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How to work like a project manager is watching you

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How to work like a project manager is watching you

How to work like a project manager is watching you?

Ok, what the hell with all that project management jazz?

I tell you straight away why there are Project Managers in the first place:

Organizations have Project managers to get things done. They do not do the actual work, they work to make sure that the work gets done.

We have dreams and goals and things that would push us forward and make our lives better. I am sure you have something that you know it would be a game changer. I know you do if you are here. This site loves entrepreneurial spirit!




Yet, we fail at accomplishing it.

And this does not happen to permanent procrastinators only. This happens to high – achievers and good performers. The difference between good and great is enormous.

I am good myself. I need to become great though. What can be done about it? I thought I would read a book from good to great. Done it and it did not help.

The only solution to this is to work your butt off. That means to stay motivated towards your tasks and work it. Period. People are not good at this. And they need other people to push them.

What was Steve Job’s role in Apple? He did not code, he never assembled any hardware himself. That’s right he pushed people. Sometimes even to their limits, but that was partially the story why Apple become great.

How would it be like if someone like Steve Jobs was watching you work?

Project managers

How to work like a project manager is watching you

Project management seems to be a good career path. I was once in the organization – a corporation where I was working as a support for a project manager. The guy was not a 50-year-old tie – gentleman, full of the aptness of words and distinguished. He was in his mid-40s, he lifted weights and he was a bit cockney, but also street – smart.

Under him, I truly experienced how is it like to work with a project manager and how to work like a project manager is watching you.

It was a constant pinging. That was the thing I took into my other careers. That guy set you up a task and after 20 minutes he calls.

When he called, it was like this:

Hey, Martin! So, did you manage to crack the task? Is it ready?

Martin goes: No, Otto, it’s been just 20 minutes I still need some time to finish it.

Otto: Ok, then! When will it be ready?

Martin: I still need some time Otto, but I am working on it really hard…bla bla

That bastard sent me a friendly reminder when another 20 minutes passed.

That was his style of work. Bombarding people and gee them up to deliver.  Because in the end, it’s all about delivering value.

Because in the end, it’s all about delivering value.


Imagine that you are a Project manager of your project

The role of a Project manager –  project manager is a person who has the overall responsibility for the successful initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling and closure of a project.

You should take every dream you have as your project. First of all, it gives you a sense of organization and accountability. That’s very important.  If it’s written on a paper or e-paper, it receives some seriousness. And you can get back to it to check it.

So, let’s check out some of the responsibilities that a Project manager has:

  • Planning and Defining Scope
  • Activity Planning and Sequencing
  • Resource Planning
  • Developing Schedules
  • Time Estimating
  • Cost Estimating
  • Developing a Budget
  • Documentation
  • Creating Charts and Schedules
  • Risk Analysis
  • Managing Risks and Issues
  • Monitoring and Reporting Progress
  • Team Leadership
  • Strategic Influencing
  • Business Partnering
  • Working with Vendors
  • Scalability, Interoperability and Portability Analysis
  • Controlling Quality
  • Benefits Realisation

The scope is the most important thing. It starts and ends with a scope. It needs to be clearly defined. Your dreams and wishes have to transcripted into measurable deliverables.

Your learning should also be about clearly defining your scope statement.

That’s how you become a super – learner.

I tried to get this message of project management into this course.

Click the picture to get it Resizeimage 1 253x300, Inex Life



But, probably the second most important thing right after clearly defined scope statement is setting up the task and executing on them. Decomposition of deliverables into small subsets is the key.

You will decompose a problem, set a date of deliverable and set up a daily, weekly reminder to it.

That’s the goal!

Other roles are also very handy. You should know the risk assessment of your project. It’s the most crucial decision point for entrepreneurs. It is certainly a difference to start a business for $100k taking a loan, and starting an online business for $2,000.

This is the reason why most of the online businesses are sexy. Of course, even for apps, it is possible to spend tens of thousands of money. But a simple blog or a drop – ship site can be launched for <1,000$. So, if your personal finances are not threatened, do it! Otherwise, use other people’s money.

I am not here to tell you what skills you should acquire to work as a project manager. But, how to work like a project manager is watching you.

That’s the freaking difference.

Otherwise, the job is pretty about soft skills actually.

