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Flirting Tips and Noopept

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Flirting Tips and Noopept. We have talked about how can noopept change your social game – make you more social. We are not only ones claiming this. This is no study, but don’t tell me otherwise, I know how I feel. But this article is to give you some flirting tips. In order to become a flirting animal, you need to turn on that right mindset. It’s the key to success in flirting.

Flirting by the way is a wonderful thing. It is to behave as though sexually attracted to someone, but playfully rather than with serious intentions. Taking it easy and enjoying people. Feeling good about yourself with the right attitude, full of zest for life and yes, be able to use that infinite energy of sexual attraction. It’s one of the most powerful energy in the Universe! Learn something about sexual transmutation. You are feeling good in your body and your are practicing your soul. You take a life as an experiment and there’s substance helping you sometimes. It is not making you dependent upon it, but it’s helping. It’s a spice of life! Here are some tips for guys and girls likewise!

flirting tips

Flirting Tips

We’ve all seen a professional party animal in action and been in awe of their skills. Whether they are a man or women, they are kind of like a host making the rounds at a
party: not spending too much time with each person, but just enough to get people interested in what they have to say. Then they move on to the next circle of people. These social butterflies are so compelling because they know how to give others just  enough attention to make them feel wanted, but not smothered. Being a compelling flirt at a party or social situation is just like that. It means that you  have the social confidence to show people attention, yet give them the chance to miss  you by moving around or opening up the circle you’re standing in. When you are reading a mystery or romance novel, part of the thrill that keeps you turning the pages is anticipating the next clue or kiss. Just like part of the allure of meeting a new person is the mystery behind getting to know them. That’s where the art  of flirting comes in. Flirting is like dancing; reaching over and touching a man’s arm so he can sense you, but not grabbing onto him for dear life. Showing a woman that you care enough so that she wants more (sexually or otherwise!), but not smothering her. When you approach an attractive man, smile. Maybe tuck a strand of hair behind your ears or tentatively move forward a smudge, because this is about positive body language as well as conversation.

Body language

-Imagine yourself as a sex god/goddess before you even start talking, and send those vibes over.

-Make eye contact occasionally and smile warmly for about 4 seconds.

-Glance warmly at the person again. Not to the point of gawking, but to the point that he/she knows you’re interested. Remember: People underestimate the amount of signals they have to give to show interest.

-Stand a little closer to the flirtee than you would to a normal person when talking.

-Try to sense if the other person is into your technique or not. If he is pulling away, come on a little less strong or change the subject. Let her leave if she makes an excuse.
You’re not there to find someone who’s not interested!


-Use suggestive language sparingly to increase sexual tension, e.g., saying the sandwich on the menu sounds “big and juicy” rather than just “tasty.” Ooh la la!

-Don’t be afraid to laugh at jokes or buy/accept a few drinks, as long as you keep watch over the drink from the time it’s poured to the time it’s in your mouth. And keep sober. Don’t be a victim of drink-spiking or drunken slurring.

-If you’re a woman, don’t fall prey to the idea that you have to downplay your intelligence or giggle constantly while twirling your hair. Unless you want the person to think that your IQ is compromised!

-Have fun with the conversation, and for goodness’s sake, keep it light! Flirting is just getting to know someone, it’s not an interrogation.

-Occasionally ask unique questions to show your interest, and don’t answer questions in one-word answers.

If you are a girl. When things are going well, and you’re interested in a guy, give him an opportunity to ask you out by mentioning a weekend concert you’re thinking of going to, a movie you want to see, or something of that nature. Pause. Smile and see if he takes the bait and asks for your number. If not, move on. Guys can play their part.


Flirting is about holding a person’s interest enough to sense you but far enough from you to want more. Flirting should always be fun, so act like it is! Eye contact, your trademark smile, and body language is just as important as other behavior.

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