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how to stop procrastinating

How to Stop procrastinating – This is the best strategy

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How to stop procrastinating is ever – green topic. 

Procrastination as such does not have to be explained anymore. 

It sucks balls when you want something nice out of your life. 

At the same time it’s a completely natural neuro – program of conserving energy.

Or a stress response. 

Our brains are consuming way too much bodily energy and they need to act wisely upon that. 

Procrastinator is sort of a curse word. 

The procrastinator is slacker, lagger or a slowpoke. 

A person not able to deliver results and act with confidence about her or his life. 

Yes, procrastination is an act that can hinder us from achieving great things in our lives. 

But, first thing first. 

Let’s not identify ourselves with it.

Just deal with an art of how to stop procrastinating. This Video can tell you more 

You are not a procrastinator 

Do not call yourself a procrastinator. 

Don’t identify with anything really, especially with these non – helping labels. 

Procrastination means to put off habitually or intentionally.

We’re all guilty of procrastination sometimes. 

One of the most searched things on the internet is how to be successful. 

It’s got no easy answer, although people searching for it are looking for instant gratification answers.

That’s why they fall into the traps of tricky marketers that will use this fact to get money out of people’s credit cards. 

Success in anything action over time. 

And that action needs to be innovated based on learning. 

Procrastination is an enemy of action – it’s opposite of it. 

How to stop procrastinating

The best strategy to mitigate procrastination 

I believe that even Steve Jobs procrastinated to do some tasks sometimes. 

It’s an eternal fight. 

Think of a flower garden where you have planted all your beautiful flowers. 

But, still even if you are taking care of it, some not welcomed herbs pop up besides your loved flowers to make you mad. 

Again, you have to put an effort to pull them off, so once again your garden is free and beautiful. 

The Internet has given us tons of motivation videos and speeches to help us take action.

It does not work!

How long do you feel pumped and stimulated to take an action after watching a motivational video? 

5 minutes, maybe less…

Motivational videos have their meaning, if they give you a sense of gratification.

But, not at the start. 

During the process…

They won’t help you that much going to the gym. 

But, they somehow help you during the practice at the gym. 

The best strategy is to prepare your environment 

How to stop procrastinating – architect your environment 

Everything takes energy.

And if you ever watched a rocket launch – the most energy is consumed at start.

It’s the same thing with life’s actions. 

The most energy or the willpower is needed to start anything. 

Our brains like watching TV because it’s freaking easy to turn it on 4> 

Usually, it takes one button. 

And you’re plugged in. 

Then it takes some effort to pick up a programme that you might watch. 

At the same time modern TV providers are making it easy to pick.

They provide more and more specific algorithms to hint you what to watch based on your accustomed preferences. 

Besides, clicking buttons feels good. 

It puts you in a theta mode. 

Somehow, there are whole worlds running on the screen.

And you do not need to interact or worry too much about them. 

You just observe and make yourself comfortable. 

They got you. 

How To End Procrastination 1024x767, Inex Life

How to stop procrastinating guide might start from re – engineering TV 

At least to make your starts freaking easy. 

How do you do that? 

Prepare your environment.

If you know your task is to write your thesis that day. 

Make it incredibly easy to start. 

Leave your laptop on close to your bed. 

Leave the MS word or your favorite writing program on in the background.

When you wake up go straight behind your desk.

Push the button.

Whola, you see MS Word with the cursor already blinking. 

Start to write. 

Anything, don’t judge it. 

Minify the assignment size! 

Have a goal in your mind that your delivery is 200 words not more for this iteration. 

If you’ve ever written yourself, you’d know it’s not a hard task to do to write 200 words. 

Or 5 pushups

Always, think to make the easy starts and start with small assignments. 

I think it goes even for already seasoned delivery guys out there – who’ve had built a habit or two. 

Some action is always much better than no action.

Make it comfy 

Starts are not easy, but we should try to make them as most likeable as it gets. 

One perfect strategy is to simply start, not think about how you feel. 

Just do it! 

Grab that pen and paper, do that push up! 

Linking back to waking up to write – prepare your favorite slippers next to your bed. 

The warmth coming from your feet will still resemble the cushiness of your bed. 

There are still remnants of the scent coming from the incense stick you had on last night while you fell asleep.

And focus on writing that first paragraf. 

When you have it – that first paragraf, go get your coffee! 

Eat some sugary sweets as well, your brain will thank you for that. 

Reward yourself. 

Be very conscious about what comes next.

Make a connection that if you see coffee on your desk, which is a reward to, you must go back to the desk and continue writing. 

But, you look at your previous paragraph written. 

You did some job already – the rocket is flying. 

It just took some fuel for the next ride. 

And here your next 200 words should come.

Mitigate distractions  

The sweet thing about how to stop procrastinating doing little assignments is you almost always deliver more than 200 words. 

But, you do so, because it just happened, not because you had to. 

During that process it’s always a good idea to mitigate distractions. 

Because to mitigate distractions really means to focus.

In this article we wrote about how to be focused can really mean to approach via negativa

Steve Jobs summarized it all nicely in this quote: 

“People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are”

So, preparing your environment can really mean to throw away things you do not need to start. 

Do you need your smartphone and facebook notifications to start? 

Well, if you are working as a social media manager then heck yeah, that should be your primary aim. 

And Facebook is already making it easy for you to start, so great! 

But, if your big dream is to become a fitness star or piano player – facebook is not a thing to hang around as a first thing. 

Prioritize the most important thing for the task completion.

Then architect your environment for easy starts. 

Eliminate what does not help this process. 

Getting rid of things is equally important as focusing on a particular thing. 

stopping procrastination won't happen immediately.

Rome was not built in a day  

Lastly, it’s time to say that patience is the key. 

Leaving some room for taking it easy also helps. 

We have to strive to be well – organized if we want to achieve nice levels of self – expression. 

Learning and trying new things always help. 

Especially, in these directions – preparing your environment, focusing on easy starts, trying to have fun, mitigate unproductive things. 

At the same time let us be humans.

We are not perfect. 

How to stop procrastinating is not a religion. 

We will procrastinate sometimes. But, we should try not to. 

And think about habits. 

Habits are actions and only actions can change anything about your life for the better.

Not, the information online – motivation etc. 

Our Habit tracker can be a good start here, so feel free to download it. 

And work on yourself perion with a thesis on your mind how to stop procrastinating.

Think about these points and try to implement and adjust them for your own life: 

  1. Prepare your environment for easy starts
  2. Minify assignment size 
  3. Make it comfortable and rewardy – bundle habits 
  4. Mitigate distractions
  5. A Rome was not built in a day

God Bless and Subscribe to our channels

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