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How to unlearn old habits and learn to be successful

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How to unlearn old habits and learn to be successful

How to unlearn old habits and learn to be successful?  I had to tackle it a bit, and I can’t help it to be more philosophical than just concentrated on delivering the specific value in this article – question and answer style!  But, everywhere I go these days there is some discussion about how different we are going to live, learn and work in 21st century. They say everything is going to change due to  technology that is disrupting everything. Namely automation and artificial intelligence are going to change the world as we know it. I am not gonna lie, I think so too. Although when I hear that something is being hyperbolized, there is some kind of neuronal pathway that tells me: “hmm, not so fast man!” It took us a damn long time to figure out to put the wheels on the suitcases, so we do not have to carry them at the airport, but we can push them.  It is seemingly primitive innovation, where every erudite scientist would have said something like: “Oh yes, of course!” That was pretty obvious, anyone could have done this! Then why haven’t you suggested it dear Mr.Professor? You know, where I am going with this, innovation is not technology or science, patents, whatever. Electric car has been here for decades. But, only now it seems inevitable…

We must reconcile that the future is becoming less predictable and more intensified. And let’s speak about our education and how we could adapt it. What is the learning that could make us prosperous in the upcoming decades?

how to unlearn old habits and learn to be successful

How to unlearn old habits 

Negative staining is a method in diagnostic microscopy that for contrasting a thin specimen with an optically opaque fluid. In this technique, the background is stained, leaving the actual specimen untouched, and thus visible. In another words we have to first pick up the negatives to see the positives. If we choose what kind of habits are not desirable for learning anymore, we could otherwise focus on the ones that could make us successful. So, that’s what I mean under how to unlearn old habits and learn to be successful – definitely closely related to rethinking education in digital era (or call it whatever).

And lastly there is methodology – how to unlearn old habits. This should be fairly simple it seems. You just replace this memory with a new one. Or I know it does not work so easily. You got to disconnect this memory of old habit somehow. When our memories are disconnected we are losing them, because memory is a connection. It’s never a standalone thing – it’s a network, that how our memory works.

At least 3 stupid habits

These are the three stupid habits I could think of:

  • Get a college degree
  • Behave according to certain cultural rules
  • Be always right and stop learning

Get college degree

The World without a college degree

Universities and colleges are great institutions. I mean seriously, if you can attend something nice like this, it must be great, right?

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Universities would not make a business out of education, but actually conducted the business itself.

But, in the upcoming digital era you just won’t need it!  In America most colleges are not free, actually there is a big inflation and the tuition fees are surging. Most of the graduates then end up their studies with a debt and that is never a good thing. In Europe you have colleges where states are paying for the tuition, but they lack funds to compete their private counterparts.   Another thing is that colleges are independent standing institutions that have their own political and organisational goals. These goals are nevertheless not synchronized to employer’s goals .  Year after year we hear about qualified labor shortages. It has reached the point where unemployment rate is not a problem anymore, but that qualified labor shortage is. The solution could be the concept of entrepreneurial university postulated by Professor Zeleny. It is a very interesting concept that would transfer university into a region development entity. In its heart the university does not make a business out of education, but conducts the business itself. Professors and associates of the university would be also CEOs and VPs of the companies here created. So, there would not be a dividing line between the university and the business. It is partially happening even today. But, not at a degree proposed by Professor Zeleny.

You don’t need college anymore! Instead you need to become an architect of your own learning! Nobody can tell you what you should or should not to learn, because only you know who you want to become. We are adults right, we know exactly why we learn.

We learn to improve our personal characteristics or to earn more money!

