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Drugs to improve brain performance.

Drugs to improve brain performance.

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What are the drugs to improve brain performance? Imagine your cognitive capability sharpen to the level when you’re capable of literally anything. You are writing your ideas down. You are being creative. Ten ideas per day at least! Mixing your ideas – having them more. You are pumping your idea muscle. In the meantime you are taking care of your body. You are working out at the gym and eating properly. This is a must when you are building your story.

Still, some drugs to improve brain performance would be nice to get you going and enhance your game. Here’s the list what we can offer:

Drugs to improve brain performance – study

Noopept is the our pick number one.

There are studies concluding neuroprotective properties of noopept. Especially within studies concerned by loss of selective dopaminergic neurons such as Parkinson disease is. There are many studies on pubmed with promising conclusions about different anti – inflammatory and cytotoxic modulating activities of noopept. 

However, whether noopept is explicitly health for our brain is unknown. It’s been around for many years. It was invented in good old Soviet Union (just kidding). But became popular for brain performance just recently. We will witness more studies and breaking news articles I am sure.

So if we were to recommend drugs to improve brain performance, we would definitely go for noopept. It is fine white powder. You can lick your finger and dip it into the package. What is left there is approximately  10 -20 mg of powder that is enough to get you going for much of your day. You should work on your stuff – learning new skills or working on your started projects for at least 30 minutes a day.

For that noopept is amazing. It enhances your focus and this what I call “go getter style” Don’t you want to become go getter? It literally makes you want to do things. Yes, you do get distracted. But I find going back to my chores much easier when on noopept than not. It is great for writing articles, for reading scripts, coding and more.

Noopept is also great for being social. I cannot describe it, but the social anxiety almost diminishes. You kind of feel it, but it just seems ridiculous to be anxious with another human being. Anyway I am speaking for myself – a guy that feels  social anxiety, but is generally healthy about that. This leads us to nootropics overall being good for social enhancement.

You can mix noopept with Alpha GPC – choline that provides power to your neurons. 20 mg of Noopept and to 300mg Alpha GPC is a mega combination for studying.

Drugs to improve brain performance.

Drugs to improve brain performance – social enhancement

To already mentioned noopept, great for being in touch with your pals, there are more nootropics to list here.




These are amazing nootropics. Sulbutiamine when dosed properly can be a wow experience when at social gatherings. I had an experience once when I literally felt like from limitless movie. I guess I was not like that, but words were literally coming out of my mind so eloquent and confident like on mild cocaine or something.

Phenibut is one of the most beautiful substance that you think sort of changes your life and take kind of hyped feeling. The big high ends when you experience tolerance to it and not even 2 grams are enough to get you high again. It is therefore not for long – term use. From time to time it is amazing for job interviews or parties. Music sounds amazing on Phenibut. It is literally an awesome experience.

Fasoracetam is from racetams family – similar to noopept. However it is GABA beta agonist as well as phenibut. It is really something in between those two – stimulating and anti – anxiety at the same time. Great nootropic too. You are not building tolerance to it that fast. But it gets out of your system kind of quick. When Phenibut performs up to 6 hours, fasoracetam only 1 to 2 hours. So you need to stack kind of quickly. Fortunately there is just 10 – 20 mg to it like by noopept.

Drugs to improve brain performance – mood and enhancement

There are more stuff in our store (if not we can procure).





5 HTP is a precursor of serotonin – hormone of happiness. Dosage of 50 mg can improve your overall mood and positive vibes.

Creatine is ATP booster. This is stuff that gives you energy for foggy days.

L-Theanine is GABA. Anti anxiety. I like to put my l-theanine in a coffee. It mitigates the jittery effect of caffeine.

Vinpocetine is pure energizer and stimulant.

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Drugs to improve brain performance.

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