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How can you benefit from taking nootropics

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How can you benefit from taking nootropics? Per se we’re not going to tell you here that nootropics are good or bad. Somehow they are here and they are here to stay. I think the most common sense is in the sentence that in short – term they can bring you immediate improvements, but who knows what they do long – term. Although many studies conducted on animals showed promising results, we just don’t know how humans respond to them in the long run. That’s why we are cautious and have our own strategy. Instead of taking them everyday, we are proposing to understand them and use them for their right purpose. When they come handy basically. It’s useless to use phenibut everyday. I used to take it before job interviews until I discovered noopept. Phenibut made me nicely relaxed, but bit easy going in the meaning of careless as well. I wrote a little bit about “go getter” mental attitude noopept can cause. This attitude like “screw it, let’s do it” is in my mind better for acing a job interview. Of course there are some herbal nootropics that become more potent after everyday usage. These are however nowhere near as effective and potent as synthetic nootropics presented on this site.

So much for short – term / long – term usage, back to the topic…

You see lot of these people taking drugs (not smart drugs) to enhance them somehow. Isn’t it why some people do drugs after all? Feeling extraordinary, confident, empowered, invincible – isn’t it why people do cocaine? Some people in high – pressure working environments use some sort of speed drugs. The drug that gives them energy. But are they utilizing their time properly when they’re running on something? I saw many guys doing speed, amphetamines and sort, but all they did was wasting their time drugged. They had energy, but they were not utilizing it towards productivity. Then of course after big hype comes big low. I do not want to compare nootropics to hard drugs, because they ain’t that. Nootropics are mild substances that change your game a little. It’s a little catalyst and you have to use them towards your productivity, growth and well – being.

So yes, be smart about nootropics. Learn to use them effectively. There is no purpose of feeling hyped without real results. If they are not helping you to make a momentum and progress in personal development, then why should take them in a first place, ain’t that right?

How can you benefit from taking nootropics – more open minded = better education

Taking nootropics can make you more open – minded. Being open – minded can bring you many benefits. Consider these 7 benefits of being open – minded. The biggest benefit is by far being able to take on more learning opportunities. When you decide to have an open mind you will gain the confidence and strength to learn and progress. Experiment with your life to find what is important for you and what is not.

I have been reading a very interesting book from Great ideas originate in the muscles. Read more at: Jo Boaler – Mathematical mindset.

Have you ever been scared on math class? Did you dislike learning, or even hearing about anything connected to mathematics? This comes from ancient fear of making mistakes and blaming yourself for it. Instead of being open – minded, someone who should welcome mistakes since they make our brains grow, you condemn your mistakes and fear them.  Our society does not tolerate mistake making. Math, just like many other subjects is the victim of deterministic thinking – the judging mindset and label placing. Oh, if you do not have genes for math, then you should just forget being good at it. You will never learn it and you’re out! Such a deterministic bullshit!

They are these blockers. These are the barriers to our progress and growth. Instead of having an experimental mind where every mistake is a pointer for how to learn something new about you and your progress, you become depreciable and weak by making them. Closed mind does not inflate. It is closed. An opened mind creates more synapses, neuron connections and new pathways are established to help you attenuate the learning struggle.

We have to be like Edison was.

– Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to do doesn’t mean it’s useless.

Or maybe his better known…

– I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

Noopept for instance in my case causes this aloof mood that makes me accept my shortcomings better.It is as if I could look at the subject from a view and look into the future – what I need to work on in order to achieve a better level of this subject. Whether it’s learning math, or coding or any skill or endeavor you want to work on. Open your mind and start to consider yourself as an experiment. Life is a lab and you are the scientist. Mistakes, if not fatal are good. So go over them. Use nootropics to help you achieve that if you need to!

How can you benefit from taking nootropics – social influencer

Nootropics have proven track of influencing social behavior. Whether it is sulbutiamine, phenibut, fasoracetam,  noopept or 5- HTP. These are the substances that are going to change your perception of dealing with people. Nobody is going to convince me otherwise, because this comes from my own experience. I am almost bound to specify what I meant under social influencing. Almost nothing in sense of being able to manipulate people. What I mean by that is to be in overall mood or perception that lets you fully indulge the presence of other people and they notice it. Hence they enjoy being present with you as well. It’s an energy perception game. Your words and interactions have meaning and you are receiving feedback from other people. You are influencing the social environment around you as a valid member – a working beacon of this certain group. You are a significant social member.