How to work like a project manager is watching you

It’s the question of hard work and motivation

I think I wrote a pretty good answer on Quora, but it did not get a lot of views.

The guy asked

What are points for lack of motivation?

And I wrote:


Our brains are being reprogrammed by social media. It’s a drug. We are constantly being tricked into dopamine cycle. Dopamine, as you know, is a neurotransmitter of happiness.

Every successful social media is built upon this idea – to get you hooked. To get you injected with these little incentives – notifications pokes from your friends, message, tags, comments and etc. that inject a little dopamine in you.

After a decade of using social media, we have degenerated.

And we take it for granted that every once in a while we need our lil dosage, our shot.

We believe we are motivated if we get it.

And if we are not, we lose track and suddenly feel like something is wrong. What happened? Why am I not being rewarded? No comments, no orders, no feedback, no nothing? Am I doing something wrong?

We’re basically all junkies social media people.

So, that’s a point of lack of motivation. But, I am not saying that “dopamine injections” are malicious. It’s actually normal physiologic functioning of motivation, I am just pointing on abusing of this technique by social media.

One badass motivation that still prevails is internal. That’s the one that Steve Jobs had associated with death, but that was coming out from his internal expression.


Woman 1446557 1920 1024x683, Inex Life

I am not sure whether it answered his question, but it truly showed two major categorizations of the motivation:

  1.  The one that is contemplated from within – Internal motivation
  2. Dopamine injection motivation

The first type of motivation is contemplated from within. Someone sits down in a quiet place and let her or his mind flow. But, this mind works with certain memories and learned pictures that come from observing the outer world. Steve Jobs’s biggest motivation was a knowledge that he’s going to die soon. He never had an experience of dying, it was thus an observed concept. But, maybe we could argue that it’s also empirical since we saw different people die, it’s not our own experience, but it’s an experience so tangible, it could be empirical.

But, let’s leave it. What is more important for how to work like a project manager is watching you topic is the second type – dopamine injection motivation.

It’s been used by every freaking successful social media out there. It’s the reason why it keeps distracting you from everything that you are currently focusing on. Cuz it feels good.

They program us like their puppets. Here, here boy, here’s your new comment. Or you have been tagged in a new picture. Someone poked on yesterday and it requires your action. You know, that piece of crap, that you can fall into, and get hooked.

I mean it’s shit and I dislike social media for that reason. But, can’t live without them in the urban world these days, can we?

But portrayed tactics is a quality of pro project manager


How to work like a project manager is watching you

You have your fundamental goal set and you want to do it. But, you lack motivation and you find your days that: “I am not doing anything!” Happens to me a lot.

And then suddenly a Project manager takes your goal with your scope.

He decomposes it into small deliverables and sets a time frame, resource, and everything. And he stays on your task.

You have your internal motivation right? And he pings you. He does not give a shit whether it’s politically correct or not. He calls you every half an hour to get to know what is your progress.

And you are a good boy and you don’t want to get escalated by corporate machinery. All that propaganda and hierarchy make you sick to your stomach, so you’d rather stay out of warning letters and shit.

So, your only option is to deliver. Work it and deliver. And then you talk with quality guys, so they check whether your delivery is or quality standards. When you work for yourself you don’t have quality guys to check you out. But, you have other people, users, customers who give you feedback. And especially, if it’s bad quality they’ll let you know.

You got to have high-quality standards on yourself, that’s for sure.

A Project manager keeps on pushing you to deliver on time and to keep the sense of urgency. He keeps everything on track and knows what, when should be delivered, and who is responsible for that.

Then you deliver and the situation comes when the round is pretty happy with your work. Especially your project manager. He comes and praises you. He gives you your long-awaited dopamine injection. He tells in front everybody. He books a whole meeting just for praising his team for 30 minutes, what a great job they’ve done.  You feel happy.

Imagine, if something like that existed. Now, that we know how to work like a project manager is watching you. If everybody could use their project manager to ensure there’s a progress on his or her tasks.

Of course, only organizations can hire their project managers, because these guys are quite expensive, it’s valued work.

But, what do we have IT for? That’s right, to scale!

I decided that I am going to build an app that will enable people just that – How to work like a project manager is watching you.

Inex 01, Inex Life




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