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How to stay focused

How to stay focused

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Ever google how to stay focused? You might have bumped into things like wikipedias tells us.

  1. Organize yourself
  2. Make a list
  3. Manage your time
  4. Make time for breaks

All good niches of ideas that you should comprehend in order to focus you better on specific tasks you want to accomplish.

However, what you might have been missing is the motivation.The moving power, the pendulum behind your focusing and learning endeavors.

It is not easy to get your act together and focus on one specific thing. That is truth for contemporary era where there is so much to do. So much social media to check, so much advertising to check, so much mobile marketing to check. Connected anytime, anywhere.

How to stay focused #1  – noopept

First of all have noopept.  It changes your situation a little. First of all it’s not any badass heroin or something. It’s mild nootropic all right. 10 – 40 mg a day and you are fine. I’ve already built some tolerance on it – that is however not as bad as by other nootropics. I have like 60 -80 mg of noopept daily. When on it – it’s not a 180 degrees turnaround. Oh yeah I notice that music sounds better and actually that I have something in me. Not too much though – it’s fine. When people are around I tend to be more social and enjoy the conversations. And that goes for both genders simultaneously – just being ok to be around people. I am social guy all right, but still feel the difference when on noopept. It is there. It is notable.

What  I sense is that I have this what I call – “Go getter attitude”. I am thinking about Joe Pesci kinda Good fellas movies. A guy is not working for the good side, but nevertheless he has the attitude – “I gotta do something”. The same feeling I have when on noopept.

How to stay focused? Get on noopept. It’s the nootropic of choice. Maybe you will try it once and you won’t feel anything. But after a week or so you will notice that it is bringing noticeable changes into your life. You won’t feel limitless, but neither nootropic is going to make you feel that. But “go getter” thing is there. It is there!

And there is more Alpha GPC, Phenibut is awesome for focus (although it might relax you too much). Sulbutiamine or have a combo of caffeine with L-theanine.

You will be able to focus better on coding, writing a blog, learning language. Sustain your 20 -30 minutes routines for sure. That is bringing me to another point

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Brain 284x300, Inex Life

How to stay focused #2 – 30 minutes of dedication

30 minutes focused learning. Ever heard of app pomodoro? This is pretty simple app you can learn to code in a week if you’ve never coded before. What is does it tracks your 30 minutes routine when you should turn off your social media, smartphone, chatting to anybody else and to just practice. Work hard for 30 minutes. Than turn off and do whatever. Take a break. Ideally walk, do some stretching. Turn the app again and 30 minutes of focused time starts once again. 30 minutes is necessary to stay focused and dedicated to the process.

How to stay focused #3  – information channels

Are you all about starting your own business? Well then pump your idea muscle. Write your five days daily. Mix them together and one day you will have tens of good ideas to start your business in whatever. Sign up to subscription channels. If you want to start a functional beverage business. Sign in to all kinds of mailing lists for regular newsletter update like drinkpreneur. You got my point. Sign and suck the news in your field of interest.

Check out with your peers on quora or something how to stay focused.

How to stay focused #4 – never stop progressing and educating

You might have better or worse days. But if you manage to dedicate at least one hour or at least 30 minutes for your progress everyday you will feel the difference. More than quantity is quality.

Check out these principles of effective learning. Click the picture.

How to become fast learner

Anyway good luck guys, we’re always here to help and hear you!

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