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How to eat everything what do you want and still have a great body

Screw dieting! Let’s think how to eat everything what do you want and still have a great body. It’s a long – term strategy. Some are getting along with it, better than the others, but it’s definitely not my piece of cake. I have tried it all, Low – carbs, low fat diet, counted calories, you name it. I am not saying that they don’t work, but they are not sustainable. Especially when you were little kid and your parents let you eat everything. The proof of that the system of dieting (calorie or macro-nutrient restriction) is not perfect is that the theories are supplemented by so called cheating days. Though these days might be called as transition, adoptive period, I think they hurt the core of the diet or its theory. Why when you restrict carbs you should opt in for cheating pizza and Mcdonalds days?  Yeah because pretty much without carbs you will feel like crap.

I was thinking of the method how to eat everything what do you want and still have a great body. Isn’t it something that intrigues us all? I mean there are so many goodies available from the Mother Earth and you are restricting them, because of some ideology. I am not yet speaking of the commercial, industrial “food” that is plugged into the system.

So how to eat everything what do you want and still have a great body?

Intermittent fasting

So instead of dieting choose fasting! Why? Well, fasting brings many benefits that we will talk about shortly. But what was really intriguing and enjoyable for me was that for once I am not feeling guilty when I am eating bread at night or craving pizzas during the movie night with friends. Anyway I am not solving eating that much. And there’s this thought that I am getting closer to nature with this. A Lion can eat up to 90 pounds of meat in a single meal. That’s crazy isn’t it? After that it is pretty saturated for days. And this eating lifestyle or habit suits me best. It’s not a diet, it’s lifestyle really. Eat and fast.

What is intermittent fasting? Well, simple enough, it’s fasting for at least 12 – 16 hours. Depends on methodology and yes, you can count your sleeping hours in! So what do you need is to learn how to consume a lot of meal at once – love it! I have a feeling like I found a joy in eating again. I mean like, I get so hungry I can’t wait to eat again, and I can consume plenty during my dinning. You know, just lovin it. It might be challenging to eat let’s say 1000 kcal at once, especially in the Morning. But that’s why you should catch up with your own plan for intermittent fasting. If you can skip a breakfast, well skip a breakfast and have your first meal between 12 am – 1 pm. At least that’s what I am doing. Between 12 am – 1 pm I am having my first meal. That’s 16 hours since my last meal.I have a meal in the office, but since I started IF, a soup and second dish are not enough for me. I always need to add some dessert to it to get full. So what can be the benefits of IF?

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What are the benefits of Intermittent Fasting (IF)

Fasting promotes Weight Loss

May be true and not. Many people lose weight in the beginning of their trail with IF simply because they can’t eat that much when they are eating. For me it’s very natural that I eat a lot for lunch and also dinner. I do not have a problem to consume up to 1000 kcal per one meal, but for someone it might be challenging especially when beginning with IF. Also you are probably aware that sugars can only last so much. They are burned first and once they are gone, fats are next. So during your trials of not eating for 16 hours your body will burn fats, not just protein and sugars.

Fasting improves Insulin Sensitivity

There are studies that prove that fasting promotes Insulin sensitivity. After fasting, insulin becomes more effective in telling the cells to take up glucose from blood.

Better Metabolism 

Intermittent fasting gives our digestive system simply more time to operate. It has more time in between meals, therefore it can operate more efficiently. It can help healthy bowel function, thus improve metabolic functions.

Promotes Longevity

This is actually a pretty good studied topic. There are studies on rats with a conclusion that rats when fasting lived longer or sustained in competitive health condition to their younger counterparts. As we grow older we should eat less then we used in our twenties. Or at least we should all be fasting.

Man, I am not that lethargic 

Just give it a shot and skip the breakfast for 10 days, what will happen. Hold 16 hours fasting from 8 pm to 12 am and observe your Mornings. Ok, you had your coffee or cup of strong green tea. But did you miss your meal? Were you ever lethargic, tired as hell in the Morning? As your body slowly wakes up in the Morning and pumps in cortisol, the last thing it helps is when your digestive system needs to process whole bunch of food you ate.  Eat less and have more energy!

Fasting Improves Your Brain Function

It has been shown that fasting improves brain function, because it boosts so called brain – derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF protein). Some scientists assume that this protein might play a crucial role in treatment of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Fasting makes drugs more effective

When we are full, some drugs are not as effective as indicated on empty stomach. Of course some drugs are not to be taken on an empty stomach, and this is always described in the package letter of a drug. For instance if you take viagra, it usually takes about half and hour to kick in on an empty stomach, when full, it takes at least double.

Nootropics are much more effective when fasting. We think that the connection between your cognition and yourself is much more obvious when you are fasting. In the end fasting was used by many, including Steve Jobs, as some spiritual renewal act. When adding a nootropic to it, you have more focus power to understand the effects of a drug on your consciousness.

Feast, Feast

But what I love the most on IF is eating. Simple I enjoy it more again. I get very very hungry by the time of lunch. And I am eating a lot for dinner. This is unheard of, especially when all nutritionists around you are telling you to stay away from the fridge after 6 pm. I eat around 7 pm. sometimes 8 pm. I eat a lot and then I fast till 12 am next day. I am feeling great!

So How to eat everything what do you want and still have a great body? Definitely give a shot to intermittent fasting.

Then another thing is of course practice, lift weights. SARMs can be our next topic there. But that’s only like when you are all hyped and you believe that you could really look aesthetic. Means you probably take it a bit more seriously.


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