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How to use CBD oil for erectile dysfunction – a male sex problem

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How to use CBD oil for erectile dysfunction?

One thing that needs to be stressed is that it’s not always just physiological problem.

Yes, there has been a blue pill invented to solve the vasodilation issue – getting the blood into penis.

That helps getting erection and most of all maintaining it.

But, it’s not the whole story of sex.

And especially erectile dysfunction (ED).

What you will learn:

  • Our culture is sick regarding sex – men are confused
  • A man can say no to sex
  • The problem is a lack of connection and focuses due to culture (performance anxiety)
  • CBD can help with focus on sex – present moment

How to use CBD oil for ED – Intro

If you check serious scientific archives are pubmed you won’t find much regarding this topic.

It actually figures.

CBD is not PDE-5 inhibitor.

According to data from the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, up to 52% of men between the ages of 40 and 70 are affected by ED.

This is not a small number.

 PDE5 inhibitors have become the first-line therapy for ED.

Blue pills – viagra or cialis are distributed in billions.

They do their job properly and they are well tested in years.

However, we have to be fully aware of their cons.

It is sometimes fun to take it to enjoy more “horsepower”, but it’s junk for our health.

At the same time as a man you have to become sexually aroused to get it to start working.

And our porn – changed society is losing connection to the essence of sexual energy.

How to use CBD oil for erectile dysfunction

The male problem with sex

Sex has changed to industry.

It’s a mechanical action.

Not an art of love and spiritual connection of two people.

In this context men are expected to deliver sexual performance anytime, anywhere.

Women have a choice.

And they should be cautious of who they are letting close to them.

But, society says that men are studs when they perform no matter what.

Do you have a problem with woman’s smell?

No, you’re just pussy!

You’re faminine.

You should just do her!

You’re the man.

The sex has become a porn.

No matter what is the chemistry between an intercourse couple – a man should deliver stiffness.

That causes performance anxiety.

Performance anxiety is the underlying problem of ED.

How to use CBD oil for erectile dysfunction – Penis is not an instant delivery

Sex is an art.

It is the art of connection manifested in bodily presence of two people.

Yeah, the industry has made it a mass – consumption product.

And penises are an instant delivery.

This is of course just misinterpretation and cultural falsification.

We talked about this – sex is a product.

It’s been for a very long time.

The byproduct of this is performance anxiety and ED.

Some say it’s an lifestyle issue.

It might be.

Tight jeans, obesity, junk food, lack of practice.

This is a great part of the problem, but the underlying fundamental issue is the one we are speaking about.

We are mass – produced for sex as males.

Ok, but what role does CBD play in this?

Well, not much it’s cultural and thinking problem.

But, CBD is great anyway – the true gift from the Universe.

And it may help us in finding more connections, empathy and embodiment of the essence of sex.

How to use CBD oil for erectile dysfunction

How to use CBD oil for erectile dysfunction – CBD Massage

Have you heard about tantra?

If not educate yourself.

Tantra massage and CBD seems like a perfect connection. This kind of CBD massage intrigues me. I believe this could be a lot of service to people.

Sexual energy released during this massage amplified by benefits from CBD could help tremendously. 

Just imagine how much stress could be wiped out, if this was happening in your life regularly? 

CBD relaxes your body.

It does not make you high.

First of all you have to understand that this is not a dope.

CBD is not a drug – check the explanation

What the substance does to you – it relaxes your muscles to the point you can’t be stressed again.

Have you ever seen a man with soft and relaxed muscle being stressed?

No, not possible!

Released endorphins combined with stimulus of endocannabinoid receptors coming from CBD could enhance your life. 

The time stops when you are getting this tantra massage properly.

The tension from your muscles disappear.  

Your cardiovascular system is improved. Reduced stress. 

Sex drive and libido enhanced. 

Your might sleep better because of CBD and lower stress. 

And one of the greatest things – bonding.

These are perfect products for CBD Tantra Massage, try them out!


Sex always require at least two – problem of focus

So, what did we learn so far?

How to use CBD for erectile dysfunction?

First of all change your mindset.

You are not here to please everyone with an instant delivery package.

Yes, as a man it feels great to be firm, but it always requires the transcendence of sexual energy.

And, I don’t talk about that there has to be a love between two people and bla bla.

But, the real issue is to be connected, focused, respectful and open to one another.

We are being constantly re – wired as dopamine injection craving primates.

Porn does that, social medias do that.

We habituize instant pleasure and crave for it.

If we do not get it we are lost and feel disenchanted with the situation.

Somehow, we are surprised it’s not like in movies.

CBD brings opportunities in helping with connection to present moment.

To delightful present moment of sexual intercourse of two people.

That can not only be the act of mechanical sexual intercourse, but a true manifestation of transcendental connections of two souls.

Don’t tell me otherwise – that sex with a soul is gazellion times better than “delivery erection” sex.

Or call it whatever – mechanical sexual intercourse.

CBD for erectile Dysfunction

How to use CBD oil for erectile dysfunction – Conclusion

Change your lifestyle.

Build great habits – practice, engage with superlearning, lead a healthy lifestyle.

But, most of all don’t fall into that marketing produced shit – that your penis is for instant delivery.

No, no, no you have a right to say no as a male.

Watch porn sometimes, ok, but don’t fall into that shit.

It’s not real, you know!

Learn to connect with significant other.

Be present.

Enjoy every aspect of sex.

Connect with your partner’s body and soul.

Loosen up your muscles and enjoy every touch there is during your time.

Learn to enjoy sex.

For real.

CBD might be good start to do so!

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