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How to be a good seller

Selling all the time and not being afraid of it

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How to be a good seller? Do you want to influence people to buy your product or services? It is a tough job and if done correctly – winners are made that way. There are numerous specific techniques how to reach it and how to get better in this art. However one thing is critical that we want to discuss in this article. You can’t be afraid of selling.

How to be a good seller – we are not afraid

Selling is an exchange of value for currency. It is one of the most natural societal things without which states and societies could not function. Conscious man should become a good seller. It’s because of the things we talked about earlier. You want to be a master of your own thoughts and life. You have to take complete responsibility for your own life. What do we need selling for? We have marketing. Companies are sharing their value in media; we have e-commerce, with goods and services to be found online. Potential customers can find information all by themselves, so what do we need salesmen for then? It’s because of closing. Salesmen need to tell potential customers to buy. That’s it! Without a call for action that is underlined with the appealing personality of salesmen, the probability of ka-ching is much lower. And that is the parallel to your life. You have to ASK for it. Or call to action. Close all your life.

Conscious, successful people are selling all the time

That is the selling of conscious man or woman. Conscious man or woman asks for what they want from life. They are
clear on what they want. They know all mighty consciousness has brought them their desires. They know their value and they know they’re in control, having total responsibility for their life. They sell without good or bad emotions. Naturally, they have a positive attitude toward life. They know that sticking too long with unproductive, negative thoughts is worthless. Why would they choose to be miserable if they know they’re in charge of it? Well, maybe some people love to be miserable. Then be it, but only if it’s your decision!

Don’t make mental projections about your selling

So, a conscious man sells neutral. He asks for and exchanges value without prejudice and much self-interpretation in the proposals. We have to practice not being interpreted, not being afraid or hyper in our demands and be willing to just ask. Just like that: “Hey, Boss, I’d like to have a raise” without putting too much of yourself into it. Just taking it in, freely, not much up, not much down – neutrally – just don’t be afraid to ask for it and sell it. Tell them why you think you are worth a raise. Tell it rationally, argumentatively; emotions will point you up and down as they
persist and are important triggers of your cognitive process, but just like meditating, bring it back to oneness. Focus on the present moment. Don’t be distracted with one thought or another one that comes: “Have I said that too disrespectful? Or was I too mild?” Let emotions be your pointers, but always focus on your job here, which is in this example to get a raise. Stay calm and focused. And don’t stick with your emotions and thoughts too long. That’s the best advice out there.

How to be a good seller – be conscious of your worth

Know your worth. You know how important you are. By living consciously, you let the greatest entity, the universe, live within you. What else do you need as self-esteem? Honestly, there is nothing else. No material belongings, not that crap. I am telling you this because by knowing this you won’t be afraid of rejection. Rejection by other people is the reason why we fail to ask and sell or should I say close in our life. We are afraid that others
are going to dislike us, deny us, and label us not nicely. But you can’t appeal to everybody. I guarantee you that if you ask without interpretation of you into your proposals, people will notice and won’t be offended by you simply asking. I am not even saying that you should avoid handling objections. Especially when guys are dating women, objection is almost always wanted, because by tossing an objection, a woman tests a man if he’s willing to work on their relationship. It’s a test that if he passes he gets credit for. Also, in selling products and services, people toss all kinds of objections out there because they don’t want to pay attention, or they are afraid from some past experiences, or it can be any other reason. Handling an objection is a natural technical standpoint of a salesmen; a conscious salesman handles it but is not interpreted in it. A fail to make a connection is fact. A success to make a sale is fact. But any interpretation or any theory made of these observations does not matter

In Conclusion

So to recap, conscious man or woman sells because selling means closing and you need to ask from life to truly get what you want. Emotions are triggers, and a conscious man sells without interpretation and mental projections of themselves in the selling story: “Oh, I will just die if this prospect won’t like my story. I will die when my friends don’t like the vacation I picked out for us. I will just die when this girl will deny me; what will she think of me?” And so on, and so on. Ahh, these mental films running in our heads, don’t we just love them? Stop that and just sell. Ask for what you want from life. Close it.

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