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does CBD lower blood pressure

Does cbd lower blood pressure

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Interesting topic – does CBD lower blood pressure?

CBD has many benefits.

First of all it is the touch of pure nature.

It is a strong anti – inflammation and relaxation agent.

CBD provenly relaxes your muscles, improves your sleep and mitigates anxiety.

Does CBD lower blood pressure?

Let’s see what certain studies have to say about this.

CBD is perfect alternative to intoxicating THC.

Some foundation information you can crawl from this article.

It’s a perfect alternative when you are over 30 and you can no longer get stoned.

But, you still love cannabis.

Even you had no prior experience with the dope – this plant is a pure nature you know.

It may enrich our lives for sure.

Does CBD lower blood pressure

One study points to a nexus between stress and cardiovascular diseases.

According to preliminary studies CBD causes vaso-relaxation in isolated arteries.

This study was done on rats, but one of the very know effect of CBD is relaxation of muscles.

So, this comes hand in had with vaso-relaxation.

This study concluded that CBD has reducing effects on both diastolic blood pressure as well as mean arterial blood pressure.

They measured such a metric particularly after a latter time frame – 2 hours.

CBD also affected cardiac parameters but without affecting cardiac output.

Systolic blood pressure, the top number, measures the force your heart exerts on the walls of your arteries each time it beats.

Diastolic blood pressure, the bottom number, measures the force your heart exerts on the walls of your arteries in between beats

CBD reduces resting blood pressure with a lower stroke volume higher heart rate.

At the same time scientists from this trial stated that this might be a secondary to the known anxiolytic properties of CBD.

Whatever the cause, isn’t it nice that CBD helps with these things?

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HIgh – dose CBD induced hypotension

One study conducted on piglets showed that high doses of CBD induced significant lowering of blood pressure.

We have to say that it was done with somewhat radical amounts of CBD that you probably would not be able to use under normal circumstances.

There were more than 50 mg used on a single kilo of body weight.

So, we see that acute functioning on lowering blood pressure is present.

It must be used in high dosages.

Another thing is long – term use of CBD.

CBD is not toxic for long – term use and can have beneficial effects on lower blood pressure plus other benefits on long – term basis.

What about when you are stressed?

Many people are certainly curious whether CBD can alter blood – pressure during edgy situations that life brings.

One study has found that its hypotensive actions are truly revealed under stress conditions.

Scientists conclude in this study that CBD decreased organ damage and dysfunction, oxidative and nitrative stress, inflammatory processes and apoptosis, among others.

We are talking about diseases such as – stroke, neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, sepsis-related encephalitis, cardiovascular complications of diabetes, and ischemia/reperfusion injures of the liver and kidneys.

In the meantime there is indisputable benefit or reducing artery inflammation making them less damaged.

CBD for blood pressure

CBD in a holistic medicine

There is evidence that CBD works on acute administration as well – as on long – term levels.

Under acute administration effects you would imagine something like a painkiller.

You take it and in a couple of minutes you feel much better.

CBD does have this effect, but my personal rates would be 15 – 20% better.

And it seems that the more you take the more acute efficacy it seems to have.

Studies that were measuring acute administration and its functioning were using as much as 25 mg / kilo.

That is the amount you won’t take on your daily routines – the CBD you buy from your favorite supplier.

Does CBD lower blood pressure – the potential in a holistic medicine.

We see the great potential of CBD in a holistic medicine.

Holistic medicine is a whole – body approach.

In easy terms it means to full great as a whole person.

Remember, words of Gabor Mate – the origin of all diseases is, that you are not the one with your inner – self.

This makes a lot link to stress and consecutively on the biochemistry that comes with it.

Lot of positive effects of CBD can be attributed to simply a little de – stressing.

CBD helps with an acute anxiety a little.

Maybe, you should not expect a xanax pill, but it does help to calm down.

We wrote in the past how nicely is this substance working for sexual performance anxiety.

It helps you to sleep better and that’s a big hit

Our health is component of many things.

Yeah, there might be a predominant thing like your mindset.

If that is always positive chances are higher that you have better biochemistry and thus better overall health.

At the same time there many things that have to work out well like well – oiled machine.

For instance you can be eating healthy, when your posture is just wrong for 12 hours a day – it will hurt.

It’s the same stuff with sleep.

You need to get a proper rest after a whole day in order to re – calibrate that living energy.

CBD does promote sleep and it’s easy as to take a gummy bear


CBD gummy bear
Better sleep may be as easy as to eat a gummy bear. Yumm!

Last, but not least there’s anti – inflammatory property that strengthens your blood vessels.

Does CBD lower blood pressure – Conclusion

In the end of this article we must state that for the big announcements and answers – yes or no – it’s still bit too early.

CBD is just gaining scientific momentum and it’s going to take years till we will reach more conclusions.

Although CBD does not seem to be intoxicating at all, still major studies are being made on animals – lucky them haha.

We will have to wait for more trials conducted on humans to reach a more definite conclusions.

However, it seems that CBD does help and more and more legalizing points are going to bring us more evidence.

Interesting is mostly its use in a long – term holistic approach.

It reduces anxiety, improves sleep, is a strong anti – inflammatory agent.

These are benefits that can help cardiovascular system as well a concrete metric of blood pressure.

Therefore it might be a smart choice to experiment with CBD for yourself when your blood pressure is out of normal rates.

What else can help if not CBD

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