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How to change the world | visualize your message

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How to change the world video for lazy ones to read 🙂

You might not be happy about your current’s life situation. You have some problems, something you perceive as not ideal for you – somehow if you could only change it. But, the time is righteous. Nothing happens overnight.

But, first, you got to know what should happen. What should happen exactly so your life will alter for the better? And do not blame the external factors – blame the world. If you want to change the cruel world, you have to first change yourself. That goes for everything. The greatest shoemaker in the World Tomas Bata has said it for business as well:

in order to build a great company, build yourself first!

Everything in this world was made by people that were no smarter than you

There are no other tools than building the vision for yourself what you want to become and acting upon it. There is a huge amount of development content, but all of it in its very essence consists of these two entities that are also your tools.

You see, everything in this world was made by other people just like you. Yes, in what we call reality there’s some objectivity. For instance, radiation exists objectively. It’s there even if you did not believe that it exists. We can think of objects that are objective in nature usually when we think about biological objects.

If you went to Chernobyl on the day of the disaster and never heard of radiation and did not believe it exists, you’d still get radiated on that day and probably would have died on aftereffects of getting radiated.

But, most of the modern people, Homo sapiens live in the world that predominantly consists of objects made by other people where thoughts were substantiated into matter and became our reality.

Most of the objects from our lives are made by pure human imagination. Everything once started as a thought. But, the simple thought is not enough. You can believe some thought in your head, but it only becomes our reality when this thought becomes a collective belief.

The act of persuasion is the secret ingredient of creation – changing of the collective reality from pure thought.

How to change the world – how can it not be real?

Let’s take Google for instance. What is it? Is it a search engine a brand – logo, is it one of the most talented and ambitious people with the highest salaries or is it a building in Silicon Valley or just a simple corporation.

Or is it a culture? Google is a pure creation of the human mind. It’d not be a reality, it’d not be existing without entrepreneurship of the human mind.

Everybody takes for granted and as an objective truth that Google exists and it is our reality. How could Google not be real? We’re using it daily. It’s our second nature to Google all kinds of things we need to research to feed our curious minds.

If one day the CEO of Google would wake up and claimed that Google does not matter and it does not exist and he’d be totally serious about it, he’d have been locked into the insane – asylum, simply because everybody knows that Google is real. How could it not be? The belief is so entrenched into our reality that we would not be able to think otherwise. Yet, everything changes and companies and their realities come and go.

How to change the world

How to change the world – start with visualization first

In the very beginning of your transformation, you begin to build a deeper mind-body connection. You spend more time observing and focusing on vast space of silence that is beyond the dissonance of the world of forms. You look deeper within, you are more aware of your breathing, focused on simply being in the present moment – yes, you are more present.

Once you find joy in this you can start to develop a white screen method for visualization – the technique Nikola Tesla had been so profoundly using to invent awesome things.

Many people use manifestations in order to achieve their dreamed life situations. I can’t help but think about Jim Carrey in this instance. Jim Carrey is the living proof of transformation of the belief in manifestation to a famous world –known actor.

I remember watching many interviews with him that he used to put a piece of paper with a one million $ sign on it and put it in his pocket. That way every time he’d open his wallet, he’d have one million $ notice in front him – the reminder of his big goal. It took some time until it became a reality. He convinced other people that he’s a good actor and he deserved this kind of money, even much more as he earned millions throughout his career.

But, one thing that is even more intriguing about Jim Carrey is that he’s conscious to the level of that he’s not attached to things he has experienced and accomplished. A Lot of times we hear him say that

I wish everyone could experience being rich and famous, they’d see it wasn’t the answer to anything.

Because if you think about that all this reality is a human-made construct, just like the Google example above. It’s not a biological ultimate goal to become rich and famous. All this crap of success does not matter. Everything is a construct a creation. Everything exists only thanks to the human mind.

There is a purpose in life though

We might sound as cynics – nothing matters, everything is human-made construct – it’s not objective, screw it. And, yet we write about how to change the world.

But, not really we at are not cynics. Just the strive to tranquil and manage your mind – to become its master rather than a slave of your mind – just that is the lifetime, pretty challenging quest. All of it is to say, that one should strive to leave a certain space in between – what he sees as the reality that is constantly interchanging. States, human rights, LLCs, Corporations – all human constructs.

Besides we have a natural goal on this planet to become well – organized and expressed beings. The organization of ourselves and as a group is our biggest asset as mankind. The human being is weak. Its muscles no matter how much time one spends in the Gym are laughable when compared to any muscle of the chimp.

We do not have sharp teeth or claws that we could use to harm our prey. Everything that made us successful was coordination and working together, using our own individual strengths in collaboration with the group.

We are animals that can get organized in large groups that can work together effectively. Much more effectively than any other animals in the animal kingdom.

Just try to put 100 chimps together in a room or even better a 1000 – their lives will burst into chaos. Humans are able to cooperate together even if they do not know each other. For chimps to form coalitions and groups that are coordinating their actions together, they have to form first personal, physical relationships. They have to first smell, touch, know each other.

How to change the world

The biggest asset of people

Humans don’t. All they need is the list of common symbols they all understand. Under the common denominators of trust, they can organize their actions – millions and billions of them. They can unite under the symbol of Cross for instance or under the trust which is symbolized by currency – money is nothing but trust, total creation of the human mind because otherwise, it’s just priceless piece of paper or data on a computer server.

Everyone should strive for the lives to be expressed, every one according to their own natures – the circles and beliefs where one finds the tranquility of mind.

How to change the world

In order to change the world – the people have to first believe that the world has been changed by you. And that does not mean that the whole game has to change – we’re not talking the quality of the change, the quantification of the change.

To change the world means to make an impact according to your best self – organizing and expression principle. Immanuel Kant has said it profoundly

“Always act so that you may also wish that the maxim of your action become a universal law.”

The trick is of course in the definition of universal law. The mind can fall from the path of consciousness. It can go astray – it can start to believe that the universal law is the kingdom of the particular human race and race superiority, just like Hitler believed.

Because of that we always have to question ourselves and go beyond our minds. Build a space, meditate, tranquil it, question it, seek for answers, think for ourselves, do not take things for granted and do not let our egos to rule us. Love, cooperation, prosperity, and conciliation are far closer to the universal law than the dark side. Nature loves diversity and we as humans are in her debt – because we’ve killed some many species in the past.

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The conclusion

First, you build a vision by creating a mind-body connection. Secondly, you align the list of actions that you will work on in organized matter with dedication and perseverance. You’ll put energy in it.

Then you’ll trial and error what works and gather feedback. You’ll learn from other great people who have been on similar traits and done it somehow. The information is nowadays accessible.

Though information is not always knowledge and in order to gain knowledge, you have to implement the information in your own circumstances hence gain the knowledge.

Knowledge is action my friends and reflecting upon this experience is wisdom. And we want to be wise, don’t we?

Develop your vision, your belief and convince others to cooperate and believe this vision with you. That’s the best education you can get out there.

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