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Get fit for summer 2018

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How to get fit for summer 2018 baby?

Just like every year, it’s, here again, to – get leaner, get ripped,  get healthier, look better in the swimsuit, summer’s coming!

For many, it’s time of the year. I am actually somewhere in between. I like summer, but I like cold as well – you’re in control Wim Hof.

Actually, we think that we should take care of our bodies for the whole year, not only when we dress up in swimsuits.

and here’s why

Anyway, here are some tips to get in perfect shape.

Get fit for summer 2018

Get fit for summer 2018 – You are what you eat

When you have high levels of energy and good health, you can have everything. Because you can work on yourself, learn and grow. You can become a super – learner

High levels of health and energy you can influence the most by what you eat.

Let food by thy medicine <Hippocrates>

I am sure you have been through a lot of diets. You can probably name at least one from the big lists of diets. Whether it was low carbohydrates, low fats, or low protein, all of these diets had nutrition as their baseline philosophy.

I highlighted philosophy because that is exactly it.

Think of food not even as a meaning of nutrition but also as something toxic.

Food is a healing potion and food is a poison.

You should realize that the food you take in is not only the source of energy that moves your body but also a source that can create toxins and wastes which encumber your vitality.

So, get fit for summer 2018 means to understand this philosophy. Its main thesis is that vitality (simply energetic, healthy, and happily bodily functioning) is proportional not to the nutritional intake (nourishment) but to the lack of obstruction (toxins) in your body.

Put in simple language. Do not eat junk!

Toxins, mucus, pus, and the filth of our bodies are the number one reason why we get sick. It’s not cold!

With free, healthy intestines it is much more difficult to get sick. And toxins or the portion of obstruction we have in our bodies always determine a person’s outer appearance.

The main dish of a healthy person is a starch-less and mucus-free diet—to put it simply, fruits and vegetables.

Personally, I am not a vegetarian—I eat meat—although I am aware of meat’s decaying, rotting nature. Meat brings a lot of toxins into our bodies and we should abstain from eating it as much as possible.

So, what should I eat

Well, occasionally we post some recipes if you sign in to the newsletter.

Or download this book, it’s got a delicious salad and fresh food recipes

GreatBodyCover 300x294, Inex Life

Get fit for summer 2018 – the regime of eating

I understand this is not for everybody, but people, you should at least try intermittent fasting.

Just think about this.

An animal in the wild usually eats a shitload amount of food. Then it is digesting for a long time. I am not sure whether there is – eat 5 times a day, regularly.

You must radiate health and prosperity throughout your body.

To get fit for summer 2018 means getting your health to perfect condition. When it will radiate from within, it will be also aesthetically pleasing for sure.

One useful way to get on the healthy side of life is to use intermittent fasting. I know this is the big change, but so what? That’s what this blog is all about – experimenting and embracing change.

The principles are very simple. Forget Abraham, Jesus, or Mahatma Gandhi who have fasted for 40 days in the scriptures. Instead, try fasting for 16 hours, then eat and after 8 hours eat again, then sleep and fast for another 16 hours.

When you get more advanced in this, you can try to fast for 2, 3, 4 days, maybe even a week. Trust me, it gets easier once you pass the second day.

There’s an awesome app to give you help in this. It called Vora.

It’s a simple app. You could have coded it yourself after a half a year of training, but simple things are the best. It’s a simple tracker. You put in how many hours you want to fast for. And it gives you your schedule. And most importantly when’s the next time you will eat.

Omg, it feels so good when you are finally eating after two days. Especially if it’s something awesome, like this:

get fit for summer 2018

Check the book out for more information about intermittent fasting and fasting in overall.

GreatBodyCover 300x294, Inex Life

Get fit for summer 2018 – the Gym

The fitness mania is ubiquitous.

It’s good to follow awesome fitness performances, but really the awesome aesthetic, appealing look is not done fully at the gym.

You can hire the best fitness trainer in the World and pay him $50 / hour and still don’t get the physique that you’d love.

Workout at the gym is, of course, the very important factor of an awesome look. But, it’s only about 30% of the result. Still enough to pay attention to, though.

Your muscles consist of twitches of fibers. Work them out in a sequential, logical manner, not in an all-at-once brute force—that can hurt yourself

Imagine going to the gym once or maybe twice a week, and working smart and hard out there, with a pro mental attitude, complementing it with a great mucus-less diet. That starts to seem like an ideal body pursuit. Yes, once or twice is enough for gym time!

What we aim for is sequential recruitment using a moderate load.

get fit for summer 2018

The ratio behind high-intensity training

When you start practicing with a moderate load, you first recruit low and moderate twitches to the point of repetition, where you will need to employ the largest twitch of muscles. Sequential recruitment strength training is what we believe is the only strength training that creates no harm to the body, and rather enhances it.

The forces are first low, to begin with. If you start with a weight of let’s say, 80 pounds, it stays that way. That means it requires the same amount of force to move it. What changes is your rate of fatigue, which increases.

In the end, you are fatigued to a point where it is very likely you might hurt yourself.

Force is defined as mass times acceleration. Acceleration can be increased exponentially. There are ways to activate your largest, fast-twitch muscle fibers, but many ways can lead to injury. Whenever you are attempting an activity that involves the use of your muscle fibers in tandem, there is a serious threat of injury. It is also not effective enough.

Your low and intermediate twitches are two-thirds of the output; therefore, if you employ all three from the beginning, you won’t be able to continue when the fastest twitch muscles run out, and you won’t train your two-thirds of fibers adequately.

So, you can youtube many tips, tricks, drills, and practices at the gym. The most important thing is that you do it slowly, till you crash.

Get fit for summer 2018 – SARMs

You don’t see that we sell SARMs.

That way we can maintain more objective stance on things.

SARMS stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. They are not steroids although they modulate androgen receptors just like steroids do.

We really should understand this selective term here. We can even change it to specific. If you ingest something, it goes to your gastrointestinal tract and through your blood as it spreads systematically in a body.

Testosterone is not specific. It gets to your muscles and bones, which is good. However, it will also target your prostate gland. It will affect your natural capability of producing natural testosterone.

We’re not saying that even SARMs are completely safe. We do not know for sure, as more studies need to be conducted.
There are no relevant studies for instance regarding the effects on the liver and such. SARMs are not 100% specific. They will affect different tissues in the body apart from muscle and bone tissues.

However, several non-steroidal androgens show a ratio of anabolic to androgenic effects of greater than 3:1 and up to as much as 90:1 compared to testosterone, which has a ratio of 1:1. I want to stop by non—steroidal androgens. Again, it’s 90:1! 90:1!

That is the huge step forward!

I had SARMs – Ostarine and LGD.

I had completed two cycles with Ostarine and one with LGD.

Long story short I felt awesome on Ostarine, but kind of shitty on LGD. I think I was mildly suppressed on LGD.

You can check out my Ostarine diary here.

And more you can check out in the book, ready to be downloaded.

GreatBodyCover 300x294, Inex Life

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