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Inex Life

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Inexhaustible life – Get better – Explore your talents

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Inexhaustible life – What does it even mean?

The American dream – the idea that even a poor, uneducated immigrant can make a fortune by hard work in a new land – is a great societal story for portraying glorious tomorrows, but is not very true. Not everybody can become rich. Not everybody can become President of the U.S., a superstar entertainer or find a
scientific breakthrough and win a Nobel Prize. Not everybody can fulfill those dreams, but everybody can constantly improve the way they think and operate, and in that way everybody can reach her or his life’s potential. Many different factors determine success, genetics, talent, childhood, societal background, education and mostly a person’s
character. I mean what is success, really? For the most part there are two manifestations for this term. One comes from a societal or cultural perspective – how your success looks to those around
you. The other meaning comes from within. Are you successful according to your own core values (constitution of values)? The best bet is a balance between these two, something that replenishes your values and brings some common good. Mom and dad usually want us to become something that brings a lot of societal value, like a lawyer or doctor, or someone highly educated and appreciated in society. And that is fine. However, a sounder approach is to get to know ourselves and listen from within. We usually find our talents where our passions lie. When
you choose something you are good at, you will feel it and you’ll constantly get better at it, and you’ll always be excited to learn. You might be not world class level if you lack natural talent, but with passion, you’ll most certainly achieve above-average levels.

Inexhaustible life

Human beings have the genuine ability to be skilled in lots of things. That’s one of the things that makes us different from insects, which have only one specialty. We can excel in a particular skill in which we possess talent and also be skilled in many other things. There is a purpose for each and every one of us. Get better in every talent that makes you happy. Implement the 30 minutes a day rule and if it’s working out (you’ll see) the chances are that
your learning curve will catch pace. There’s nothing much more powerful than being an explorer. Explorers are the biggest gainers in life. All of the greatest civilizations in history were of an exploring nature. China was great until they started to build the great wall and isolated themselves. Before, there were ruling dynasties that built ocean vessels far heavier and finer than those of European kings. They explored the coasts of Africa and would have reached far greater distances if only their ruler did not thwart them, throwing his nation into isolationism.
At that time, more technologically deprived Europeans believed that their future glory lay only in exploring and discovering new lands and conquering the riches lying there. I don’t want to sound like someone who makes a principle out of history – don’t want to plot history (determinism) here. But honestly, nations who explored
and changed interactions with other nations have flourished, and the ones who isolated themselves were sooner or later compelled to open up and were conquered by exploring nations.

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Inexhaustible life – No limits

As an explorer, you’re continually learning about yourself. Be honest with yourself in what you want to explore. Do not force it because of cultural or ideological hindrances. And especially do not put any hindering labels or restrictions on what you can and can’t do. You can limit yourself into mediocrity. But in reality, there’s nothing you cannot explore or learn to at least above average level. Of course, there are activities where you gather more talents than in others. Your task is to find them and if they give you unconditional joy, hone them until you achieve master
level. Other skills where it is obvious that you don’t have that much talent (for instance, I will never be a good basketball player) are here to explore from an amateur level. They are here to open the entry to “NOW” portal. They are here to suck you into the present moment. Only through being present can you find true joy from things and activities, and also from being totally present, you can build potential mastery. Explore, learn all your life, get better and keep finding your passions while you are breathing! I really like this song to pump me up to start getting better and work on myself!

This site can help you to find teachers, mentors and consultants for your growth.

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