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Delta 8 – Rethinking smoking marijuana knowing Delta 8

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Delta 8, Delta 9, Delta 10…This is relatively new to us old smokers.

We knew just the dope or the reefer – getting high on Friday nights, feeling “special” as teenagers.

Pack a joint, smoke it, feeling high, and laugh the shit out.

The experience with smoking dope has been profound in my life.

After the years, I do not want to exaggerate it and I think I can look at it from a clearer perspective.

So, what has this experience brought to me, and what is its future, now when I am in my 30s? (I started to smoke when I was 15)

Smoking Delta 8 Thc 1024x683, Inex Life
This is a profound experience in my life, let’s not lie it’s not…so, maybe it’s time to reflect.

The experience of smoking cannabis

15 years old, almost 20 years ago there were no such things for us as Delta 8, 9, or Delta 10 THC.

There was just THC, which for some reason we called coffee – but there are a lot of names for that.

15 years old growing up I had issues. They are not so easy to camouflage as a teenager as if you are in your 30s.

There was social anxiety, inability to get to a conversation that would lead to an intimate relationship with a girl, some not-good-enough issues, and all that jazz.

I could write more about them more, but it feels just like a memory I can talk about freely, without any higher emotional attachments.

I believe that when you get your life together in your 30s that’s like – ok, I hated myself being a teenager, but it’s a waste of time to dwell in this.

Still, I think this is a normal teenage life – young people grow up and they find themselves in the middle, not being little kids anymore and not yet grown-ups either.

The point is – young people have these issues more frequently than let’s say 30-year-olds and I guess this is a natural thing.

It is probable that at this age of experimenting and figuring out, growing up I should say something like the reefer comes in your life and you just can’t resist it.

That special High feeling

I had relatively good grades and executed well on my school – chores. What else is a school for right?

Just some bunch of annoying home works that should prepare you for that self-discipline, for tasks, for chores. It’s not learning, but that’s another topic.

As the weekend was more apparent we could not help to get together, couple of guys and collect our pocket – money to get some budget together.

I think it was almost impossible not to know a guy with access to marijuana. I was rarely involved in getting the stuff myself for the group, but I always got some 5 bucks or so to the pile and it happened.

When the Friday came I could have not imagined it having it spent better than smoking the dope.

I do not remember days before we got driver’s permits when we started to drive around, but the plot must have been similar even then.

We got to a checkpoint, somebody from the group packed the joint and we moved it around in a circle.

And then usually burst into a laugh.

As the THC influences your motoric system and ability to speak eloquently – there are all kinds of funny distortions of language, you laugh your pants out of.

Anyway, it’s funny to write about it like that, but maybe you can relate to it – we were not “special” doing this.

Looking back at it, I am asking what it has given me?

All I wrote into my journal after years of using it was:

Ideas that feel great when high are stupid when sober, jokes when on it would result in no-grasping face in soberity. And, there’s a clear negative link to it…

Delta8 1024x709, Inex Life

This should be legal but we have to be cautious about it

Farm bill of 2018 United States did state that only Delta THC 9 (the reefer) is illegal and thanks to that Delta 8 or 10 stand in the so-called grey zone.

Delta 8 is legal for now, but the issue is going to be evolving.

There is a clear difference between Delta 8 and Delta 9 and we talked about this in this article.

The notion is clear that regulatory aims are getting plausible towards medical marijuana, its therapeutics as well as recreational effects.

We know that there is evidence that could lead to significant therapeutic effects of broad-spectrum cannabis, that is THC or CBD working hand in hand.

But, at the same time, even researchers show up caution when utilizing such assets – just like in this study.

Especially higher doses of THC.

There is just such a large evidence and testimonies and we have to take into account – ADHD, PTSD, social anxiety, depression, and even already mentioned “teenage traumas” cases – smoking high doses of THC can make things worse.

Of course, we have common sense arguments of too much of everything is probably not a good thing.

A glass of wine can help in mild depression or social anxiety. A bottle of wine just makes the whole thing worse.

The current regulatory trend towards opening things up, letting healing substances like CBD play their parts is just so much better than the 80s fight on drugs and making marijuana no.1 enemy of the state.

We think this is a good journey towards becoming mature in this topic.

