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Why is drop-shipping ideal for starting entrepreneurs

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This article is for starting entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship is the occupation of the future. It has been there since the dawn of times, but the spirit will be more needed than ever.

It’s not only about undertaking and building new businesses. It’s about ownership and a dedication to a result. Same should go for learning – the concept that I wrote about quite a lot.

So, are you a starting entrepreneur there? You should!

Start a business  – the objections of starting entrepreneurs

Although that this era is more entrepreneurial than ever, there are still some mental barriers that keep people from starting their own business.

Lack of money, lack of skills, comfy in a daily routine, don’t have enough time.

You know all these kinds of excuses.

Let’s face them!

Lack of money


Yes, if you want to start a physical product business and go to sell on Amazon or eBay, you might need $ 5,000 or at least $2,000 to start with.

Do you think it’s a lot?

Well, what about opening a new restaurant in the neighborhood for $100,000, and then finding out that people simply do not like your food and you will run out of money.

That is far worse.  Especially if it’s not your equity and you end up out of business, heavily indebted.

I like businesses that you can start with a fraction, very little capital. The beauty is in that you can become equally rich with something that you start for $100k or just with $2,000.

In fact, you can start with less than $2,000.

Afternoon I had this idea, something reminded me of that the world cup was in football was coming.

Almost immediately I acted, went to Namecheap, ordered a domain name and hosting, googled sport’s WordPress engine and started to build a site. Two weeks later (with packed schedule) and done!

Do you want to see it?

It cost me:

  • domain name & hosting & whoisGuard – $32
  • WordPress engine  – $49
  • logo creation for the website, freelancer – $30

Total: $111 to start


Build one of yours!

Now, is that enough?

Not really, because a standing website is a function. It is meant to be a dropship business and I found suppliers in China, so I did not have to pay for the stock beforehand.

To make it complete requires to invest in marketing.

Facebook ads, Adwords, presumably another $200 – $500. Depends.

But, still you are able to start a business, that is making real sales ergo creating a value,  for $300. Isn’t it crazy?

You can actually see the whole process here in the course I recorded for you.

Click the picture to  access the course 


starting entrepreneurs


So, for you starting entrepreneurs is lack of money hindering you from starting a business? It should not, I am sure you can put $300 – $500 bucks aside, can’t you?

Lack of skills

A lot of starting entrepreneurs have doubts about themselves. They think they are not good enough and they simply do not have the skills to become entrepreneurs.

Well, if you won’t start, how are you going to obtain the skills?

That’s the well – known problem – chicken and egg you know?

We obtain skills by learning. A skill is really a knowledge. You know that information is not knowledge, right?

Information is like a recipe. It’s a description of the preparation of the meal. Knowledge is the actual doing, so in this instance, preparing a dinner.

If we want to have skills, we have to do the activity, not just read about it. I mean reading helps, but do we learn how to play on a guitar by simply reading the accords?

I do not think you can learn to code by simply watching the videos or reading about it. You have to gain knowledge through engaging in action.

That is results-oriented learning and all starting entrepreneurs should engage in it.

We should learn in order to enhance ourselves, our characteristics or to make more money.

The value of this learning is in organizing and structuring the information. Super – learners are those who research and gather information according to the study plan with set goals and the scope statement.

Here’s the course where you can dive deeper into problematic and become a super – learner – the one who learns how to learn. Resizeimage 2 927x1024, Inex Life


So, if the price is right and you can’t hurt yourself that you hemorrhage, just do it!

Starting a business is much much better education than MBA or whatever informative school!


Not enough time

Not enough time! Ok, I give you that!

What keeps starting entrepreneurs from starting is lack of time obviously. Everybody has to eat, and most people get their currency in exchange for their own time.

Jobs are usually time – demanding and it is changing slowly. I’ve been to a couple of corporate jobs. Don’t tell me you work for 8 hours a day. Yes, sometimes there are crazy workaholics that like to torture themselves, but I guess no one has told them that it’s not that much about how hard as about how smart you work these days.

A lot of corporate jobs are highly ineffective and are creating the living dead within their offices. Most of the routine tasks can be done in a fraction of the time and the rest can be used for learning or for building a business on a side.

Or for a coffee with colleagues, it’s always about decisions.

But, if you can’t work on your side business at your work, what should you do?

Back home there are kids, choirs at home, hobbies, and friends. And then you have to sleep for at least 7 hours to be ok during a day. It’s shit I know!

Yet, still, it is possible to find just one hour of focused time to do something on your business.

In the course, I gave you  – learn how to start a drop shipping business you will see that it is possible to do just that. Even if you buy a domain or upload 4, 5 new products on your website. If you upload them every day, you will 35 products in the week. That’s not bad!

I mean little by little you can start. Yes, you can!

It’s much better to start early in your early 20s when you have no family, no ties, no big obstacles and you can fully focus on building your business.

They all say, start a business before you’re gonna get married. Well, what if you don’t? Or what if you start it and fail?  And not just once, what if you are 30 and you failed 6 times?

I mean come on! It is possible even with commitments.

Too comfy

Too comfy is one of the most occurring reasons I hear. It’s shit!

Yes, statistically there are people employees and businessmen and I guess you can’t do much about it. Some people are just too preoccupied with their personal lives, with whatever they’re into.

When they have some spare time they use it to hang out with friends or go places if they have money. And that’s good! I think you either have the ambition or you don’t.

But, I just hate when someone has this ambition, yet he or she does not do anything about it. When it’s so possible and it’s such a great time to become an entrepreneur.

So, for the comfy guys. Find a job that you like or that gives you some joy. If the activity itself is not a blast, at least you have good colleagues. Save at least 20% of your cash and invest it in low-cost exchange-traded funds. Make tranquility your no.1 goal.

But, for you, business – hungry guys, just do it!

Get inspired by this course and start to build a business! 


starting entrepreneurs






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