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How to be confident in yourself

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Being confident is not the same as being condescending, egoistic, demeaning, you know putting down others and thinking of yourself that ‘you’re the best’.

The real confidence is the feeling that goes from within. Ok, there are social outcomes – other people see whether you are confident or anxious or something.

But, in essence, it’s still just the inner battle. You gather the inputs – the fears, the inconsistencies, the laughs, feedbacks, comments and it’s only about controlling your mind what you do in discomfort – how can you react in situations that are out of your comfort zone. Let us give you a couple of hints to become more confident with yourself in life

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How to be confident in yourself

How to be confident in yourself – Visualize

Visualization is one of the keys to a successful outcome of your actions. There is Mind over matter. There’s a reason why professional athletes fall in love with visualization and leave the mental preparation an equal amount of time as they do for a physical one.

There is an actual study that has shown that a group of people just visualized themselves practicing, lifting weights gained muscle.

You see before you can all achieve it; you can see it all in your mind. Nikola Tesla visualized all his inventions before he constructed them. Albert Einstein triumphed from his visualizing powers to postulate his famous theory.

You can make a virtual screen where you can roll up your ideal – to become life or you can loose your mind to give you some mental pictures that may bring you more motivation, inspiration, more confidence in the process – for instance before a public speech, you can visualize yourself talking with people on a banquet, where they all cheers with you, what a great presentation you gave, and even a person, who was once your idol stopped by you, to give you thumbs up.

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How to become confident in yourself #2 – Ask yourself WHY NOT ME | Trust Yourself

Ask yourself why not me, trust yourself – Ask yourself, why the heck I can’t be the one who could ace this competition, this presentation, this interview, this date? Yes, you can look around what attributes other to be competitors have against you but don’t lay down yourself.

You’re cool, if you’re standing there it’s for a reason. Either you have worked hard for this and you’re there for a purpose, or you are here to learn something and gain experience. This leads us to the next point.

How to become confident in yourself #3 – Preparation

You have to prepare yourself for every event. If you are not that experienced, you have to prepare even harder.

This can loop to visualization – you can visualize yourself being in discomforting situations and now having enough time to go through it and answer the corky questions.

The more time you invest in your preparation a.k.a. the work you put in the better.

We consider preparation something different than practice and actually putting down the work. It’s the focus on proper delivery of the work. It means you are bound to a certain regime and rules that are binding you to deliver certain efforts.

It means you are getting enough sleep before your public speech, or you are not drinking alcohol when tomorrow is your race and etc.

You check yourself, you’re frugal, dedicated to the delivery of performance.

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How to become confident in yourself #4 – Practice

Probably what gives you confidence the most is practice. 20 years of experience in a certain profession is going give you confidence incomparable to a rookie who just started to sail in the new waters.

Confidence is gained through practice. And that’s why you need to practice a lot. If you’re just starting in a new field, what helps best is to confess that you’re just starting and you’re here to learn a lot.

The incompetence is best compensated by enthusiasm. People will feel that you’re present – being in the moment, you want to suck the knowledge up and learn something that moves you forward.

They will forget some mistakes if they see you’re willing to put all you got into this – the so-called skin in the game.

How to become confident in yourself #5 – Accept Anxiety

When dealing with anxiety is usually always better to accept it than try to enforce and choke it in you that it’s not existing. It’s like with ego – if you accept it and just observe it losses power.

Everybody is anxious. There are people who have to give public speech 1000x times, yet they still feel nervous before public speaking. It’s not that they lost their anxiety.

It is that they overcome it. They’ve become bigger than their anxiety and they are determined to go beyond it. Anxiety can’t stop you from achieving greatness.

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How to become confident in yourself #6 – Get Social Support

Focus on people that like you no matter what. Your parents love you no matter what or at least from 100 000 people there’s always a bunch you is willing to support you not hate you.

Focus on them and embrace and be grateful for their support. We are social animals and like it or not dependent upon each other’s support. 

There’s no bigger commitment than when someone gives his or her trust in you and you don’t want to let them down. The results are not fully in your hands, but the determination is fully yours.

How to become confident in yourself #7 – Nootropics

Nootropics are not the best solutions as a confident driver. But they can serve you if you need a minor confidence boost.

For instance, noopept is awesome for job interviews, because it boosts social intelligence. Sulbutiamine does this job as well as good.

Phenibut kills social anxiety. However, nootropics are to be experimented and treated like a confidence boost only when you know what you can expect in a certain situation from them – what gains can you expect in certain situations.

AT we try to review the best nootropics we use ourselves. If you’d like to, go check them

How to become confident in yourself #8 – Have high standards

This comes to a little bit for what has been said earlier but having high standards about yourself is extremely important in confidence building. It is to build some mental identities that will support you in the pursuit of confidence.

This can be belonging to a certain phenomenon – like nationality – you’re strong, because you’re Russian, or you have a can attitude because you’re an American.

You do something extra, something more creative because you’re working for Apple computers and etc.  You too can develop kinds of identities that can backbone your confidence when you need it.

how to have confident in yourself

How to become confident in yourself #9 – Transcend negative into positive

Ego feeds on negativity happening to other people. It is raised when other people are down. Many people fall into the trap of their egos because it feels good. In your path to happiness, there may be a lot of people – the naysayers, haters, “dislikers” or just something negative happening to you.

Understand that energy is just one. We, humans, put labels on it and can pile it to positive or negative energy through our emotions, but in nature, energy is just one. You can learn to use the negatives into your favor and transcend it to something productive. 

There might be things happening to you that you perceive as injustices. This is a great time to get aware and start metathinking.

What am I feeling in this moment, why am I feeling this, how can I use this to my favor?

You might feel burnt out and ditched that you did not get that promotion at work, but the real champions use this energy to work even harder and smarter to grow beyond this promotion and achieve even something better. 

how to become confident in yourself

How to become confident in yourself #10 – Student mentality

Think of Socrates, oh what a great teacher and wise man he was. He knew a lot, yet he’s always repeated himself: I know, that I know nothing. Do not get frustrated that you can’t achieve a certain amount of competence yet.

Enjoy the process, enjoy the learning! Do not compare yourself to the others, but compare yourself to yesterday’s you – how much did you improve to what you were yesterday. That’s the healthy process

How to become confident in yourself #11 – Stoicism & spirituality

Stoicism is wisdom that demands the tranquility of your mind. In its highest essence, it is the containment of the mind.

If there was a tennis game, the stoic would have said: I will give my best to this game. I will put 110 percent into this effort, I will strive to be the fastest and strongest on the court.

I have prepared so hard for this game and I trust myself that I can do it. I might not win the game, because that I can’t influence completely – there’s another contestant who wants to win as well.

But, I will do my best and the win is just a bonus. Do you understand stoicism? You enjoy and dedicate yourself to the process, not to the outcomes and results. Same goes for spirituality if you’re more of a spiritual person.

Same can be said to trusting God. You say – God, I will do my best, I will show my best effort, I will dedicate myself to you, you decide whether I deserve to win or not. It’s in your power, and I trust you unconditionally.


These were techniques to boost your confidence. Think about them and practice them daily. Join us to build self – organized and expressed life – inexhaustible life.

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