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Get fit for summer 2017

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Get fit for summer 2017…Never-ending story how to discipline yourself to look great in the time of the year when you can’t hide your actual shape.  Still remember this hit from way back?

Good all times. Who would not like to look great wearing bikinis. Looking great at photographs that your friends see and envy your physique, right?

Well, let’s not just bullshit about it, but let’s get fit for summer 2017 !

Start a diary . Write day one. Start all over. Revolution! All that bullshit, excuses, cheating you were doing and most of all,  lying to yourself is over! From now on you’re going to honest to yourself! Am I serious about this or not?

Do you love yourself ? If you don’t then it is going to be pretty hard for you in this world. You are in trouble then.

To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance. Oscar Wilde

We have a suggestion here. Do not transfer just your body, but whole you. But if you manage to get fit for summer 2017, no other challenging goals will be closed there to you. Because to get your body in shape is one of the most demanding disciplines. It requires passion, self- renunciation, discipline, goal – awareness 24/7. Great physical shape is going to influence other parts of your well – being. People are going to notice that. Cognitive processes are to be enhanced and most of all you will feel great.

Feeble body weakens the mind. Jean Jacques Rousseau

So let’s get fit for summer 2017 together  – no excuses!

Get fit for summer 2017 starts with  Kitchen

Kitchen is the most important to start your transformation path. This won’t be another food blog, but I am going to cook here.

I will tell you how you’re going to eat…

We will start with whole 30 recipes. Yeah, you can say that there are so many other diets. And nutritional science is not exact science or it is so biased that there are no objective conclusions. There are principles proven that if you follow, you will have  your body transformed for sure.

For example this program requires you to skip dairy products, grains of all sorts, pasta, pretty much sugar in general. Sweets are forbidden for sure. I personally have a problem to skip dairy products and healthy grains such as millet, buckwheat or quinoa.  These are all my favorite ingredients that I can cook tons of recipes with. But fine let’s do whole 30 and skip the latter.

Day 1 


– breakfast of champions – scrambled eggs with some salmon


– Have regular abundant lunch eating meet with veggies. Eat salads with meat and fish.


– Have a plate of ham, fine prosciutto with some boiled eggs and cut vegetables – cut tomatoes, peppers, cucumber.

get fir for summer 2017

Just limit your carbohydrates intake and substitute it with fat and salt for energy. Do not exceed it with salt – but you need a bit more when you are on low – carb diet.

Get fit for summer 2017  – practice

You might not workout like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but you won’t make be looking hot without some decent practice. For busy individuals we recommend HIIT training.

We love Doug Mcduff’s method of big five, super slow practices. It is brutal however, not for anybody. You should find a partner to endorse you during your workout. It is not easy to sustain putting pressure when your muscles fizzle and you won’t be able to make your routine again. Still, if you’re not able to put up the bar – you will have to push and sustain it for at least a minute or more. This is hard to do. However the beauty of this technique is that you could workout just once a week. Once a week and that is it. Once a week for 40 – 50 minutes and you’re done. Just imagine,  if you could work – out just once a week and didn’t need to visit fitness 3 or 4 times a week. Visiting fitness centre 3 or 4 times a week for two hours time including traffic jams and everything –  this is 8 hours from your week. This is a whole night sleep time. This is quite a lot, especially if you could be done in 50 minutes. You would not need any fitness season ticket and this could save  you a lot of time for something productive.

Well, in my experience HIIT is awesome when you are already out there satisfied with your current state of a body. If you’re not. First of all you won’t be able to practice just once a week. Nevertheless this thought is very intriguing. But you definitely want to practice more than once a week for growth. More likely 3 or 4 times a week. However if this method suits you from right away then perfect! Check this stud out – he’s like in his mid 50s and looking just awesome!

Should I do cardio ?

If you want to lose some fat then for sure. Download runtastic and start tracking your run. Share it with your friends around to praise yourself. But “praise” really to build a commitment to run regularly. If you have a good HIIT training you don’t have to be worried about cardio too much. I would recommend just easy half an hour runs in the evening. More to reset your thoughts than to practice hard. I do cardio mostly because I dislike doing cardio at the gym. What am I a hamster to run on a simulator? I’d rather have the moving sceneries when I run. Play sports – soccer, football, ice – hockey, basketball whatever and you should be good to go.

Get fit for summer 2017 – commitment

Tell other people that you will have the best physique this summer. Most of your friends will try to lighten the social situation. They will try to come up with excuses why it has never worked out for them or why it is not possible to look great in bikini. Don’t be a pussy and tell them straight that you are gonna be different. Tell everybody – your family, closest friends or just acquaintances. “I am gonna have the best physique of my life in the summer 2017!” Yes I will. It is going to be awesome.

Take an Instagram photo and make your commitment public. Why are you afraid? If you fail then what happens? Will they laugh at you? And so what? You won’t be first or last dude who tried and did not make it. But you will make it if you’re disciplined enough and looking good is your priority.

Get fit for summer 2017 – Guys who want to look like athletes

There are 30 + years old guys,  who would like to have beautifully shaped muscular bodies. But because of  natural testosterone decline and commitment that we won’t put shit into ourselves (I am talking about hormones) we just can’t. Yet the vision to have a nice muscular body is so intriguing that it just won’t go easily. If you eat well and practice hard, there are some significant results. You’re doing great, but still lack when comparing to guys who are on their testo – cycles. You can get by it of course. You won’t solve it much when you get out of gym. Yet, still you wished there’d be an alternative to gain at least fractional gains as they are having without any significant risks.

For this reason, mostly to get a 4 – 6 pounds of pure muscle. To get lean with beautiful muscles there is a cycle solution – it is called SARMs.

So I started my sarms – ostarine cycle.

Follow along my diary.

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