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Habits to change your life – consider these hypothesis

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Habits to change your life all around from youtube and all social media channels that are meant to enhance you somehow I hear habits this and habits that – form, build habits that are supposed to move you somewhere. 

Oh, yeah.

Well, habits form you that’s right. But, before we get anywhere, we must say what we always do – information is not knowledge.

There’s plenty of information everywhere that you can get instantly. Right now, there’s enough information that you substitute for every university degree in the world….

Another thing is to take action based on the information that you learned and thus create knowledge. 

habits to change your life

Take habits to change your life because…

Habits are knowledge-based – they become what they are only by taking action in a repetitive manner. 

With that being said, they are highly selective and customizable. Simpler, there’s no size that fits all. 

If you hear from someone that these habits will completely change you, transform you, make you a superman  – well, it might be evidence – based, but that might be true for them not for you. 

When we speak about habits, we want to talk about certain Hypotheses. With habits, it’s always giving you some patterns of things or topics to work on not general undeniable statements. 

What are the habits that are supposed to change your life for the better? 

In theory, it sounds nice when it’s the beginning of 2020 and you decide that you build 12 new habits this year, that are going to totally build a new you. 

They tell you that you need to hold on and last for at least a month executing your planned habits each day to get to a goal, but most of us won’t. 

Download our Habit Tracking app & build your habits. Click the picture!

Why’s that? 

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Willpower vs. motivation

There’s this endless fight between willpower vs. motivation in habit implementing and building. Motivation is a popular genre. All the internet motivates you to build yourself up, motivation channels have millions of views, etc. The problem with motivation is that it is information, not knowledge. And motivation is information.  It’s good to get inspired – that way it’s easier to do stuff, but in the end, you still got to do stuff! 

Willpower, on the other hand, is like a muscle that has energy. It’s your ability to move to a desired behavior from the actual behavior. This energy is very important, if not crucial to an effective habit setting. 

Will – power is the power to take action. And let’s remember here one crucial truth, that it’s so much easier to move further from something rather than from nothing. In simpler terms – it’s soo freaking hard to start, but once you do, it kinda gets. 

This leads us to two points when talking habits to change your life: 

  • Always prepare your environment 
  • Make your tasks easy – mini habits

The environment is the key, always! If you can manage your environment, you can manage your habits. The rule of thumb here is that you have to make it ridiculously easy to start your momentum towards a habit execution.

For instance, you’re building a habit of visualization – your life, your primary goals, where do you want to get, how successful you want to become and etc. Maybe you do your affirmations during that time. 

When are the easiest to start with this habit? You should ask yourself. Well, the easiest is to start early morning, when you get up and you are in your Alpha even Theta brain waves.

You’re not yet fully rational like you are during the day when you’re in your Beta waves. Probably the first thing you should not do is to start your smartphone and be pouring some blue light on yourself.

That’s waking you up. Instead, you should embrace your waking-up state and start with visualization practice right away. Maybe you could prepare some yoga mat in your living room or someplace comfortable, just get yourself there somehow and start visualizing. 

Well, you should watch out that you don’t fall asleep again, because visualization is not about that, but anyway.

Writing is the same – you want to be a writer, for instance, then make it extremely easy to start. Put your laptop to your bed and when you get up the first thing you should start to write. That’s just a hint, it might be different, but you get the point.  

Reminders are also an important part of the environment. Get our habit tracker app that will remind you of your habits. Put calendars around your apartment in visible places that remind you of your habits – make it hard to forget. 

Womens Day 4042043 1280 1024x576, Inex Life

Make your tasks easy – Mini habits

Well, try to execute a habit of making 50 push-ups a day, when you barely can do 10. You can last for  2 or 3 days and then you’re done and you will lose your momentum.

Habits build in time. And, remember it’s always easy to move on if you already have something set in place. 

So, there’s a strategy called mini habits. It’s proven that your willpower grows with taken action. Therefore instead of making 50 pushups a day, you can set a habit of making one pushup a day. 

There are many advantages to this strategy. It will be very easy to hold a streak and therefore a positive mindset. You can also miss a mini habit, but come on, even if you miss two days in a row, on a third one you can finally make that push up, right? 

Your will power is growing with taken action. So, soon you will find that one pushup a day is not enough and in reality, you will make 5, 10, 15, even 50 pushups a day. If I had a mini habit of writing 100 words per day – I’d almost always surpassed it, chances are you might positively surpass your mini habit as well. 

Let’s talk about other important paradigms or if you want hypotheses about habits. 

You cannot live fully structured, you need time to recalibrate by taking it easy. 

Even though we at will tell you that our mission is well – organized and expressed life – you as a person can’t be fully structured and follow just some well – planned life schemes and patterns. 

There needs to be a time when you slack a little bit, not holding your schedule, moving out of a plan. It’s simply because your body needs rest. 

The masters of the organization are those who can work with this “slack time” you need to recalibrate your energy. So, it’s best when you listen to yourself and know that maybe it’s time to be honest to yourself and say that hey, learning this language is cool, but it’s just not for me right now. 

Imagine that you want to learn Spanish, but you’re living thousands of kilometers away from Spaniards where there’s no real influence of Spanish culture. What’s your stake and learning it? And now imagine you met a handsome Spaniard at the local bar – that motivation and will – power you to learn that language just quadruples, especially if you fancied Spanish before.

You know where I am getting…

We all need to learn to navigate in the uncertain waters of time. We need to become honest with ourselves and know when to deserve some time off.  

That leads me to another point 

For habits to change your life they must be out of stress. Simplify!

Some anxiety might be helpful to finally move to start learning, but for building good old – fashioned long – term habits, you have to take care of yourself. Remember, our association of willpower to a muscle? 

Muscles need not only workout but also time to rest. If you’re under constant pressure coming from work, relationships, choirs  – that’s just going to kill your will – power and you’ll be seeking easy ways out – easy carbs & television – which is eventually a fail. 

It’s easier said than done – but we should maybe all strive to simplify our lives. 

Focus on things that are truly important for you – and get rid of what’s not. It’s a good habit to clean your garage sometimes – get rid of redundant things that just take space. This goes for physical cleanup as well as mental. It’s a good habit to simplify your life to get rid of temptations.

Simpler means a lot of time happier.

There has to be a spike of dopamine. 

By habits in the end you will only last by something that you really like. In other words, there has to be a biochemical tie to the action you are undertaking. There has to be some dopamine spike – some injection of dopamine that feels good, that’s going to make that memory that it feels good to do that. 

If you connect that memory also rationally with your cortex and even can rationalize the big picture, why are doing this habit – that’s when you truly build a strong habit. That goes for bad habits as well, but that’s a different topic. 

The goal is to build long – term positive life-changing habits. 

Habits to change your life mean they are long – term

Maybe, we all should think long – term habits. Something that we can build over the long run – something that’s really making us more prosperous. For instance, building a business is a big habit. It requires discipline and organizing your time – and getting back to tasks and routines that are quite hard to execute – especially if you got other duties like family or if you just starting a business as a side hustle you probably have a stable 9 to 5 job. 

There are habits that you will try and yeah, it’s good to give it some time – span like a month when you’ll try to boost that willpower to actually be doing them. But, after this time, 30 days you decide to no longer be doing them. 

That’s normal. Everybody is unique and our personalities are different. There aren’t any 20 life-changing habits. There are 3 maybe 5 that can significantly change your life for the better. Subscribe to our channel, download our habit tracking app. In the next video, I am going to tell what my 3 life-changing habits. 

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