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How to learn only important stuff for success and personal growth

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How to learn only important stuff for success and personal growth and all that super – learning jazz

Lot of time people are asking how to become a superlearner. To a lot of guys the definition is pretty clear. A superlearner or super – learner is someone who has the super – learning ability to learn a tremendous amount of data in a fairly short amount of time. So, super in a superlearner can really mean a fast learner or swift learner. Ok, fine. If we are all good up to this definition, then we should preoccupy ourselves with superlearning abilities, they are:


  • You should be able to read fast. Faster than most of people


  • You should be able to comprehend the text strong and


  • You should be able to memorize more effectively than most of people


That’s all fine and we could talk more about this how to achieve this super-learning status. However, I was still missing something in this picture. How come that I was the best at school – I knew history, geography, math, languages and etc. yet 95% of the stuff I am not using at my current job and it’s therefore useless? Learning is great fun, but as you get older time becomes precious. There is a family you want to spend your time with, your hobbies, friends, you need to sleep and most of all our work lives are demanding. So, everybody wants your time and it becomes the most valuable resource we have. It is actually the most valuable resource we have. When we have none of it left, we are probably dead 🙂

But, anyway I started to think in learning in results – oriented terms. What if I am here to learn only what is really indispensable for my personal growth and for making me more well – off. I love to learn to make myself more healthy, harmonious, wealthy – in one word prosperous.

So, apart from all that super-learning – reading and memorizing stuff I had this urge to think about how to learn only important stuff for success and personal growth.

Skate where the puck is going to be, not where it has been

How to learn only important stuff for success and personal growth

How to learn only important stuff for success and personal growth – getting older

Wayne Gretzky, the best hockey player of all time once said: I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.  Well, maybe it is just Wayne Gretzky who sees the future stance of things, but actually some general trends or milestones are foreseeable. It is almost certain that automation will take place in product manufacturing or that we will use artificial intelligence in the future. It is happening even now, that severe professions are not stable, but that the scope of work is constantly changing and new professions are being created on regular basis. 

You need to learn where the puck is going to be.

For that you need to identify the skills that will profit you the most and get you ahead. They should enhance you as a valuable person and should be of demand in market as well. Ideal is when you learn something you find some passion to learn about and it is of value to the market. But, we are not just thinking in money, being better well – off terms, but also becoming a better person. It is equally as important to become a better spouse, parent or a friend as to climb the ladder career-wise.

 Think of the equation Learning = results. Learning is enhancing your life. 

And this process does not start otherwise but with a meticulous decision who you want to become in life and what is it you want to achieve. Where do you find your passion and what gives you your mojo? Then you research for that and you won’t stop. It might take years of experimentation and finding yourself. You might get to the top of the materialistic level just to find out that this is not for you and you decide to be a monk and sell your Ferrari. But, the point is to never stop researching.

You research – gather information – recall that information, make a study plan and structure it. This information is then used in working memory (memorize that stuff) and you use it in the real world to gather knowledge. And then you probably fail, you learn and you do it again.

Research (hypothesis) – study project plan – you learn like a superlearner – you apply this information into practice and you gather knowledge. And then you do it again.


Adult Education 2706977 1280 1024x454, Inex Life

Focus is critical

How to learn only important stuff for success and personal growth? You will create your architectural plan. Here in this video I showed how to use Xmind, but you can use Trello or something else, it does not matter. Create your plan who you want to become and then research all the necessary subsets of this plan – what skills you need to acquire, what questions are standing along this mental map, what research you need to conduct. But, you have your scope, you know where you want to move. It’s not that today you learn the latin names of butterflies and tomorrow binary search algorithm. Sure, this kind of diversity is demanded in the contemporary world, but only if it is well – organized and managed.

At least something in this direction…


The future belongs to the learners that learn how to learn. We need to become architects or managers of their learning. It creates an edge to those who learn only.

When you have this, when you know where are you going with this learning, then and only then you can become a speed – reader and master Mr. memory. Before that, I just do not think so.

But, I still think I owe you “the reading” and memorizing kind of superlearning part. It’s in the section# 3 of the course, waiting to be downloaded, all FREE.


InEx Results Oriented Learning Course – Become a Super – Learner for your growth and success

Or Click the picture Resizeimage 2 272x300, Inex Life


  • Ernest Haven Mensah

    February 3, 2018

    Thank you for your learning emphasis. It is really helpful in all fields. Do send news letters of this to my box for learning purposes. Thank you.


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