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How to keep a habit | How to get back on track with habits

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How to keep a habit really means how to recalibrate your willpower and plan your execution. Because it’s almost certain that you will miss a day when you’re trying to build a habit. 

We believe it’s better to come up with this kind of attitude. Let’s face it. Life is life! It gets busy. Our planning capabilities just get us somewhere, but life is more about being able to navigate the circumstances than the precise execution of a plan. 

Even the best Project managers are ready to expect that project plans on paper differ from reality. Of course, it’s their job to adjust the execution back on track, and most of all hold the project’s scope – but it’s counted for that something’s gonna get out of way what had been anticipated.

Anyway, something is going to interfere with your habits setup and we believe it’s better to acknowledge it than not. 

1. How to keep a habit | Plan your recalibration day

If you miss a day of your habit path, prepare the day you absolutely need to get back on track. The best thing to do it is to simply prioritize it. Make a to-do list and make it a top priority. Do not make a big to-do list for that day, simply focus your habit. By the way, what does focus mean anyway? 

Steve Jobs said: 

People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. So, don’t plan much for your recalibration day. Just focus your habit execution!

how to keep a habit

2. Prepare your environment

Make it extremely simple to start. We all have Newton at school. It requires the highest amount of energy to actually start anything. Once you get your momentum going it kinda gets but to start – that’s the tricky bit. 

The most important thing is to set up cues for your habit execution. If you set a habit to write every day – prepare your environment to just get out of bed and start writing. If you set a habit to drink water in the Morning – well, always put a glass of water in the kitchen beforehand. If you have your cues on a very visible place  – that’s when you build that connection. Eliminate barriers, make easy cues – get it going.

Also, do not estimate the power of visualization. If you can imagine that, you’re pretty much halfway there!

3. Simplify into mini habits 

Mini Habits are one of the most underestimated strategies out there because quite frankly they just sound ridiculous. But, they work!  Sometimes it’s the only strategy that moves you forward. If you just can’t otherwise because of your tight schedule. If you have a habit to make 50 pushups a day, but you’re so tired from a whole busy day, that you just can’t – just make one! At least one push-up! 

It won’t get you fit, but it builds momentum. One is better than nothing. And once you actually do a pushup your willpower increases. Because willpower increases with action. You will feel better that you found the strength to make at least this one. Mini habits add up in time. And from small progress, it’s way easier to reach your goals than from zero effort.

4. How to keep a habit – Habit tracker App

I know, we are a habit tracker app, so we had to mention this sometime. But, it’s true. It feels good to visually track your habits path. It just feels good. And once you see your weekly progress – you kinda want to stick with it. Apps aren’t 100% bulletproof, but they can be of immense help. Download our app in the link for free

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5. Will – power refinement

Habits are all about two things – motivation & will power. Motivation is for amateurs. You can go on youtube and get motivated by watching a video, but how many times did you see yourself actually going and start doing it? Sometimes motivation helps, but will power is much needed to execute a habit. And will – power should be managed. Your will -power is being depleted throughout the day. At the same time, there are actions that add up to your will power. 

During the day you are confronted with many decisions that can either take or give to your will power. For instance food. Some foods with a high glycemic index can spike your will – power immediately, but what goes up quickly goes down quickly. Your brain needs sugar, but it is much better to eat foods that give you sugar in a longer time span. Eating apples instead of candy can help your will – power. 

Keeping our stressful environment, taking meaningful walks, naps, meditation can help boost your will- power.

Nootropics can act as a short term booster of will power as well, but only if taken wisely.  

The way how you live matters. So, make smart decisions I guess

6. Peers – good people to help you progress

Sometimes it’s good to have a buddy who persuades you to go to the gym, even if it’s not your day. I believe in the law of attraction, but not what was told us in the big marketing scam – The Secret and the likes. The law of attraction of people that are closest to you. There’s a saying that we’re just an average of 5 people nearest to us. 

At the same time, it’s useless to just rely on somebody because that ends up in commonwealth of lethargy. You got to be internally motivated to go to the gym in the first place. From my observations, it’s good to have friends that are easily externally motivated. So, if you show them at least some willingness to go to the gym, let’s say, they easily comply – back your decision. 

Happy habit building every one, I hope you liked this video. Download our app and subscribe to our channel! 

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