep good levels of hygiene, wash your hands
  • Exercise regularly – workout at home with your body way or calisthenics. Coronavirus does not survive on metal for too long. Still, you could sanitize street bars before a workout. 
  • Go for walks but not to the city but into the forest. There are studies that being in a forest for 2 hours can help to boost your immune system. 
  • Some supplements can help boost your immunity

The good option with supplements would be to eat plenty of Omega 3 acids and mushrooms that can help your immunity. CBD might be a good option too as it can significantly improve your balance, homeostasis – the regulation between excitatory and inhibitory processes. But, do not believe the hoax that CBD can defeat corona that is simply not true. It can, however, lower the levels of oxidative stress and help psychological stress in general. So, when you have a tendency to armor yourself with some gears in these times, CBD might be a good option. Just do not overestimate it like a lot of people do these days.  

In coronavirus isolation, you will know how people around you are important 

Thanks to social media we have all kinds of chat apps even on a home curfew we do not feel as isolated as before. You can chat, skype with people, share funny content. But, until now we do not have a technology that would adequately substitute genuine human contact. Maybe, this is a time to build a true awareness that we are all part of a larger social community and that we are meant to live together. 

If you happen to be self – isolated make a list with goals who you are going to meet and “catch up” when this pandemic is over. If you are home isolated with your family, use this time to genuinely spend it together  – play games, read books to your kids, talk, talk and talk more, cook together, eat together, make plans together. Be grateful for this time – be thankful for this togetherness. Build a habit to “catch up” with friends and family regularly. Consider them as flowers. If you do not water your relationships regularly they are drying out. Yeah, some might need more water than the others, still, you know where we are getting…

Do Productive Stuff that you did not have time to do 

Start a journal, clean your basement, organize your finances, meditate, visualize. Download our EPM book to build up strong thinking patterns for your enhancement in health, your personal money growth, and relationships. 

Download our Habit tracker app and set a habit that you do daily. They can be small – you do not have to start large right away. The important thing is consistency toward a habit and work on it daily. Come back stronger from coronavirus influenced self – isolation than ever

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