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How to not be the living dead in corporation

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This is a fascinating, valuable resource right there.

Make a smooth transition from college to Career.

David Bolchover wrote a nice book called: The living dead: Switched off, zoned out.  I read most of it in the bookstore. That was not very nice from me and I could have bought the book. But when I picked it up it did not let me to put the book back into the bookshelf. I was hooked. I found myself in it. Young, creative, inspired – still not killed by the mid – level corporate climbing management. Corporations can suck your life out. Yet, most of us creative people stumble upon one or two corporate jobs. It does not have to be permanent, but one thing is certain in this life, and that is we need to pay our paychecks. This is about how not to be the living dead in corporation and start turning your corporate life more in your favor.

Corporations create the living dead

The living dead means simply a bored and disengaged employee.

Corporations have their own demographics. There are people who love their work.From my observations these people are in minority. These people are hooked and love their working environment. They love what they do and after time the results of their work are noticeable. Blessed are these people, because they are able to enjoy one third of their time.

What about if you are not this type of a person? You have two choices. Either you confess that you hate your job and you will start to look for something else or you accept your current job. These are the best scenarios.

However, you can become the living dead in corporation. That is when you do not accept your current workplace, nor you decide to make a step and quit. This is the worst thing you can do to yourself and it is the road to misery. The living dead in corporation. You end up being in torn, very ruthless state of not accepting your current present moment. Why would you do it to yourself though? Are you a masochist or something?

But you can’t! You can’t get into that work. It’s scope, the colleagues around you are not the type of people you would normally prefer to have around you and etc. You know you are capable of lot of things, most of all you can create things. And the boss wants you to do stupid meeting minutes from the team meeting you had last Wednesday. Lick some butt to get that regular career advancement. And what for? To pay mortgage and put the bread on the table.

Ok, so you got your dreams. Elsewhere. Yet, you are afraid to quit, because honestly, who is going to pay the rent next month? For those of you, I tell you. Focus on what you want!

How to not be the living dead in corporation

Corporation is an institution that can afford to pay inactivity. You may spend one, two, three, maybe more years daydreaming in the office and people (management) won’t notice. The important thing is that there is a steady stream of cash-flow going in and change is not executed quickly in big organization. Therefore, you as an employee might find yourself supporting absolutely non – efficient, redundant, unnecessary service. You are superfluous resource. But don’t worry, chances are that the management will notice are small. They do not care about you. Most of them want to get along with their bosses and they want to be sure that their targets (financial benefits) won’t be cut off by the organization. Your manager will never be like your colleague on the same level as you are. Because of the hierarchy you can’t be the friends anymore. Some managers are above this, especially higher ranked managers, but generally people are urged to play roles and their own game in the corporation. They can’t speak freely to other people anymore. They are bound by code of conduct and leadership bullshit.

Oh, I lost myself there, but back to topic.

Your dreams are elsewhere, your presence in the corporation, trading your time for money to pay bills. Use your time in the corporation to build your own business. If you are working in IT company, start an online business. You do not know what kind of online business, well maybe check this article. If your company blocks Facebook, WordPress or other channels or tools you need for your business, well organize your work, so you can do at least some work done in the office. If you can’t post on Facebook, well prepare copy-writing in the office, post from home computer and such.I will give you more tips to survive.


Laptop In The Office 1967479 1920 1024x683, Inex Life

The living dead in corporation survival kit

Work on yourself, not on your job. If you are absolutely convinced that your next stop is not your manager’s spot, then at least work hard on yourself. Learn, and try to gather as much experience from your job as you can. Work on you business as a side thing. Working life in the corporation is a cycle of hiding on the toilet, coffees with colleagues and then mails sent showing pro-activity and engagement from your side. The point is that sometimes you need to show your manager that you are still challenged and pumped in your job. It is thrilling, engaging and means a great opportunity for you. You are full of new ideas concerning your job and you are not afraid to present them to stakeholders. From time to time, this kind of attitude needs to be shown. Then stop with that shit. And focus on what is important. Yourself, your growth, your things.

It is very difficult to start a business. That is why if you still can sustain the brainwashing in the corporation and focus on yourself, stay, but never become the living dead in corporation. There is a great chance that the resources in a big company where you work are spent ineffectively. Find your spot there so it buys you time. And use that time to hack the system. Build yourself, build a business. Do your thing. Never waste it, do not just wander. And especially do not wander between I do not want to be here, yet I am not leaving, because I am afraid to quit.

It is a great opportunity when the universe gives you the chance to work in a corporation that is not so demanding on your time and energy. Enjoy it! It buys you time to focus on yourself!

The Living dead in corporation? Thank you for the opportunity, I will use it to focus on myself!

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