Nootropics are changing the social game. Maybe not radically, if you imagine being limitless guy behind it, but they do change it significantly.

Sulbutiamine is a substance that most resembles what we saw in the movie Limitless. Of course much more subtle. But in good portion this substance can make you more eloquent and keen to engage in conversations better. My experiences with Sulbutiamine were that I felt this rationale mechanism behind the words I was releasing out of my mouth. I could sense them better somehow. Sort of like I had more neuronal connections behind the meaning of the words. It’s definitely a great thing when you want to become fully engaged and present in social conversations. Only when you are truly present you can leave an impression on others.

Nootropics can help you engage and use more logic in any practical social engaging – when you are selling something, dating, job interview, public speech and such. Noopept is my favorite thing for mild social anxiety relief. It’s like your intelligence raises to the level you consider social anxiety silly. “I am too smart, to be worried about what he or she thinks” sort of.

Phenibut and Fasoracetam are both great when the sky is falling at you or the pressure rises. Public speech or big party with lots of new people? Definitely it can be fun to experiment with these nootropics on these occasions.

How can you benefit from taking nootropics – Focus on your growth and education

This sort of goes to the first thing said about how can you benefit from taking nootropics. But what nootropics can bring into your game might be the focus on yourself. If you are on facebook, instagram and all different social media, you see other people showing parts of their lives – usually in more glamour than they are in reality. It’s easy to compare your life to others. You start to judge yourself upon them, your “who you are” and “where you are”- they are then relative to your peers and friends. Don’t do that! Compare yourself to yesterday’s you! But not to your peers!

Focus on yourself always!  

Write your story. You are not defined from outside. It’s your story!

When I started to experiment with nootropics, I started a diary to record my consciousness and thoughts I had when I used these substances. Maybe just that is enough to focus on yourself and tune your life. Focus in this life is a key. There are so many distractions especially when you are on autopilot and living someone else’s life. Choose yourself! And what is important for you. To find this out, be brutally honest to yourself and establish your constitution of values and make decisions upon that.

Your education is the key. We have to learn all our life. If you want to acquire new skills in your road, do that! Everything is learn-able at any age. Well, yeah 70 year old guy  probably won’t become a good java developer anymore, but he still can learn some basics if he truly wanted. But that was not that point. When you are in your 40s,50s,60 s even 70s it’s just not too late to learn something new to progress.

You  can use this site to hire tutors and mentors –

Noopept, phenibut, sulbutiamine, Alpha GPC , Vinpocetine  – All of these nootropics are very useful when you need to boost your neurons to acquire new skills.

How can you benefit from taking nootropics

How can you benefit from taking nootropics – recreational experimenting

Let’s face it. Why do people take drugs? Big part of the story is for recreational purposes. It’s another state of consciousness and people are naturaly curious how does it feel. Nootropics – smart drugs fit  this purpose. They are mild drugs. You won’t get addicted to any of that stuff – it is not cocaine, heroin or any of that shit. You get to know its benefits and you use it whenever you need to.

The experience I had with phenibut was one of the best I ever had with any drug. It was literally like if someone drew a smiley face on my face and nothing or no one could have ruined my day. I remember the details of that day very brightly although it was just an ordinary day, nothing special. Sun was shinning, I was smiling at random people. Then I was crossing the street when white truck hit me. It was not going fast, but the hit was strong enough to put me down on the ground. I stood up from the ground, shook off. Boy, I would have been so pissed at the driver had I been “normal”, because it was his fault. I looked at the driver and… I just said : “it’s all rigghhtt!” And smiled like a dummy. No one could have taken that smile out of my phenibut face.

If you can think of more,then write us. However, remember. Experimenting with nootropics can be fun, but be smart with them, well just like about anything. What’s really important is your growth and progress.

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