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Superlearning manifesto – how to live as a superlearner

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Superlearner – don’t mean to tell you how to live, but superlearners should form a community – a superlearner community.

As long as you live, keep learning how to live <Seneca>

Superlearning has become a synonym for speed – reading and extra memorizing abilities.

Fine, but  I think this is very narrow implication and it’s not touching the point.

I like the movement definition better. Superlearning is life learning. Simply the lust and love for learning that prevents one from stopping. Surely, it has to do a lot of lifelong learning.

Superlearning as speed – reading and memorizing definition does not include the context of avoiding the unnecessary learning. What does it mean?

You simply don’t need to be a learning freak and learn everything. That’s not what a superlearner means. What is important to learn is to learn what enhances your life.

So, under the process of becoming a superlearner, I understand the patterns connected to learning that an individual is using for his or her growth and prosperity.


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How to live as a superlearner – via negativa

In life, especially in Western culture, we’ve built strong cultural habits to have and accumulate more. Does that bring more happiness?

I believe people who have sailed the oceans, not just read or heard stories of sailing.  And I believe Seneca for he was a noble Patrician, who has had a control over his mind whether he was rich or poor. He said:

Success is not greedy, as people think, but insignificant. That is why it satisfies nobody.  <Seneca>

The true answer to effective life may lie in getting rid of things.

What if we started to take decisions from the other end? Not, from the side of desires, the good old – I want! But, we embraced the power of NO!

Via negativa is the life’s focus enhancement strategy.

Less is more is a good life’s strategy that enriches the souls and lot of times it’s proven to be super effective:

Usually, we can see the pattern that less is more and that’s where the goal of effective strategy lies.

  • As a manager in a corporation, you just have to identify and kick out the toxic guy from 20 member team, not all of the members.
  • Mafia always eliminates the root of the problem  –  the main actors (heads of other clans, investigative journalists)
  • There can be thousands of pro arguments to start a business, but usually, the one that gets the investors rolling fits into the elevator pitch
  • The minority of your customers make most of your sales. So, if you want to make it in business you should start focusing on them.


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How to live as a superlearner – mastering the mind

If success is insignificant, what is of great significance in life?

As stoics, this blog believes it is the mastering of the mind. Some people do not even know that they can master their minds, because they simply do not know that they can control it. Who am I, if not who I think I am or what is my mind then?

If superlearning were to become a community bound by its manifesto, taming of our minds would have to be its very first priority.

It all starts from our perspective on things. A mind is a tool, not our master.

It’s not easy to navigate and almost impossible to turn it off.

But, it can be tamed and managed.

Whether it is by strong personal philosophy – again, I think stoicism might come handy here –  5 stoic rules to live a better life.

Or getting more spiritual and to understand that we are more than our minds because we are a consciousness that’s beyond that.

This revolutionary thought taught by Buddha or Jesus might take a lifetime to finally come as Epiphany, but better late than never.

In contemporary times Eckhart Tolle is certainly clarifying this very important topic for a lot of people – God Bless the Internet.

We also believe that it’s extremely important to stay in touch with nature at all cost.

Regular visits to nature can have beneficent effects on body & souls – read more in our shinrin yoku post.

As well as Nietzsche this blog thinks one should maintain a good physical shape. We’ve summarized all we know about doing so, in this book, click to download.


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How to live as a superlearner

The education


Superlearners love life and therefore love learning. Institutionalized education does not equal learning. Learning means a life that is putting new challenges and efforts on us through the effects of our surroundings or through desires we put on ourselves.

So, learning means everything that life brings and what it can change and influence for the better.

A lot of people are worried and stressed about their children’s IQ and overall, we fall into the mania of putting a number on our intelligence.

Intelligence is nothing but an adaptability and skill to prosper under the given conditions.

Superlearning is an ability to get orientated in the environment rather quickly and dedicate one’s learning resources to the chosen focus point.

Learning needs to get you closer to your dreams and fulfillment.

And finding fulfillment is learning by itself.  As Tony Robbins points out:

Education is for growth and fulfillment

It takes some guts to look differently on learning especially when someone was dictating it to you for 15+ years from early childhood. But, once you’re an adult, it’s over.

Education is at your command!

And if you’re a superlearner you learn what makes you better till your very last breath.

Sure there are superlearning techniques.

But, the core lies in this fundamental thought.

You decide who you are and then learn accordingly.

There’s some scope statement involved, getting it on a paper what you have and where do you need to go. And you should get yourself some habit of writing things down.

Do some mind mapping, concept knowledge making or at least do some basic project management in your learning.

Get the scope statement all right, do some major plan, raise some hypothesis on planning what skills you need to acquire in order to be successful and start immediately.

Learn as much as you can through practical application ergo attempt to apply learned information into the practice. That’s how’s knowledge is created.

Remember that information is not knowledge.




So, this course might help you get started, go ahead and download it for FREE.



Superlearning is leverage

If there’s one word that strategically defines superlearning, it could be a leverage.

Leverage is a damn powerful concept.

Ever wondered why some people are more successful than others?

The answer could pretty much lie in the concept of leverage.

I have two friends. Both are or actually were (one is not anymore) great software developers. One guy is a Python expert, former gamer, in his 40s, long hair, dressed like beatnik all the time.

The other guy is a distinguished gentleman, as well in his 40s driving Mercedes, reciting quotes of great men.

The first guy does most of the development, quality assurance and business himself. His company is basically him being a freelancer surrounded by students that are glad that they can learn python web development.

The other guy does not code at all. He’s making business and he has employees that are making $80k – $120k a year on board.

Although my python friend has got brutal work ethics and he works like hell, he gets to a point where he’s not able to take more, he’s missing leverage. He makes his $100k in the end, but my other friend runs a company that has $3 million in turnover.

Instead of doing the work himself he works at the company. In another word, he’s not working in his business, he’s working on his business.

His focus is on how to make the business better and how can he leverage the potential of his people and company to enhance its output.

The 21st-century education should be just that – a leveraged education.

We should not be looking into memorizing a bunch of information when it’s all out there, accessible instantly and globally. What we should be doing is taking that accessible information and applying it locally, into our own lives. That’s local experience that although might have similar patterns to others (it will), it will be still something unique and different since we’re all unique and valuable if we want to.


inspiration is for amateurs

Leverage in techniques

Superlearning means that you are not only learning zealously, but you’re constantly learning how to learn.

From a huge end, it’s a programmer’s attitude – the ability to experiment and try different approaches, ignoring the negative feeling that might come from mistakes.

Making mistakes is part of learning how to code.

This kind of learning attitude is very important because when we do mistakes, our brains notice it and remember certain patterns vividly.

But, culturally making mistakes is considered something bad, and this attitude needs to be changed by superlearning.

And then techniques.

For years you can pick up apples by one hand, becoming very good at it so it becomes your second nature.

Then someone smart comes and shows you how to pick apples with your two hands instead of one. And suddenly you double your productivity. That’s the hidden leverage in techniques we have to keep revealing.

In superlearning we have to enhance:

All with an aim to become more prosperous.



How to live a superlearner in conclusion

I hope we made a good point that to become a superlearner means:


  • To love your education, because it means enhancement in life


  • It means avoiding ergo using Via negativa method a lot, since what you do is connecting the dots backward, so you need to avoid a lot to get what you want to become. Learn to say NO, it’s helping a lot!


  • Superlearner masters his or her mind or at least attempts to, wholeheartedly for all his life.


  • Education is about finding one’s fulfillment


  • The education of a superlearner is leveraging education – is about finding a leverage to learn and do things the smart way.











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