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how to never grow old

How to never grow old

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Ever wondered how to never grow old? I know you might think about the pill, specially on nootropics blog. That there is something coming that is going to make live much longer. Avoiding death is hopeless. But living till 120 years old in a good shape. That is the goal of evidence based science. Recently I’ve been reading about miraculous drug called Rapamycin. It seems promising. But hey. The big issue about researching anti – aging pills is that to gather real evidence – simply it takes too long. We have to wait till the studied group gets to that 120. Of course this stuff is more focused around how to repair our immune system so it maintains its young properties. And fight the diseases. However this not solves that aging of our organs, which as it seems occurs parallel – different parts of our body age by different pace.

There is no magic pill, just lust for life.

Some people are biologically younger than their actual age. This is scientifically proven and well – known. Why is that? And how can we join them? Since there is no magic pill yet. We can only rely on healthy lifestyle.  Practicing high intensity training and eating no sugar. We also believe that nootropics can change your game. when it comes for aging.  At the certain age your body is just not producing enough neurochemicals, so you feel right about yourself. Your cognition, ability to comprehend and master your environment. Nootropics may come to help. They may change your game towards progress and sustainability – never ending enhancement of yourself. We believe they help us not to grow old.

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How to never grow old

However this is not the exact thing what lies under the attitude how to never grow old. Yeah, it goes to what we said earlier. Healthy lifestyle. But beyond that lies the origin. The source of your never ending lust for just being alive. To progress, to live. It is the power that goes from within.

This lust for life. This the goal for how to never grow old.

How to never grow old

I’ve read a very interesting article from harvard. There was this study portrayed.

81 healthy adults — 40 of whom were 60 to 80 years old and 41 of whom were 18 to 35 — were read a list of 16 nouns six times.

Twenty minutes later, they were asked to recall as many of the words as possible. While 23 of the older participants recalled nine or fewer words, a score considered average for their age group, 17 seniors — the super-agers — could remember 14 words or more, a score similar to that of the younger participants.

Some old folks are just better than the others. Though the better performing group did not have a higher IQ scores. By simply practicing and using their brain better, they were able to recall more words hence show a better cognitive performance.  Simply put.

Use it or lose it!

This is how our hardware operates. It is flexible. It gets better when you’re using it. New synapses are created to support specific parts of a brain that are dedicated for certain functions. Can you imagine that you can be good in anything you desire? Maybe you’ve never been good at math, but trust me, that you can be if you truly want. And are willing to gain some pain. Because it is all about getting some pain.

It is also about how much O2 consumption. The older we get the less we are absorbing. Apparently, every decade people lose 10% of their aerobic capacity. We are losing it. But we can challenge it. In one extent nootropics can potentially higher the aerobic capacity. On the other there are things you should do if you never want to grow old.

These include:

  • Growing / experimenting mentally. Finding new experiences, learning new skills. Say yes to Udemy or learning.
  • Workout hard – get fit this summer.
  • Take pain. Progressing hurts. It is about the ability to take the pain and move forward.
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