The thing I am trying to say is that I believe that after the years of experience I am mature enough to write some knowledge around this, honestly to a great extent a divine plant.

Schizofrenia 1024x724, Inex Life

The friend with mild schizofrenia

I used to have a friend once – from my reefer teenage smoking days. From the days it was great to get stoned.

Just wasted and to laugh our pants off. To be sedated, smoking three joints, not being able to talk a whole sentence without a burst into a laugh.

This friend smoked regularly at least 5 times per week, I think he still does.

I do not know, just don’t have any contact with him.

But, this guy – imagine a guy, he was fat and greasy, most of the time he did not care of his appearance as he could wear the same shirt for a whole week.

That’s not what I wanted to share about him, but the fact that he was kind of a guy who would call you 5 -6x times per day just to connect with you through the phone.

Because he wanted to get high with you.

A Human mind is a mistery itself and it can develop all kinds of issues. And weed can make them more apparent. It’s not the cause it’s just catalyzator.

You saw that he was calling you on a phone, and you decided not to pick up because you were just in no mood for him.

Yet, it was almost certain that this guy would call you again because I guess he couldn’t have imagined anything else to do, than to just go a get the reefer.

The time when our roads separated, I guess it was natural since we had little in common except smoking weed, in my view he lost it.

It was the time when Facebook was coming up and extensive smoking of THC weed and staring at facebook’s screens made him come up with the most ridiculous stories ever.

He came up with stories that he will go and marry a famous singer or started his paranoias that all of his friends of whom a lot were guys who would’ve only helped him personally, were actually against him and plotted a conspiracy against him.

Then one afternoon being with him I discovered that there was no point in being with this person anymore. We could not even communicate anymore even on smoking weed level.

I am saying that I experienced it. The guys already with some psychological issues and complexes tend to have these issues and complexes amplified when smoking weed. In my opinion smoking weed is not the primary cause. If it were a cause then hardly would it be considered a remedy, which several decent studies conclude. THC can amplify these phenomenons more into the spotlight.

Too much THC just amplifies not cause psychological problems. Being cautious and managing it will give us more than simply restricting it and to declare war on it.

Delta THC 8 1024x682, Inex Life

Delta THC 8 vs. the Reefer

The negative link of THC or Delta THC 9 is obvious, I think.

It makes the unwanted psychological issues more prevalent and apparent.

THC is also a substance that is being overused by the kinds that grab it from the streets.

Undoubtedly, there are strains designed to do just this – to get you stoned.

I can say though, that It has its pleasant side of course – to get stoned.

What I can relate to is that it definitely helps your long-term memory lol.

On the other hand, it negatively impairs your short-term memory and I did not have to spend my time in labs to claim that.

I just can say when you’re stoned it’s very hard to use your RAM to associate computer short-term memory and use it adequately.

And if it becomes a habit then it must negatively impair it. What else are we, if not the sum of habits – actions and environment we undertake or live in every day?

After years, I think THC should be banned for teenagers and maybe for people younger than 21.

I think there’s too much teenage evolvement and too much figuring out to do to mess this substance into that.

Teenage life is complex on its own and if it’s messy THC might not help it.

On the other hand who am I to tell the general rule?

I really want to just share my own perspective on this after years, so maybe other people can reflect upon it and most of all reflect upon their own experience.

I do not want to sound that I am negative towards THC.

Actually, I am pretty positive about it and THC just belongs to this divine plant, it can’t be taken out.

Why I believe THC “high” is amazing

I believe that all God’s creations are great.

The problem of categorizing into “bad” and “good” piles is their utility.

In the bible, God forbids first people to eat apples from the gardens.

And they did anyway.

We people are just like that, if it’s forbidden, it’s almost positive it’s going to be broken by at least one person.

I do not believe that God meant this – to forbid and punish us.

If he meant to do that, he would have given us an exact manual on how to live, but instead, he gave us freedom of choice.

The real good and bad is in detail how to utilize the resources we have at our disposal.

Your greatest resource, your mind can be your biggest asset, but at the same time your biggest enemy.

It’s up to your learning, your decisions how do you choose to use this resource

I believe it’s the same thing with substances we got.

And the older I get, the more convinced I am that mild usage and utilization is the only key to prosperous outcomes.

