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What are the drugs to improve focus

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What are the drugs to improve focus? I’ve been asked this question a lot. I want to get one thing cleared up. You do need to be serious about your productivity usage. Because if you truly do not decide that you want to take your nootropics  for productive means, it’s shit. It the beginning of all change it’s the big motivational decision. Not that one when you watch a motivational video (that’s good one) or something. But if you truly decide that you want to make a change about who you want to become. Because of that you’re going to need a busload of focus to get by.

I’ve went through this reddit discussion. Pretty igniting. From my own experience I know that nootropics do work. But I am also telling to the world with this blog that you need to be OK first to really get the benefits.

Trust yourself and focus on yourself. Work hard, sleep well, breathe, eat well. Try to meditate and start running. Do anything to change your life for the better. You know what I am talking about – there’s plenty of shit out there that gets you going.

Focus on this path is the key. And here are the drugs to improve focus.

drugs to improve focus

What are the drugs to improve focus


It is the best nootropic out there for focus. Well, maybe modafinil tops it, but modafinil is also a badass stimulant that can mess your biorhythm pretty bad. From time to time I had modafinil, so I know what the community is all about, but it’s not for me. I felt the benefits, but I could not have it more than two days in a row, because it turned up my whole week schedule. I was having hard time to fall asleep and got very hyped. Kind of I am not feeling myself comfortable with. Noopept is my nootropic of choice. You might not feel the benefits in the beginning. It actually takes some time to get to know noopept. But after a week of getting know each other – I totally felt in love with it.

One thing straight. You will get distracted. Even on Noopept. Social media, colleagues or friends calling you. Your smartphone. But I find this “go getter” motivation when on Noopept. I have this feeling that I got to do something. Not like modafinil, because it feels more like speed hyped. This is low internal motivation. I’d say it comes more from the head than your body.

I enjoy taking Noopept when learning from courses from udemy.

But I love learning through Dutchuncle,me – live learning site, since it makes social interactions more lovable. I take it sometimes before going to gym. But as I said it is not the modafinil hyped energy nor creatine ATP boost.

The drugs to improve focus II

Caffeine + L-Theanine 

Caffeine is a powerful nootropic. Everybody knows that. Yes, someone needs 3 or 5 cups of coffee to keep stimulated throughout  the day, but nevertheless it keeps your neurons running faster. The problem comes when Caffeine cause jittery effects. This can be reduced by L-theanine to give you some of the green tea GABA substance. L- Theanine is slightly stimulating, but most of all it is an anxiolytic nootropic. And as all GABA it does give you the feeling of enhanced focus. Since it works in synergistic manner with caffeine – you should be able to get a positive effect from both nootropics.

Phenibut + Fasoracetam

They are both a bit different, but both GABA beta modulators. Great nootropics. Phenibut is slightly more sedating than Fasoracetam in my experience. But Phenibut has brought some of the most amazing feel I ever had on nootropics so I am kind of biased. For the first timer Phenibut is not that awesome for focus. Since you’ll probably get hyped from all that dopamine travelling in your system. Literally I felt like joker with painted smile on his face when on it. I think I was crashed by a van softly on a bike. Got up and just smiled on a driver who made a mistake. I was so calm and feeling good I had no chance to be mad on the driver.But it wears off, you build a tolerance to it. Later you find that it’s great to take it for a week and then skip the next week. Eventually the hype will wear off and then it’s great to consider it for focusing purposes. Like for studying. Fasoracetam is like piracetam combined with phenibut. I find it slightly more stimulating, but also wears out faster.

Alpha GPC

Choline is the primary precursor molecule for the important neurotransmitter Acetylcholine which is involved in various functions ranging from memory to muscle control. Humans get Choline through their diet when they eat foods like almonds, eggs and liver, but a surprising number of people are deficient. In my experience Alpha GPC is the most potent of all choline substances out there. I find it great for short – term memory enhancement. It certainly helps to recall things easier and get into focus – in the zone mode better. It is usually good idea to stack with herbal nootropics – bacopa or rhodiola. Or stacking with noopept is also not a bad idea.

You can view other by going to our shop. Good luck!

Drugs to improve brain performance.


  • Dj

    June 18, 2019

    Thanks for sharing these information. Are these drugs safe to use on a regular basis or is this a one time big time kind of thing?

    • Dro

      June 25, 2019

      There are more like regular basis, but tolerance builds up rather quickly. You need to manage it and know what’s your reaction to it.
      It’s not going to be 100% the same always, but once you know how Phenibut reacts with you, it’s usually implementable ad hoc – for job interview and etc.


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