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How does CBD make you feel? | CBD is for grown-ups

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How does CBD make you feel? Well, why haven’t you tried it yourself yet? 

Hey if you don’t feel like reading, check the video

Well, you might have your own reasons. 

Maybe, because you were uncertain what might happen when you try it and you get high. It’s Marijuana after all, right? The evil thing…

Or you are just afraid of uncle Sam because on the federal level CBD is still illegal to add to food or beverages

Once upon a time, the world was using this magic plant as a true gift from mother nature. After all, the constitution of the United States is written on a hemp paper.  

But, then there came a strong lobby and put this great plant out of the picture. This is changing and we witness its comeback. 

Countries are liberating their regulating policies and more and more people are aware of potential therapeutic benefits. 

how does cbd make you feel

How does CBD make you feel – CBD vs. THC?

Thc is psychoactive and CBD not.

This is what a person who has tried both usually tells you.  

THC makes you high and CBD won’t.

A more erudite version of this statement is something like: THC is psychoactive, CBD is not.

The term psychoactive should be used cautiously though. 

When we hear psychoactive we usually think of changes in the perception of our consciousness.

We suddenly feel and act differently than our “normal selves”. It’s being high. 

In a broader term, we understand psychoactive as something simply affecting the mind. It can be affecting our central nervous system and its adjacent biochemistry. 

In this definition the statement – “CBD is not psychoactive” is untrue. 

CBD influences the mind – its reported anxiolytic effects are proof that CBD has mind-altering qualities. 

It works differently in our system as THC though. 

We have two main types of receptors in our endocannabinoid system. If you have never heard of endocannabinoid systen, click

THC is activating CB1 and CB2.

CBD is inhibiting them.

It works opposite to THC. 


CBD is not Intoxicating

Better than to talk about “psycho-activity” is to talk about intoxication.

Intoxication is a good pointer where everybody knows that it is bringing us to states where we are no longer in total control

THC is intoxicating. 

It is the strong agonist of CB1 receptors.

If you put the person under MRI to scan his brain, you would see that THC is influencing the blood flow to the prefrontal cortex.

These areas of the brain control attention, executive function, different motor skills

It is also certain that THC is influencing the reward system of the brain. People who smoke THC or “pot” experience food cravings for instance.

It’s because their sensory and reward circuitry is influenced by THC.

CBD does not do that.

It influences many endocannabinoid receptors we have all over our bodies. But, it is not activating CB1 receptor. 

In fact, there is a study that concludes that CBD is actively inhibiting the metabolism of THC – Pubmed

What is interesting enough is that the same study concludes that when inducing CBD, it had minimal impact on THC-induced behavior.

Once you get smoke THC you just gotta wait till it goes away. CBD is not going to help that nausea too much. 

CBD is not intoxicating though. 

CBD gives, Does not take

The most important thing to say was that CBD is not intoxicating. But, you feel it. It’s kind of like being drunk without the buzz.

I know this is hard to get, but at the same time, it is hard to explain. 

Intoxicating substances give and take

Imagine drinking a beer or two and you suddenly feel more relaxed and present. But, drink another two or free and you are drunk – intoxicated

Suddenly, your spelling is not so vivid.  Your “powers” gained by drinking a beer – being more present and relaxed are suddenly not so sharp. In fact, you are much more unrestrained and irrational. 

And soon enough you might even become to act dumb and stupid. 

Intoxicating substances are giving you and taking from you at the same time.

THC makes you more sensual, present, and in some sense more creative. At the same time, it can make you less rational, more anxious, more down, and depressed. 

CBD is pure giving without taking. 


Too much THC beats the crap out of your productivity

The best thing I like about CBD is that it does not kill my productivity. I can smoke it and still have my schedule. I can still write down my tasks, my to-do list – and still can deliver.

With THC you cannot! 

If you smoke a strong THC “skank” your day is burned. 

You can lust lie on the couch, eat some chicks and watch movies for the rest of your morning, afternoon, or whatever. 

With CBD you are not turned off.

CBD you can smoke or take at any part of the day and still get your shit done! 

You can drive without losing your abilities. 

Well, THC is also not a driving – killer in my opinion, but at the same time. 

Since it possesses major behavioral and psychological changes, it is just stupid to drive on THC in my opinion. 

But, by smoking CBD you can drive safely. 

You can smoke it during a teleconference when working from home

Going shopping, job interviews, going on a date, practically anywhere and anytime. 

I can do the habits that I planned in my habit tracker.

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1 App Screenshot 1 213x300, Inex Life

With CBD nothing is lost and compromised!

It is just given. 

How does CBD make you feel exactly

With every substance I took, there is this plot – this background I get to know it from. Some are more potent than others. 

I am thinking about noopept now in one particular supplement

You live your life in a day.

And you react to different environment phenomenons. But, at the same time, you are aware that it is in you. 

How does CBD make you feel?

It reflects the best when you find yourself in specific environmental setups. 

Like noopept helps with social conversations – I feel they are deeper, better led by me, better structured. 

CBD helps me to be more relaxed in those conversations. 

Like I noticed that speaking with my wife when it comes to the more peculiar topics is not so intense. It’s like the counter-argument trigger button is turned off or whatever. 

I can sit there and listen more, instead of reacting all the time. Not like, I am not trying to listen more than to react, but somehow with CBD, it gets easier. 

Here’s the list where CBD helps me to live just a little bit better. 

In what situations is CBD helping me

  • CBD helps not be so reactive in discussions. This can be tremendously helpful when you need to talk about important things with your spouse.
  • My mind is not racing that much. 
  • It helps me to work. It does not kill my productivity. I smoke it just to keep me entertained and it kills a little bit of anxiety. I believe a person does not identify that much with things when taking CBD
  • It helps me focus better. It is a minor distraction. If you are smoking CBD, you can smoke it inside, just in front of your laptop. It’s not taking you away from your work. And every hit just gets you back to your work – be it writing or coding in my case.
  • Oil, smoke, whatever. Usually, the products are packed with good smelling additives or terpenes – they complement your environment meant for productivity.
  • I noticed that my sleep is deeper, and I feel more refreshed. 
  • I think it influences sex. Sex on the pot may be great. With CBD there’s no intoxicating during the sex, but the good spot prevails. Hard to explain, try it yourself 🙂 

How does CBD make you feel – Conclusion? 

What did we learn in this article? CBD is not intoxicating. It is marijuana without intoxicating effects that are not killing your productivity or clear mind. 

Most of the intoxicating substances give you something, but they take as well. CBD gives less sensation than THC, but at the same time it does not take, it only gives. CBD is “normal life” just a little bit better. 

And one thing we did not talk about in this article is that CBD has some major therapeutic effects, we’re going to talk about it in the next articles. 

CBD is mitigating anxiety. It’s making you less reactive, mostly I think because it relaxes muscles. 

It’s a good distraction since induction is quick and easy. You do not have to go on the balcony to smoke to get a break. The break comes instantly – smoking or taking oil in front of your computer’s screen for instance. 

CBD helps you sleep, and sex feels great on it. 

I hope this helps to plot a clearer picture of how does CBD makes you feel.

But, the best thing would be if you tried it yourself.

Really, it’s harmless!

I love every way how to take CBD – eating – smoking, taking the oil orally, or putting cream on you when you have muscle spasms.

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