Everything else is a crap and should be skipped. Well, there are some aspects that you can bring out of college that may or may not be otherwise replaceable. These are the aspects of education that Malcolm Knowles talk about and you can see it in this video:

College – free World

What is needed is a system of lyceums as the last phase of an official schooling system. That’s where it ends. There is a need that someone institutionally teaches you the foundations of math, logic, physics, civic culture, history, geography and etc. After finishing these lyceums, already at the age of 18 you would be eligible  for minimal disposable income. (basic income). A work committee body then takes over your matters.  That’s the committee of experienced mentors and coaches. Together you are here to create a project plan that is called YOU. It should consist of project study plan, your goals plan, coordination plan, execution and monitoring. You are at the very heart of it and you are the main architect. They can just guide you or help you. The scope is to get you to produce some value soon, but it needs to be of your competence, accountability  and your decision.  Because you are obliged and you want to produce a value for the society anyway. Your education becomes results – oriented. Of course there are qualifications that demand more overseeing than the others. Some remnants of the colleges have to prevail to make sure that students are taking a lot of effort, and to safeguard learning aids and etc. I guess med. schools would still have to prevail,  but most of the education could go to hospitals directly, if we give them capacity and intentions for it, they can substitute many functions of medical schools as well.

I am not saying that you should dump college completely, but maybe you should think twice, because there will be more and more opportunities to find good mentors and teachers online. For what else is then a college good for when you can access the class material online? For grades, certificates? College life? Yeah, college life, that would suck to avoid completely. But I am sure good social life will make up for that.

Behave according to certain cultural rules

Jobs, Inex Life

I am not saying that I have a crystal ball and I see the future of education. But, I tell you what. It will be disrupted! This online learning mania running right now, it’s nothing!

I mean the future of education has to be accessible, engaging. We should go to the very core of it and that is Teacher – student relationship. It has to change. Future education is peer to peer, kid to kid, student to student, adult learner to adult learner. Education in the future is decentralized block-chain. A Mentor-ship, authority ceased entity. Everyone is master of her or his education goals. Everyone else is just your mentor.  There is no hierarchy in the learning anymore. Someone knows much more in one subject, but then he’s a novice in a subject of your expertise.

So, who are these authorities in education system? Professors, honorable associates, and etc. These titles are just making me sick. Why have we created something like:…”oh now after five years of studying this, you now get a paper and you are officially a master of this art or a science.” You are a master. What does that even mean? I am a master of engineering, does that mean I do not have to learn anything? Does it mean that my learning is complete? Or now with a fancy paper I get approval from the others – yes, they acknowledge that I am a master, watch out!

There is a cultural bullshit everywhere. We are indoctrinated from day 1 on this planet by our cultures, and we can’t even blame it, because at some level it seems to be successful. Most cultures have prevailed up to this date. They are changing and it is questionable whether for instance western civilization will sustain itself, but we are here until now. But don’t! Don’t get indoctrinated by propaganda and do not become a sheep.

Everything around you that we call life was made up by different people. It might have served the purpose of their age, but might not suit ours.

I am not telling you to be a rebel and disrespect every authority there is, especially the one that comes naturally from charisma and good will. I am telling you to keep a space in your thinking. Nazism was once definitely a good idea to join.

How to unlearn old habits and learn to be successful – Be always right & stop learning

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

<Thomas Edison>

One of the biggest mindful assets that you can acquire is an attitude that making mistakes is actually good for you. If the outcomes of these mistakes are not crucial and it would hurt just a little. For instance not guessing right at the math test is just part of a process that pushes you further up to the right solution. We all should consider mistakes as being part of a tuning process. People are afraid to make mistakes because of culture of humiliation. If you make a mistake you must be automatically stupid. You made a mistake, so that means you are stupid. It’s not that you acted stupid, but you are stupid. It’s the accusation of ego, it’s got nothing to do with being a conscious person.

First of all, mistakes are a clear sign that you are trying new things. It’s always good to try new things because when you do this you are growing. If you never try anything new, how can you improve? How can you innovate? The simple answer is, “You can’t.”

Making a mistake is also an indication for a human brain that you need to reconsider something. Bang! A bookmark bound with an emotion. It gives a clear sign – you need to stop and think.

Making a mistake cannot hinder you so you stop learning.

I think this is changing. And people need to be more and more aware, that they need to learn all their lives. A college degree is not enough.  People will become architects of their own learning. Learning will become results – oriented.

Make your own study plan, study how to learn and have clear goal of your studying. Learn to enhance your personal characteristics or learn to earn more money.

Click the picture to access the Results – oriented learning course for Free. Resizeimage 2 272x300, Inex Life

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