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how to never settle for mediocrity

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How to never settle for mediocrity and why? These are the thoughts I have these days. See I am a grateful dude.

if you are a good lad or girl. You had a good grades at school and your parents are proud of you. You go to college. You move out from the house. You study hard and party. And then you get a degree and start looking for a job. If you’re in a good area and the field of your study is in demand. You might get lucky and end up with good cash. After three years or some, you might get a promotion and in good areas end up with $100k job. Great! You might get a mortgage. Pay up your loans. Buy a nice car and provide for your family. You’re doing good, aren’t you? You are wealthy. Compared to the world. If you make around $35k a year and own $700k you belong to the world’s 1%. You should be grateful for what you got. Same here. I am not unhappy. Is just that I hate to settle. I do not want to. Till I feel this energy inside me, I do not want to settle. The situation described above is good. The middle class can tell you that you should be happy – because people in Africa don’t have even rudimentary needs taken care of. Well, set your bank account 30$ a month to Africa.

And do not deal with that “voice” anymore. This is about how to never settle for mediocrity and aim for inexhaustible life. 

How to never settle for mediocrity

You can google the ways how to never settle for mediocrity. You can research quotes to keep your inner fire. I like this one.

“Why is it that when a baby is born, we often refer to him or her ‘the miracle of life’ but then we accept mediocrity for our own lives? Where along the way did we lose sight of the miracle that WE are? Hal Elrod

Whatever happens to you. Do not lose faith. Why? If you’re still alive. Taking care of your body, in good physical and mental shape you ought to be. You might lose temporarily the sight of healthy living. Some of us might go through the hard times. Cancer for instance. It is tough. But even then there should be hope and love given. Without hope and love we cannot live. Sooner or later we all will find it is a truth.

Take care of yourself. It is a cliche. But many people remind you this. You’re not better than the others. Truth. We are all equal in front of timeless universe or God if you want. But that does not inhibit you from not considering yourself first. Do not be conceited. But write you story. Build yourself before you build others.

Sleep well. Drink and eat well. Never stop educating yourself. Take new opportunities and experiences. On a dying bed you will regret mostly things you haven’t tried. So have new experiences. And if you’re a good lad or girl already. And you still want more edge to your game. You can give a shot to nootropics.

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how to never settle for mediocrity



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