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Habits become your way of life

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Habits become your way of life – You are your habits!

Popular culture teaches and motivates us to become like successful people – to become rich, deliver exceptional performances, to constantly grow and evolve to best versions of ourselves. It’s been around for quite some time and it’s here to stay.

Just login to Instagram and even if you are a high achiever, you’ll get the impression that your efforts are not enough, because there’s a constant flow of boastfulness – the impressions that someone has a better life.

Since distance at communication is not playing any role anymore, we’re daily confronted with achievements of giants who are in different life situations than we are. And this all brings some comparison anxiety, that we get when we compare ourselves to others.

We, at believe that at one time we need to stop with motivational genre and focus just on ourselves. In contrast to external motivation from popular culture place habits that become your way of life.

Practical habits that can enhance your daily life’s situation. And yes, you have goals that are distant and far away, but the habits are here to be executed today.  We believe that if you implement these habits, you can significantly improve your life for the better. But, not just that – if everyone did this, we’d have a heaven on earth here.

Habits become your way of life

 Habits become your way of life – So, straight up your posture

Whether we want it or not all social organisms tend to live in hierarchies. More than 60% of communication between humans is non – verbal where information is extrapolated from body postures.

Our body postures influence the creation of biochemicals that influence our overall well -being. On a positive side we have dopamine and serotonin and on negative stress hormones like cortisol and octopamine.

Robert Sapolsky in his book Why Zebras don’t have ulcers shows the results of his long – seasoned research on colonies of primates. He concluded that individuals that are positioned on top of hierarchies have fewer stress hormones than the less fortunate members of the tribe.  

Jordan Peterson in his book 12 rules for life puts this rule at the very beginning of his list. When you straight up your body posture – you communicate openness, being ready to take the challenges of life and people will take you for more competent. Chances are you will get more positive feedback hence you will feel better and less stressed.

It’s not necessary about power postures, human hierarchies are much more complicated than let’s say of baboons, but the fact is if you pull your chest out it straighten up, people take you for more competent.  Set up a reminder in our app that you should straight up your body posture!

Mind-body connection

Habits become your way of life through the mind-body connection.

The human body is a well of wisdom. It’s no surprise that Nietzsche stated that there is more wisdom in thy body than it is in thy philosophy. By that, he meant that if you look deep down into your body and do not let to be hindered by your ego, which can be described as a gatekeeper, you can find answers for yourself.

Whether it’s visualization, yoga, meditation, journaling, or just practice being present and learn to listen to what’s happening in your body. Your body is constantly giving you information on what it needs to prosper.

You just must listen properly. Your goal in building up mind-body connection is to let the energy flow – feeling energetic. Download our book EPM framework for more information on Mind-Body connection habits

Habits become your way of life

Open to people – share positivity

Habits become your way of life through your societal behavior.

They say that most of the big things that change the world are done by a few people. Concepts like Pareto’s rule where a minority of people own most of the properties are observable and may be considered as truth. 

Still, the underlying reason for hell or heaven on earth is done by the everyday acts and behaviors of everyone. A person matters, but she is information that is communicated to others. And what kind of information that is – whether positive or negative matters.

Things like you hold an entrance door for the crippled matter. Or if someone is apparently not well on the street and you ask him if he’s all right, that matters too. Think about how you could shape your acts, so they contribute to heaven on Earth rather than to hell. How can you make other people feel a little better, how can you make their days a little bit better? 

Build habits of listening, connecting with someone, maybe your old friend, who you did not see for a long time. Today, it’s so easy to call someone through messenger or WhatsApp just for quick virtual coffee.

Change the way how you are talking. Through visualization develop a meta self – yourself that is watching you from a third person’s perspective. And watch yourself talk. Focus on the good positive sides of people.

This is very hard, so our brains are hard-wired to negative things since it was advantageous from an evolutionary perspective. Stop judging. Because it’s so easy to label someone with negative connotations.

But, build a habit to look on people from a perspective what you like about them, don’t be afraid to compliment them, share something positive.

I think this is the best strategy for families as well. Set the certain individual boundaries that you’re an individual, independent human being, but focus on positive qualities.

Because, honestly usually there is some characteristic of your mom, sister, uncle someone that pisses you off. But, so what it’s like that almost in every family.

There’s another great quality you can spread to people instead of positivity and that is calmness. But, you have to start with yourself first.

Habits become your way of life – Stay away from stress

You are going to have a fantastic life if you stay away from chronic anxiety and stress most of your life. Sometimes a little bit of anxiety is good because it’s just your body telling you that you should probably speed up because this is important. But, what if it isn’t?

Your body can’t see very well in the future, in fact, it’s anxious right now, in this present moment.

If something is worrying you, it’s a good habit to look at this problem from a perspective -what this problem will be 3 years from now? Most of the issues that are giving us anxiety in the present moment completely lose their power if we look at them, what would they be if some time passed on.

Situation stress may be helped with proper preparation. For instance, if you are scared of public speaking, well the best way to lessen it up, is to prepare yourself to the level you feel competent about doing it. Another thing is that you should build a habit of incorporating mistakes into your life as learning opportunities, not the actions when you failed. This is one of the hardest mindset changes ever, but once done – it’s such a boost, it’s tremendous.

Stress is best to help with proper nutrition. Have a look at CBD, legal cannabis products. They are fantastic at helping stress. Herbal and synthetic nootropics and supplements intake can help to manage stress profoundly. At we like the products we take ourselves, love to review them and experiment with them.

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Pump yourself up – Period!

Sharpen yourself up, period! Start to work on your dreams, visions, plans. Set the learning and practicing time – one hour, two hours a day. Sometimes, you will miss it, ok, get back to it, after a week, two or a month.

It does not matter, just get back to it – if it’s there and you’re most certain with every particle of your body that you have to pursue it.

Practice regularly and eat proper nutrition. Visit our site and download our free eBook if you want more hints in this area.  

If it’s business you ever wanted to build, start even if your current resources are very limited. It does not matter, what capacities you have right now – it’s better to start somehow and improve on your way up.

The same goes for when you are building yourself. Don’t stop boosting your mental as well as physical muscle.

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