How to become a superlearner and most of all why?

There have been a lot of discussions about super – learning skills. I guess it is a lot easier to be a nerd these days. If you think about it it is much sexier and publicly appealing, since the time of The Big Band theory and such. Maybe even today are nerd being beaten up, just like they hazed Elon Musk and such. But, today learning is being a searched topic  – vivid and exuberant in content. Thanks to the internet there is heck of a lot of information that is accessible.

So, there is like a new caste of people called super – learners. The first association I hear under super – learner is of someone who is reading like a no. 5 robot from short circuit movie. He or she reads fast and is also able to recall the text into the working memory hence is able to use the information in the practice. However,  I do understand under the term superlearner something in a broader sense. It does not reflect only the speed and understanding of the content of the text let’s say, but also the broader context of the information gathered. The super learner is like Elon Musk. He learns fast and extrapolates his semantic tree from the study material. In another word he targets to understand the fundamentals before he goes into deep details. And he’s superb practical. He uses the learned information in the practice hence he’s creating a knowledge. Information is not a knowledge you know !? But, that has been known from the times of Einstein.

This era of automation and artificial intelligence is compelling us to become ever – learning animals. Dull and repeating executions are delegated or will be delegated on machines and we humans are here for creativity. In order to become creative, we must learn and experience subjects from many fields. After all, creativity is just connecting the dots. So, in order to know a lot, we need to learn a lot.  Before saying how to become a superlearner we need to, first of all, say why.


Why to become a superlearner or what is the future of adult – learning


All learning is not created equal.  There are three types of learners. Imagine a zealous hard worker – a workaholic. He works hard on his tasks at work, and there is nothing wrong with it. The problem is that he or she thinks only in terms of contemporary learning strategies. There is almost no added value this person can bring in terms of innovations and cross-platform utilities. If your project requires a good knowledge of let’s say excel, it is good to feel comfortable in excel, but imagine if you could deliver your task much more efficient using classic database utilities. This would bring more effectiveness and value to your team and colleagues.

Another type of learner is the – learning for fun kind of a person. Oh, I love to learn for fun and topics that have nothing to do with my current position and actually cannot really build a business around them. But they are fun! Ok, that’s cool, but it’s not what we are aiming for in this course.

We are aiming for a results-oriented learning in this course. You learn either to enhance your personal characteristics (what helps you to lead a better life)  or to earn more money. Yes, learning has to be practical in our terms and in terms of this course. Think of the equation learning = results. It has to enhance your life.


There is nothing wrong on working hard, but in the 21st Century you need to learn and work smart”

how to become a superlearner


Learning = Results (that enhance your life and get you closer to your fulfillment)


In order to know how to become a superlearner we need to know or why behind our learning endeavors. I think this is clear.

Wayne Gretzky, the best hockey player of all time once said: I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.  Well, maybe it is just Wayne Gretzky who sees the future stance of things, but actually, some general trends or milestones are foreseeable. It is almost certain that automaton will take place in product manufacturing or that we will use artificial intelligence in the future. It is happening even now, that severe professions are not stable, but that the scope of work is constantly changing and new professions are being created on regular basis. You need to learn where the puck is going to be.

For that, you need to identify the skills that will profit you the most and get you ahead. They should enhance you as a valuable person and should be in demand in the market as well. The ideal is when you learn something you find some passion to learn about and it is of value to the market. You must want it in order to truly learn. I understand that computer science has some parts that are really boring, like hexadecimal, binary conversions. But if you see the knowledge put into the bigger picture, that it is much more bearable to learn even not so exciting stuff.



how to become a superlearner

So, the principles of how to become a superlearner  that I could come up with are as follows:


  • You should learn things that will help you to solve current, real-world problems – your problems (not everybody can solve the world’s problems of course) 


  • Don’t learn things you can’t see the value of and which are not directly useful – do not learn just for intellectual purposes. That’s good to keep yourself sharp. But there is not much practical value in learning what consanguinity means – if you are not marrying your cousin of course. 


  • Build project study plans  – become an architect of your learning. It will help you to see the big picture – your scope statement what you want to achieve in the end. It will help you to differentiate between what information is really important and what you can trash.


  • Increase your motivation by doing something that you want to do, by improving your skills, and by having a sense of purpose larger than yourself.


  • Learn effective and speed – reading and enhance memorization skills


How to become a superlearner



So, how to become a superlearner is not just hacking around speed – reading and memorization. Although, it is an important part of the concept.

Before you acquire any skills that will get you forward, you need to know first what kind of skills will get you there. So, before learning new skills you have to learn how to learn. Only then you can start your journey because you know exactly what lies on the end of it.

And then there’s the course that will teach just that:


  • Build the foundations in you that your learning should lead to your success


  • Build a functional study project plan. Your studies should really be based on your own learning project


  • Give you hacks in effective reading and memorizing


  • We will also crack the stereotypes of “being too old for learning” and show some tips for gaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

So, grab your course and start your results-oriented learning

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