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How to become fast learner

How to become a fast learner

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How do you learn anything fast? How to become a fast learner? When you want to accomplish something – a product, service, a task – you will need skills.. Skills you can either acquire or you need to freelance them. Thank God we have an online era that is providing a way to get help from freelancers. Freelancers are people who possess skills and for a temporary contracts you can get an excess to those skills. Without help of other people it is literally impossible to achieve anything great. You can do stuff one out of time, but learning how to work around with freelance community does make a sense in contemporary world.

However I would not like to rely on freelancers only. Freelancers do not take your project by heart. They just do their job, get paid, ask you for 5 star review and bye bye. Some things you just really should learn how to do yourself. We have to be studs ourselves. For instance starting a blog should not be a problem to achieve through WordPress. Making a small editing in Photoshop should not be a problem. Editing a simple video should not be a problem and so on.

Learning new things is really good for two things:

  • You grow. Experience new things and generate new ideas in new circles.
  • You’re finding out what works for you and what does not. Meaning you’re finding your passion.

Learning is cool, but contemporary world is fast. We got families to feed.

So, how to learn anything fast?

How to become a fast learner

I am going to give you couple of tips how to start. But first I want to feather away from what a great age we’re living. Thanks to digital world the education is being slowly disrupted. Universities held their supremacy for way long, but now it’s getting over. It’s no longer truth that you can get well – educated and become an expert only by being college educated. Sites like udemy, coursera, codeacademy or khan academy are all disrupting the place.

Learning to code fashion to get a great job in tech industry has become almost impossible to avoid. From every side companies are head hunting us to learn to code.

But what should we learn anyway?

Buddy, I am telling you. You need to find for yourself.

how to become a fast learner

That is why I started this site  that aims to get you a good mentor or a tutor. But the idea behind this site is this. Maybe it is not so appearant now, but in this site there is  decomposed, specified learning and teaching. You can put this decomposed learning into the shopping cart. Lost in that? Well imagine there would be a course called “Become a piano master”. You open the course and there is this world champion pianist teaching and you have a certain curriculum in that. You start to learn from the basics. Music,  accords and stuff – I do not know actually a thing about playing on piano. But it sucks. Learning to play just the basics sucks. Most of the people could urge them to stay for a while and give this couple of ours, but most of them fail to move forward. That is because they do not see the whole picture behind it.

Now, imagine if there’d be a course named “learn how to play Sonata for Elise by Beethoven”. Sense the difference? You know exactly what you can get from this course. In the end you should know how to play Sonata for Elise. Of course it requires to get through some basics of piano playing, but you know there, that your goal by the end of this is to be able to play sonata for Elise to your girlfriend (hopefully named Elise as well).

Do you see the difference? You’re there knowing how to play Sonata for Elise and you can decide for yourself whether this was worth your time and you should pursuit it further. I can become a master piano player or I say: “oh well, this was fun, but I rather devote my time to something else.”

This guy is a badass in education and inspired me a lot in this field.

How to become a fast learner points

So here is what you need to do to become a fast learner:

  1. Have a precise picture what you want to accomplish
  2. Decompose, specify activity – what skills it requires.
  3.  Obtain critical tools – like a fast computer when you want to learn to code
  4. Eliminate barriers to practice –  in another words focus
  5. Network with your peers

You can find any help on

Use nootropics.  Nootropics are awesome for learning. Whether you need to focus or cognitive boost to get it going. Especially if you need some boost and focus you could use – noopept, Alpha- GPC or Sulbutiaminenoopept.

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