Mild THC intake gets you deeper into the present moment.

Your senses get sharpened, your present gets stronger and life gets simpler, but mostly you are more aware.

More aware of the concepts and phenomena all around us that create this complex matrix called life.

It’s like – oh wait I am high – these things are…more detailed, more prevalent

Butter 6622629 1280 1024x682, Inex Life

Art, films, ideas, enhanced recreation, positivity…

The movies I watched under influence of THC I enjoyed like no other movies I watched so far.

Generally, art becomes just better to explore once the time is framed into the level of your being high.

All the time I am high I have these ideas – like the whole idea bomb explodes in my mind and I can’t stop that processor from making another one.

Of course, those ideas are not life-changing.

The next day I check them out, I just scratch them over and they are of no use in my sobriety.

But, at least I have them – it makes me feel alive. What is a human creature without ideas?

Almost any recreational or creative activity – here is experienced with an increased feeling of presence and dedication.

It helps creative work mostly in its idea-shaping phase.

I think the ideas you have – you can mold to such a detailed level that you would not in your sobriety.

On the other hand, execution gets harder. And it always has to be just a mild level of the substance in your body to help not to spoil the process.

Therefore I think milder Delta 8 can be a helper in creative work, because it’s, well milder than THC 9.

I love it cross-country, I love it when cooking, I love it when cleaning, I love it when sex, I love when playing with kids, I love it…

I love it in its many uses. The substance that makes you more present and if you use it wisely, it can improve that experience of being – Beingness.

Delta 8 vs Delta THC 9

Delta 8 is milder than Delta THC 9 (the Reefer) and therefore it may bring positive links to the substance while mitigating the bad linkage.

They have the same amount of atoms, but they are arranged differently in space.

That’s totally enough for a compound to have different properties or qualities.

The shape and the length of certain bonds say the bonds between atoms of carbon are crucial.

They are minerals in nature that are perfectly alike on a molecular level, yet they have different shapes and hey you have a different product.

It turns out that if you choose the right method you can make Delta THC 8 out of THC 9 as this study concludes. (Pubmed)

And one study conducted on rats has shown similar patterns of influencing behavior.

In this study, scientists have observed a significant increase in appetite levels in before food-deprived mice.

Doses, in fact very low of 0.001 mg/kg delta(8)-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) had detectable effects on food consumption, cognitive functions, and neurochemistry. (Pubmed2).

What is most interesting in this study is that Delta THC 8 has increased food appetite more significantly than Delta THC 9.

Furthermore, we can read from the studies Delta THC 8 has a slower onset of action but can last more in the system. (Pubmed3)

Now, all of these are rat studies.

Why we do not have more human volunteers to participate in human-based studies.

Come on you guys, you will get a free high, sign up for those studies!

Just kidding 🙂

There’s certainly a need for a human study in this matter, but you know it’s always hard with those things…

Delta 8 conclusion

The one thing is clear – I’ve been there, done it!

Delta 8 is milder and therefore not getting you stoned – you would have to again, just freaking be spoiling it.

But, even then it’s milder and not meant to get you freaking stoned.

And that is what I like about it, for real!

I think it can be a link between science and recreational usage.

For science that its negative effects are not so wild and for recreational effects for us active people who don’t want to just get stoned and lay on a couch all day.

We want to do shit – have active to-do lists, execute on them, deliver upon our chores, and be positively tuned throughout the days.

We can’t take social anxiety – ok, that’s the large part of maturing up. I do not have the same thing now in my 30s as I had when I was a teenager, but it also depends on the substance.

Mild Delta 8 with terpenes can actually make a better conversationist than without it.

Let’s grow up in its usage

We want to feel all the great assets of the substance we felt when we had THC kicked in, but side effects are there, just can’t deny it. Let’s work it for the benefits. This should enhance life not make it worse!

I believe that mild utilization of Delta 8 or any other derivative of THC even 9 can be if taken responsibly used for enhancement of people.

I believe that the pros of the substance even THC9 surpass the cons.

But, at least we should not kid ourselves that there are no side effects.

Mitigating those and managing them and focusing on the good stuff – open communication.

That can be a basis of a new relationship and management of usage of the substance.

Kids and teenagers should be openly talked to. This has to be taken responsibly.

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