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Focus day: How to focus on just your day (and screw the rest)

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Focus day article was inspired by this main thought.
If you don’t want to read, see at least this 🙂

Although we may do things right – we attempt every day to be a better people  –  a better spouse, a better parent, better employee and etc. It takes time till the river shapes rocks into valleys you know.

People might look at you and laugh because they see you hustling all this time when they seem to be enjoying themselves,  having fun, yet they do not actually see that you would actually be driving a better car or that your home looks more furnished.

The results of your efforts are yet not to be seen.

And sometimes it strikes you that what if you’re doing something wrong.

-Why am I not performing the way I should be? I am hustling, I am working hard, I am doing all kinds of things the successful people from the videos told me to do, right? Yet, I am certainly not at the level they are at.  The progress is almost negligible.

– Is this effort all worth it? Will I ever be successful? Why am I doing this when I could just chill out and be enjoying myself, why all this effort?

These thoughts can create an anxiety and may slow you down.

I have a solution right here.

Focus day – focus just on your day, ignore the rest.


Focus day preparation


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No greater thing is created suddenly, any more than a bunch of grapes or a fig. If you tell me that you desire a fig, I answer you that there must be time. Let it first blossom, then bear fruit, then ripen. <Epictetus>

Everybody would like to be world champ right away. And it’s natural. We are social animals and the approval from others just feels good.

All I am saying, however, is, that you can’t go crazy if you’re not there where you want to be yet. You got to love the process of making.

I love listening to great athletes when they say that no opponent is meant to be underestimated. That we as a team should play our game and don’t care about the external circumstances – mostly who we play against.  Sports are great mental games, that where I see the biggest value in them.

It’s essential to focus your day on enhancement.

Plan your day ahead, set the calendar, try to adhere it and then, close before bedtime, take a time to reflect upon that day – tell yourself what was good or what wasn’t.

If you want to be a coder. Then code. Do this for at least 2 hours a day no matter what. Iterate through many study materials and don’t stop.

If you want to be a writer. Then write. Use your lunch breaks to write at least 10 sentences of a novel you’ve always wanted to write.

And don’t forget to offer yourself, your services. You might be best in the world, but if you won’t get your hands dirty and do the marketing, nobody will know about you.


focus day

Focus day –  a little better every day

Every day is a blessing because you can get better.

Only you can find what makes sense for you and what does not.

One of my friends, after spending almost 20 years in IT project management, acquiring a tremendous amount of experiences in that field has decided that at the age of 47 he wants to become a spiritual teacher.

Of course, this sounded funny for me when he first told me, but there’s actually nothing wrong about it. And this pattern is more and more common. People are willing to spend working 20 + years of their lives hustling, so they can disconnect, plug out from the system, take a break or find an alternative livelihood that provides more happiness.

More and more people find their big goals through visualizing practices.

Other time it is really about maintaining an open-mind that is ready to take new challenges and endeavors – just being open to new possibilities and accept the change.

Every cognitive endeavor, every road is done through learning.

Learning means enhancing yourself.

Get our results-oriented learning course for FREE. Resizeimage 2 272x300, Inex Life


Again, I feel for learning that there’s this strong “mastership bias” in place.

We worship the masters, experts, and teachers and don’t care much about students. The students are the founding base of all learning and should be granted the same respect as others.

There’s this old statement, cliche even that you need 10,000 hours of dedicated learning to achieve the true expert level.

It’s definitely good to be an expert in a field that’s in demand, but you know how fast are the things changing…

And it’s proven that people who are cultivating a good proficiency in many fields, rather than specializing only, are more suitable for the challenges of the 21st century.

Interdisciplinarity is the answer to provide top value in the marketplace.

Of course, if one’s natural talents are explored and revealed, then they ought to be cultivated till they reach the level of expertise.


However, most skills can be learned within 200 hours or so. At least to a level where you can auto – correct yourself. It’s got a be 200 of focused hours – the time that you spend without social media, absolutely present and dedicated to the lecture. It’s like learning a new language. If you manage to learn around 800 words you are able to lead some basic conversation with a native speaker. You understand the syntax, the grammar and you can begin to auto – correct yourself.

Oh, boy how many times, even now, was it hard for me to put a verb in second place of a German sentence.


focus day

Focus day: The mission

There are two great habits.

Getting up early in the Morning to meditate or to visualize and the evening’s 15 – 20 minutes of lonely reflecting.

Morning’s visualization routine is like a drug. It get’s you hooked when you do it for longer than two weeks in the row.

When we wake up, we’re usually naturally in alpha mode. Awake, but still asleep. This is the mode I find the best to start digging in my mind to find the answers.

After a little practice, you will absolutely become a master of your virtual world and could sketch a product like Nikola Tesla did, dream up your ideal life find answers to all your problems.

Everything that you see on your monitor is just virtual and has to materialize through action, and you do that by focusing on your day.

Reflection of your day is judgment-free activity. You can pile the events into good or bad piles, but do this with Edison’s perspective – you know, that I have not failed, just was wrong 10,000 times.

Mistakes, if not detrimental but small and manageable are the best what can happen to us.

Focus day

Don’t say your life is miserable, that you are a worthless piece of shit and you don’t deserve an ideal life.

No interpretation of you, no overall judgment or final acts. Everything is moving and changing. Nothing is static, everything is dynamic.

Say that your day was shitty. You know why?

Because tomorrow’s there always another day!

Just focus on your day to make most of it.

Take this an axiom.

Do not make overall, final judgments. Just focus on a day.

That’s one of the best mental resets.

Don’t make general assumptions or predicaments any mental judgments. Screw all of it! Focus just on your day. Visualize, plan it and adhere it. In the evening reflect upon it and go on.


My day emphasis even when it comes to making money

For each day write down

Income: 120$

Expenses: $65

Difference: + $55

Good day 🙂

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