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Inspiration is for amateurs, big guns build habits

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Inspiration is for amateurs.

Let’s talk about videos like this:

Usually, there’s playing this background, emotional music, inspirational motion pictures are running on a screen and the sound voice is telling us something smart. Most of the time anyway. And the dopamine is being created in our brains…

Then the video stops and what?

Or the inspirational quotes.

If you can dream it, you can do it. - Walt Disney

Quotes are actually better because they are less theatrical and you got at least time to think about the essence of the quote –  what’s behind them.

But, if you are hooked to channels that give us a daily dosage of this stuff, their true appreciation might depreciate.

And the life goes on and it’s just good old me again, you know.

Inspiration is for amateurs

Videos, quotes and any different motivational materials are made with a goal to trigger a dopamine in our brains. It’s the tool of marketers. It’s effective, it feels good and if we are lucky we might learn something. Maybe,  if it’s repeated.

It’s, however, like with a porn. You never watch the same video, because it’s such an inflation of that stuff.

But motivation videos solve two problems.

One, they need us to pay attention.For that, they need to come in style and be as entertaining as possible. Getting an attention and be entertaining is quite a demanding job for a producer. It consumes most his energy.

The second essence is to really inspire people to take action and to actually do something in the real world.

And I think, there’s too much entertainment to get attention and not a lot of “do stuff”.

For entertainment, there is better genre than this.

You don’t have to feel like it to really do it

There is so much waste of talent in this world it’s devastating. The economy grows because we create a new debt, not so much because there’s real value created.

Yes, we have Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, but the real potential lies not in these entrepreneurial superstars, but in small, I want to say municipal entrepreneurs who make their communities better.

Elon Musk is such a grinder you don’t want to live his life. Is that guy really happy? Is he spending enough time with his children? I don’t think so, I might be wrong. I wouldn’t like to live his life.

The problem is laziness. We are of course wired to save energy and preserve one another. At least to a time till we don’t reproduce our genes, but even then we do not want to go out of this world.

Getting to do something is a habit. It’s the freaking ritual that takes a great amount of self – denial in the beginning. It’s a lot less challenging when you build it and it becomes your second nature.

So, all my advice could be like inspiration is for amateurs, suck it up and build a habit…

inspiration is for amateurs

Better than motivational videos

Better than motivational videos is visualization.

It’s because it is the motivation that comes from within. It’s when you are a director of your film. Motivational videos give you the whole thing and you can either swallow it or not, but you can’t ignore yourself. It’s your life, and we believe it should be Inex life.

Dedicate at least 20 minutes a day to just yourself.

Be absolutely content, but aware, not sleepy.

Close your eyes and count from 60 to 0. Take deep breaths. Feel your body and just play with the internal energy that’s in your body.

Feel the power of the essence that you are the master of your thoughts – you are in command.

Work on building a big screen, white canvas rather.

It’s far away from you, at least 6 feet. Yet, you are in your own space and you can manipulate it whatever you wish.

You can zoom it in, zoom it out. It’s your choice. You can see its subatomic world if you want to. It’s your world.

And then you have the screen and you can use it.

It’s all yours for visualizing your pictures based on what you want from your life.

What I usually do is that I visualize one picture where the things are not going so well, and it’s usually inspired by the real events. And then the consecutive motion is how well it is going. On one picture there can be a grumpy boss of yours on consecutive a happy boss. You got the point, right?

But, there’s one more thing that I think it’s crucial.

Detailed visualization.

Nikola Tesla had never sketched his works. Instead he “built” it all in his mind. And that’s the point. It all once had to be an idea in the head to become a matter.

If you ever wanted an app, some physical product or you just wanted to change your circumstances, then work on it constantly in your mind. Yes, even visualizing is a work. It’s a  creative work.

inspiration is for amateurs

Inspiration is for amateurs and grinders build habits

Everything is hard at the beginning. When you start to fast it’s a shitload of pain until your intestines accommodate to a new reality.

The first day of fast is super hard, second is shitty and then you kind of look forward to finally eat something on a third day, just to find out that you don’t even want to that much.

Your stomach has shrunk.

By the way, are you getting ready your body for the summer 2018?

Here’s the tip, download it for free:

GreatBodyCover 300x294, Inex Life

If you want to end with sugar in your diet, you need to stop eating sugar for at least 10 days. If you want to implement an order in your personal finances, well you need to make a habit to start recording your expenditures every week or so.

Everything just takes effort, we are programmed to be lazy and dumb, sort of.

A little bit about anxiety

As much as I fought and hated anxiety, in some instances we can use it for our own good. It’s a great inception energy for actually doing something.

Psychologist divide two main types of focuses:

  • promotion focus
  • prevention focus

Promotion focus as it sounds goes for when you are motivated to get some gains. So, for instance, you are dedicated to accomplishing your task, because you want to impress your boss and eventually get promoted.

It’s not good to feel anxiety in this type of focus, because if you are afraid to screw up something, it eventually hinders you from doing the necessary activities.

Anxiety may step in a positive mirror when it’s meant as a prevention.

Prevention focus is “what might go wrong” focus. It’s when you are focused on avoiding loss. Then it becomes clear that the only way to get out of danger is to take immediate action.

Our brains are hard-wired this way actually.

Now, I am not here to tell you to be anxious or anything. Just saying that if you can observe these patterns and think about them as something useful, that’s awesome!  If you label anxiety as a trigger to actually do something, it’s a good thing.

Inspiration is for amateurs – commitment and conditions

I take a daily dosage of inspiration fitness videos or at least I used to. By the time of 4 pm when I finished my work at the office and it was a gym time, I’ve never wanted to go to the gym.

Too much sitting, too much looking on the monitor. I just know it’s Tuesday or Thursday, my days to go to the gym and that I have a buddy with whom we meet at 4 30 pm to workout together.

And then I go, even though I do not want to. I change my clothes lifelessly and start my workout. After 5 minutes maybe, everything is fine, I do not feel lifeless anymore. And by the time we finish, usually after an hour, I feel great!

I think this feeling is ought to memorize and projected everytime we do not feel like it. Go to the gym, because you will feel great about yourself afterward. Go, do your homework, because it will make you feel more competent and self – conscious about your studies and etc.

One great way how to look at your life is to look at it like if you were a programmer.

We’re actually programmed, programs anyway. Just some matrix is stretched out in front of our eyes to make the experience more intuitive and natural. (Huh?)

So, let your life be a program to get some inspiration.

If it’s Tuesday or Thursday and time equals4 30 pm:


go to the gym() // implement this method

don’t say otherwise() // implement this method

By deciding in advance exactly what you’re going to do, and when and where you’re going to do it, there’s no deliberating when the time comes.

Is it bulletproof?


But, there are studies that this raises productivity dramatically.

So, do it, program your life!


So, inspiration is for amateurs, right?

Well, I know, I know external inspiration – videos, quotes, and everything it feels good.

We would get more views, if we said something like: “Follow your passion!” or “You can do it,  never give up!”


There’s a big chance you’ll get back to an old routine once the video is over.

Maybe, the best way how to get externally inspired is to find a good mentor or someone who you inherently respect he wants just good for you – maybe like your best friend or someone, I don’t know.

But, if you need to start from yourself, which you must do anyway, build habits instead of watching inspirational videos.

I wrote about how to work like there’s a project manager watching you, and I will write and work on this topic further.

Because it’s worth it. So, until next time, try to think about your routines.


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